Jokesters Share Compliments That Are Actually Insults -- And We Need Burn Cream

I only see ashes...

Nobody wants to be cruel outright but sometimes life just calls for it. In moments when we don't know what to say, when we're at a loss for words we use language facades. We all do it and we've all been on the receiving end of it. It can actually be a true social talent to mask you disdain in compliment. And sometimes it's just straight up rude.

Redditor u/Innsmouth_Resident wanted some people to share their thoughts on humor they thought was appropriate but maybe wasn't.... they asked.... What are some things that sound like compliments but are actually insults?

I'm Aware....

When people with a puzzled look on their face compliment me on how pretty my wife is. Bjarki56

When my boss first asked me to find his wife for some reason, I asked what she looked like and he said look for the only older woman who looks like she has no business being with a guy like me. He wasn't wrong. bipnoodooshupBefore

Truth be Told... 

Before I retired, I was once asked by our HR department to write a non-lawsuit-producing reference for a former employee of mine that I had a pretty low opinion of. I wrote that they always met my expectations. Pallas

It's Me! 

Had this recently from my manager "You seem to do a great job with (*insert disorganized clients name here*) because you are so alike." Took me a couple of minutes to work that one out. banny92

If you only had a brain.... 


A male friend of my sister once told her, "You know, if you had half a brain you'd be dangerous." That was 30 years ago and she still can't figure out if it was an insult or a compliment! hhairy

Maybe it's in relation to her whole brain. If she were half as intelligent, she would be dangerously stupid. I, too, want it to be a compliment. Lennysrevenge

Single. NOT ready to mingle.... 

You so beautiful that you could be a part time model. Life_in_gray_scale

Or like a high-class prostitute. High-class. CaspianX2

You could be an air hostess in the 60's. HulloHoomans

Oh Girl!

Good thing you are pretty. SokaKu93

Ha! I had a client say this to me about herself. She had a pretty big derp moment when she forgot how to get her program to print. I just casually mentioned the icon with the printer on it at the top of the window.

So she says, laughing at herself, "Oh boy, I have to let you know, I am very pretty."

It took me a second to realize she had just insulted herself. gummby8

Werk! Covergirl! 

Anything involving the word brave.

"You are such an adventurous dresser! I wish I was brave like that!" WhoriaEstafan

"aww I love how you just wear anything." Outrageous_Claims

Wow! That was something! 

I worked with a music producer who had to take a few gigs early on producing for young female singers who often were not very talented but had a lot of money to give him for his work. Instead of lying to them when they'd ask for his feedback on each take, he'd say things like:

"Wow, that was...something!" "You really did your thing!" "That was so... you."

Now whenever I'm forced to politely react to people I don't like (mostly in the context of work) I ALWAYS use one of the above if I'm unimpressed. lol dabbleganger



Even though it can be used as a compliment, more often than not I hear "they're just a free spirit" used as a subtle way of saying "they make bad decisions." JohnyUtah_


Thanks Dad.... 


My dad thinks babies are inherently ugly so when people show him baby pics or whatever he just says "now THAT'S a baby!" DoctorRobert420

My boyfriend also thinks all babies are ugly so when you show him one he just nods and goes back to what he was doing lol. Trauma_Mama_xx

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