Knowledgeable People Reveal The Most Memorable Trivial Facts They Learned At Work

"Hey, Did You Know...?"

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We're all subject to our surroundings. Even without wanting to, we pick up things that stay with us for a long time. Our jobs are a good example of that. While some people study for years to know every aspect of their careers inside and out, sometimes, you're force fed useless trivia about your employment. Time to learn something! Reddit user, u/HugSized, wanted to know these little tidbits when they asked:

What trivial fact do you know only because of your job?

Tonight, On A Very Special Episode...

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The reason many TV shows have "holiday special" episodes is because TV viewership is very low the week of Christmas but if they call it a special they don't need to include it when they calculate their average ratings for the season.

Also the day Americans watch the least amount of TV is the 4th of July.


*begins reading all barcodes ever

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Book barcodes always begin with 978. Always.

Well, 99.999999% of them. I once found one that started 979 and it blew my mind. I told my coworker and he looked at me like I was insane.

Edit: Apparently 979 is a thing that happens, but I've been a bookslinger for 7 years and I've only seen the one.

Edit edit: Older books have 10-digit ISBNs that do not follow these rules. The 13-digit ISBNs start with 978/979.


But They're Always Smiling...

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The average length of a Real Estate Agent's career is about four months.


Everyone! Stop Breathing!

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Oxygen is considered to be a drug because a physician has to prescribe it before it can be administered to a patient.


No Knees, Please

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Babies don't have patellas (knee caps) and it's super freaking weird.


Wool Over Your Head And Arms

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You know those vintage looking shirts at the store that are distressed on the print.

It saves the company a ton of money on ink costs.

My boss says that trend is what made him a millionaire.


Tulips Ahoy

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Tulips will continue to grow, on average, two inches more after they've been cut.

Generally not while they're in cold storage, but once they're in a warmer environment.


I Mean, Don't Actually Try It...Right?

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So many companies will let you walk in say "I'm with the computer company" and walk out with a computer.


A Worm Refrigerator

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Ground moles have kitchens just like us! They will paralyze earth worms (their primary food source) by biting its head and will drag the worms to a designated burrow where they store the bodies to save for later.


Investigating All The Sales

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In the state of Nevada, only licensed private investigators are allowed to work as mystery shoppers.


And Now You Know...

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The most common type of stainless steel is grade 304.

The second most common is grade 316, which is used for food and surgical purposes.


Yet, They Still Get Robber

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Pizza delivery drivers (in a perfect world) are supposed to only carry $20 in change, typically two $5's and ten $1s.


Rows On Rows

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Excel files from versions prior to Microsoft Office 2010 only go up to 65,536 rows.

Excel files from versions of Microsoft Office 2010 and on go up to 1,048,576 rows.


Maybe It's The Earth's Rotation

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I work in print shop that also takes passport photos and I've noticed that an overwhelming number of people slightly tilt their head to the right about 1 to 3 degrees.

A few people have perfectly aligned heads and fewer still tilt their heads to the left.


Wait...They're Lying To Us?

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Christmas season advertisements are photographed in/around July.


The Secret To Cows

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I worked on a dairy farm and learned that cows love getting the insides of their ears cleaned.


Cows are very tactile animals. They love to rub, scratch, and touch things. Many dairies will provide giant scrubby-brush wheels that look like car-wash brushes because the cows love to rub themselves on them. Also, dairy cows generally like being milked. They also like riding on the rotary parlors - one dairy I've worked with had to put up special barriers not only to make the cows get off at the end of the ride, but to prevent them from getting back on and doing it again.


When English Isn't English

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Noah Webster (of Webster's dictionary fame) was the one to take the u out of colour and advocate using z's instead of S's as the British do ( realize Vs realise) because his philosophy was new nation = new language.


The Secret? Ask A Machine

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The eight steps to properly lifting a box from when I worked at UPS like 4 years ago.

  1. Get close to the box, work within your power zone (shoulders to mid thigh)
  2. Position feet shoulder width apart.
  3. Bend at the knees keeping the natural curve of the back.
  4. Grab the box from opposite diagonal corners.
  5. Test for weight and shifting contents.
  6. Stand up in a clean swift motion.
  7. Move your feet, step or pivot dont twist.
  8. Use existing equipment if need be.


Tales Of A Movie Theater

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  • The pop connected to the tubes behind the soda fountain is stored in plastic bags, inside flimsy cardboard boxes on a rack.
  • Some theaters in your area may have "sensory friendly" screenings, mostly geared towards children with autism and other disabilities. The lights remain dim instead of off, the volume is turned down, and there are subtitles. Getting up, walking around, and talking are fine.
  • Occasionally one person has ~five minutes to clean an entire theater.
  • Theater employees are encouraged to see movies so we can answer questions you might have about them.


Time Consumes All

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  • 1-hour photo doesn't exist anymore
  • VHS starts to degrade pretty hard after 12 or so years
  • Don't keep visual data in weird proprietary formats because chances are you're never getting it back
  • It's really expensive to print from film these days
  • Get your best old family photos scanned before they succumb to time
  • Get pictures of your friends and family, because you're probably not gonna care about that pretty scenery pic in two decades, but you want good photos of the ones you love when they start to die
  • Save your best, most treasured digital pics to a Best Of folder on a regular basis, you take more pictures than you think you do and having some go-to good shots is really nice


Call It The Paperclip Effect

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One paperclip left on the floor of a Boeing 747 costs that aircraft roughly an addition $100 per year in fuel costs.


H/T: Reddit

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