People Predict What Today's Youth Will Resent About Their Parents' Generation One Day


We millennials know already what we resent about boomers.

They killed the planet, they refuse to change the job market to make things more palatable for us who are struggling to survive, they seem to have elected a reality TV star as president just 'cause...

But now it's millennials' turns to be having kids. What do we think we're going to do that's going to make our kids hate us?

u/Moo4food asked:

What will today's babies' generation hate about their parents' generation when they get older?

Here's what people speculated.

Privacy Never Had A Chance

I think it will be the over sharing via the internet. When I had Facebook I had a business account with approximately 3000 people on it.

The amount of people who uploaded pictures and videos of their kids fully naked was unreal.

I remember one young man in particular added me and that same day uploaded about 20 photos of his son and sons friend completely naked in the paddling pool. This wasn't even set to just friends but to 'anyone' and everything was on full display.

I know it's innocent to the parents but it's an unnecessary risk.

It's a compete and utter violation of that child's privacy and even worse than that is the untold amounts of people who have access to them photos for life



Spending so much time on our phones instead of VirtuaHubs or whatever newfangled sci-fi thing comes out later.


I feel like older people would be much more interested in full immersion virtual reality as it would allow them the freedom to a young body without all the aches and pains.


Turn Turn Turn

They'll hate hearing: "Back in my day I had to actually control the steering wheel and the accelerator myself to get somewhere."


Archaic Games

I bought SSB Ultimate. I considered we would enjoy the game and I always wanted my own copy of a SSB. While I am finally competent enough not to go around mashing all the buttons in spastic fashion, I see my little kid practicing in the 30 min I allow him daily...

Getting gradually better and more efficient...

He is a splinter of the good old tree, I no longer wonder if he'll beat me someday, I just await with resignation for the day he will, and the master will become the apprentice. May I have the grace to take a bow and become older in that moment.


Names Names Names

The ridiculous spelling of their names or making up names in general e.g. Keightee, Tiphanee, Britknee, Lakynn.


I always think of that book with the kid who was named Ricki-ticki-tembo-no-sa-rembo-cherry-berry-rucchi-pip-perry-pembo or something like that. He fell in a well and died.



"You guys complained about boomers ruining everything but then you went and did the exact same things."

Don't assume we're going to be different, be mindful and make sure you're different.



I wonder this all the time.

My grandparents were racist (not the active kind, but the 'raised that way and passively racist' kind). My parents are homophobic. I try to be a 'merit and communal good' kind of guy but I wonder what my kids are going to think about me when I'm really old. What attitudes do I have today that might appear horribly backward and bigoted with a bit of a perspective change?


Phone Life

"You were always on your phone. And when I wanted to do something with you- you just told me to play with the tablet. We need human interaction too ya know.."

I don't have any kids but I have seen this with all but one of my friends with young ones. Just glued to the phone- kid wants to show something they're proud of only to hear a monotone "Nice. Great. Cool."

Put the phone down, look your damn kid in the eye and go over everything in that piece of art you like. We all have tired days but I see this A LOT.

At parks parents looking down at phone endlessly. At restaraunts every family member at their phone. People are utterly addicted. They can't piss without scrolling and zombied out. I imagine this can really affect kids as they grow and develop- always reminded at least sublimally they are less important than the damn phone.

Same parents eager to post pics and vids of their kids on Facebook "my love my life! Xoxo" While actively avoiding prolonged interactions with their kids. Its not everybody-but it is common. :(

Edit: Ive seen a few comments state "That's what they said about TVs" but Smart Devices are objectively worse when it comes to time spent and social development with family.

-The TV generation still had limited channels of interest frequent "Ah, nothing is on." (Even today with cable lol)

-At least families can watch things TOGETHER and discuss amongst themselves on commercial breaks.

-youre not sharing your life information with the TV.

-you aren't lugging the TV to the restaraunts, baseball game, grocery store, school play, birthday party, bathroom. You only would watch tv at home on free time.

Our phones are 24/7 beasts of unlimited information at our hands that can do basically all a TV can do but faster more tailored to you and way more. Once you're done one thing you scroll to the next thing. You cant even piss without scrolling or watching something.

I don't have an issue with this inherently - until you're raising kids and are utterly addicted and consistently putting your kid second to the phone. EVERYONE has a bad day or week of course. But I mean consistently giving minimal attention to the kid you to some degree chose to have and keep. Looking at your phone more than them. Its just sad.

Neglect has been seen in every generation but I believe this is more common place now and basically a socially tolerated norm. I don't hate technology or think it's destroying us- but I do believe it is stunting families and social development as a whole to some degree when it comes to raising kids.


A Time Past

Social media culture might be on its way out. It's weird for everybody with access to technology to constantly be interacting with this giant virtual community where we all feel like d list celebrities. Maybe that will have worn off by the next cycle and people will look back at it with disgust and wonder. Or maybe we'll all be tapped into a digital world because the real world is uninhabitable.


Nothing But Hands In The Air

Our cynicism. We've been screwed and know it so now we're 'meh' about most things. better than making a fuss and nothing happening. The next generation will friggin HATE the self fulfilling prophecy of our generation throwing their hands in the air and saying 'big money, government blah blah blah, can't fight city hall blah blah blah.' I mean, I hate that about the baby boomers lol.

Oh! Don't trust the government, kids


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