Jokesters Imagine What An "Inconvience" Store Might Sell, And We're Living For It


7-11's are fun right? Well, what if they were inconvenient instead of convenient? Check out some of these ideas if that were the case. Oh, the humanity.

samppane had a fun thought: If someone started an inconvenience store, what would it sell?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Too. Many. Selections.

Back pain medicines on the top and bottom shelf.


  • Those dicks do that anyway


My brain just exploded.

Individually wrapped sprinkles.


  • What if sprinkles are individually wrapped in flavored colored wrapping and we just eat the whole thing


Super inconvenient indeed.

None of the items would actually be in the store. You will have to pay the cashier to order them and get it delivered to your house. Shipping takes 20-30 business days.


  • That kinda reminds me of the "we sell your stuff on eBay" store from 40 year old virgin.


Then there's this evil plan.

All the items would be sealed up in hard plastic that would require special scissors to open. But the package of scissors would come in the same packaging that would still require scissors. All of the shelves would be 14 feet tall and out of arms reach, the clerk would not know any of the products and would always recommend the wrong item. The store would only be open for 2 hours a day. 1 hour at 3 A.M. and 1 hour at 2 P.M. The store would be perched at the top of a steep hill made of mud and dirty needles. And all product labels are written in ancient Sanskrit.


  • Damn, i will have to add a mote to surround my store, filled with alligators.


Someone has worked in retail and has a grudge.

Envelopes without the self-adhesive strips.
Microwavable foods with price stickers over the cooking time.
Glazed donuts without the wax tissue paper with which to pick them up.
Lottery tickets for the drawing two months from now.
Gas sold only 5 gallons per purchase.
Store must be 40 to buy alcohol.


  • It is limiting for those who want to fill up their tank...especially on a road trip.


First world problems.

Phone charging cables. Long enough so that you can reach your phone, but not long enough to hold it comfortably while it's charging.


  • This is me RN



Hamburger Hinderer.


  • Live cow, patch of dirt with salad, tomatoes, wheat and cucumbers.


Let the games begin.

The store would hand out ridiculous amounts of coupons to old people, but they would all be expired and they would have a strict policy to never accept them.


  • The coupons have no dates on them only a bar code. Cashiers can't tell if a coupon is expired until they scan it. Each scan takes 5 seconds to register before you see the results. If a coupon is expired you have to start the transaction over from the beginning.


It could help reduce our carbon footprint, maybe?

Gas that you have to pump like a bicycle air pump.


  • Eventually, everyone would have some nicely toned arms and be in slightly better shape. Not a terrible trade off if you ask me.


Humanity may not survive with minds like these.

Capri Sun without the straws


  • My god


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