People Disclose Secrets From Their Profession They Generally Aren't Allowed To Share


Many people’s work involves them interacting with others at times throughout the day.

But that often only accounts for a portion of an eight hour day. The rest of that time is behind closed doors.

There may be unknown responsibilities that we, the general public, take for granted.

There may be downright disgusting realities.

For some jobs, regular, makeshift solutions to grave problems is what remains unsaid.

Lucky for us, Reddit provides the cloak of anonymity, allowing users to let it rip and elaborate on the darkest corners of their industries.

HannibalGoddamnit asked, "What is an open secret in your profession that we regular folk don't know or generally aren't allowed to be told about?"

Bad Odds

"The sheer magnitude of criminal cases that detectives have that will pretty much never even get looked at, much less investigated due to a massive lack of staffing." -- Detective_IRL

"The police never got back to me about my stolen bicycle." -- collegiaal25

"I hear the solve rate (closed cases) last year for homicides was only approximately 61% (US), which sure sounds like a passable grade, but that does mean over 1/3 of murders go unsolved. That's a lot of murderers that might be walking around free out there." -- i_fu**in_luv_it_mate

“Free Market”

"If you see twelve different sellers for an item on Amazon, in all likelihood the total number of sellers is probably three to four, all of whom have multiple names selling the same item at different prices." -- maleorderbride

"Everything shipped by Amazon isn't necessarily sold by Amazon. Many sellers use Amazon as a platform and send their inventory to various Amazon fulfillment centers which is then shipped by Amazon." -- mrt3o3

Steamy, but a Product Nonetheless 

"As a freelance ghostwriter, most of my clients are Russian or Middle Eastern men who publish five to ten ghostwritten romance or erotica books a week under female pen names. They spend $10k a month and double or triple that by flooding the market."

"At one point one client told me he had six of the top ten Regency Romance spots on the paid best seller list."

-- Thunder-Matts

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

"I'm a furniture upholsterer, and the amount of times other 'professionals' just recover the old fabric and filling drives me mental. If you're paying for re-upholstery, ask for progress photos."

"Nobody needs all that nasty old fabric hidden underneath and it's not fair to the client as they don't necessarily know any better (nor should they have to)."

-- AliCracker

Treat People Like People

"I worked as a retail a manger in the past. A customer's attitude and approach is about 99% of the reason someone would help them solve a problem."

"Sale ended yesterday? Your return is past the date? You want a better price on a clearance item?"

"Be a normal kind person and you'll usually get your way. If you start off being shi**y or demanding then, 'Sorry, I can't help you, it's store policy.' "

-- Nardelan

Silent Lurking

"We know all the websites you are visiting and all the rounds of Minesweeper you are playing while you are at your desk, but as long as you aren't doing anything illegal we don't care." -- Blindsp_t

"Job: Creepy guy with telescope peeping in office windows." -- Ves1423

"I think the actual secret is that people still play minesweeper." -- DTownForever

"More like, 'We don't care what you do on your PC at work unless we want a reason to fire you.' " -- biggerwanker

A Harsh Responsibility 

"Your dog or cat is much more comfortable when you are there with them during euthanasia. It's really hard when people say, 'It's too hard for me to be here with him.' And leave the room for it."

"It is one of the hardest things ever, but they need you there with them. They look around for you sometimes."

-- leilunatic

Here’s to it Working the Whole Time

"We don't actually know how general anesthesia works at the molecular level. There are theories but nothing concrete." -- linkin06

"Our coverage of that topic in pharmacy school was, 'It's basically black magic, anesthesiology is its own specialty for a reason, let them do their thing.' " -- shadow1515

"However it works, it's the best, most comfiest sleep I've ever had in my life." -- Damn_Dog_Inappropes

The Office Opiate

"Dummy thermostats are pretty common."

"It basically works like a placebo where people feel more comfortable when they think they have control over the room temperature. It results in way fewer complaints."

