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A fast food chain wants to bring an old-fashioned name into the 21st century, and the incentive is finger lickin' good.

Kentucky Fried Chicken announced a peculiar competition asking customers to name their baby after the company's founder.

The baby must be named Harland, after the avuncular Colonel Harland David Sanders, whose likeness is slapped on the side of KFC's chicken buckets and store marquees.

To be eligible, contestants must be expecting a baby that will be born in the U.S. on September 9 – the same birthday as the original Harland Sanders.


Those interested in a chance to win the $11,000 prize can enter through KFC's Baby Harland page no later than October 9, which is when the winner will be announced.

There will only be one winner and he (or she?) will be determined by which Harland was born earliest.

The prize amount is a nod to the chain's use of "11 herbs and spices" that made the chicken such a popular favorite among customers for over half a century.

Timing wasn't on their side.

But KFC sure hopes Harland will be a popular name again.

Some considered the marketing stunt dystopian in nature since the fast food chain is essentially buying naming rights from parents.

Would KFC consider offering a consolation prize?

Colonel is not Sanders' real name. The governor of Kentucky gave him the title as an "honorary designation," according to TIME.

If being forever synonymous with the fast food chain is on your chicken bucket list, may the odds be forever in your flavor.

H/T - Time, Thrillist, Twitter, Wikipedia

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