Kim Kardashian Was Photographed With A Purse That Looks An Awful Lot Like A Laptop Charger 😂

The Kardashian sisters are known for their red carpet fashion statements around the world. Their most recent appearance at the 2018 LACMA Art+Film Gala was no different. Kourtney and Kim both wore sleek black dresses. Kourtney's look featured an open back, pulled back hair, and simple but smoky makeup. Kim wore a similarly simple sleek black dress, letting her hair loose to frame her face. She topped the look with a multi-strand cross necklace, smoky eyes, a nude lip, and the charger for her laptop.

Wait, what? Oh... that's a puuuuuurse.


Yeah, Twitter didn't see a purse either.

It's a look people really relate to.

The Great Laptop Charger Roast of 2018 was so big that the account that posted the pics had to acknowledge it — and laugh. What else can you do? Not every fashion moment is a winner and that's okay. We love Kim anyway.

H/T: Twitter, LACMA

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