-- SpicyHat

Amateur Filmmakers: Take Note

"Most hospitals are actually crazy trusting about who they release dead bodies to when people die."

"Often times I show up with just a gurney, and someone's name scribbled on a post-it note, and they just let me walk out with somebody's grandma without asking my name or getting ID or anything."

-- stevebobeeve

A Ghastly Sure Thing

"All hotels have had bed bugs at one point or another. High end and low end hotels. What separates the good hotels from the bad ones are how they handle bed bugs once they are discovered."

"But if you ask the front desk if they have ever had bed bugs, they will typically lie and say no since most people don't understand how bed bug infestations happen."

-- XenaJaneway

Children Left in the Hands of Very Overworked People 

"I used to work in daycare (I have worked at several, I'm American)."

"The law in Washington state was 14 toddlers to two staff, and most daycares try to run at the max amount which provides a terribly stressful environment for children."

"Even if you enroll your kid in a daycare with less children to teacher ratio, the daycare is usually trying to raise it and a couple less kids being there is temporary."

"State regulations can be bizarre, and cause even less ratio of care. For example every child must have their diaper changed every two hours or more, all day, and be documented. Multiply that by 14 kids, so changing all 14 diapers/ potty training some every two hours for 8 -10 hour days.."

"The two staff rule is really just one person watching the kids for most of the day while the other person is changing diapers. A good environment being provided is almost impossible when one person is watching 14 toddlers."

"The state taxes daycares for breaking any small rule, so they struggle to make money and pay people fairly/ hire more staff."

-- cheeseburgervixen


"The majority of regular broadcast radio shows are pre-recorded. If a DJ is broadcasting live (usually the morning shows), they still have no control over what music plays, it's all pre-programmed."

"They'll usually record phone requests and replay them during the voice break before the requested song is scheduled to play anyway, to make it seem like they're playing/taking requests."

"When the studio is empty, all phone lines are set to "busy", so no one calls and realizes there's no one there to answer."

-- Brookany40

"I Fixed It, Didn't I?"

"I am in IT. We don't always know WHY the fix worked and we don't care." -- ITworksGuys

"The number of times I've put 'gremlins' under cause of problem and/or 'f*ck if I know' under solution in a ticket without anyone ever batting an eye is appalling." -- Sleepycoon

"I work as a hardware contractor for a fairly large insurance company, which means if someone's desk setup has something broken I replace it and everyone's happy.

"We had one desk though, that pulled a Ship of Theseus on me. I had replaced every part i could, and it could no longer be considered the same setup. It still didn't work, but only for the person who sat there regularly. We told her she wasn't allowed to sit there anymore due to solar flares." -- 1manangrymob

Secret Ingredients

"The amount of salt and fat in your food, especially at high quality restaurants. We kept a large hotel pan full of clarified butter behind the line, it'd be empty by the end of the night." -- MrGorgon

"I think it was Anthony Bourdain who said the secret that made all restaurant food taste so good was that absolutely everything was just saturated with butter." -- retard_vampire

Drumming Up Business

"That most of those '3 people have booked this hotel today' or '4 people are looking at this product right now' pop-ups on travel agency website and ecommerce sites are lies. Totally static and made up." -- jyt4167

"I knew it! Of all the hotels to stay at in a given city, I'm expected to believe 4 other people are looking at rooms the same place I am on the same day, with no holiday or special event attached to that date? I'm glad to have this confirmed." -- relatablerobot

"Next you're going to tell me those hot singles aren't really in my area." -- xminh

It's the Thought that Counts

"When temperamental artists ask us to adjust the sound and we pretend to twiddle knobs." -- harpejjist

"I think this is known widely enough that it leads to more paranoia from some performers. .. They know we might be messing with them. ..but maybe not. ...." -- nastyhammer

"Having to explain to people that what they hear is different from what the audience hears gets too tiring. So pretending is necessary." -- Lathamuel

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