People Confess Which Jobs Are Way Less Fun Than People Expect
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Not everyone loves their job.

And as a result, on particularly slow or demoralizing days, these people might dream of working another job.

Likely one that they've seen glamorized on film or television, such as a doctor, lawyer, pilot, or actor

Jobs that appear to be as fun as they are lucrative.

But if one were to ask people who actually work these jobs for a living, they might discover that they aren't always as fun as they may seem.

Redditor bwee21 was curious to hear which jobs people often think are all fun and games but are in reality, anything but, leading them to ask:
"Which job is a LOT less fun than most people expect?"

Rewarding, But Exhausting

"Preschool teacher."

"Especially with new COVID-19 regulations."

"Ever try social distancing 3 year olds?"- sociallyawkextrovert

Not Worth The Joy Building Them Brings...

"Oh my gosh, BUILD A BEAR."

"Weirdest and most frustrating thing."

"Granted I didn't make it a super long time in the job and seeing kids so happy is great."

"But they are really strict and the bad times get pretty bad."- BabyMalks

Not Exactly CSI

"I'm a Forensic Scientist and it's literally the only thing people ask me about on dating apps."

"It's very technical work and it's extremely routine."- Altephor1·

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Love Books? Look Elsewhere...

"Barnes and Noble."

"Your job has literally NOTHING to do with books and it obviously attracts a lot of that type, myself included."- tenbladejen

Picnic Basket Loving Bears Are The Least Of Their Problems...

"Park Ranger."

"Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but a lot of days it was less 'talk about cool animals while wearing your ranger hat' and more 'the toilets are overflowing again, go clean the septic tank filter and stir the tank with a shovel' with a little bit of 'hey there's a meth head out guy down by the bridge, can you convince him to leave without killing anyone'."

"All for the low price of $26k/year with a college degree!"

"These jobs are so varied, and I just happened to work for an underfunded agency with too few staff."

"Honestly, I still loved this job and would have kept doing it forever if a higher-paying outdoor environmental job hadn't pretty much fallen into my lap."

"Being a park ranger taught me so much, and most importantly, I got trained as a wildland firefighter, which is still my favorite part of my job!"

"If you've always dreamed of being a park ranger, PLEASE go for it." -Reddit

One Can Watch Too Much TV

"I do closed captioning."

"While I joke that yes, I get paid to watch TV, it’s actually very tedious."

"And if you don’t actually enjoy the programming you’re being forced to watch something you don’t care for."

"Or worse, if it’s something I do enjoy like a long form drama, we usually chop those up into 15 minute increments and split between everyone so I only see chunks and not always even in order it actually ruins the show for me."- jessjess87

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Not Always Coming Up Roses

"Working in a flower shop."

"It's just like any other retail job, but people constantly tell you how fun your job must be."

"Also helping grieving families chose funeral flowers is not fun."- ZakkiraJuneAiko94

"Under The Sea"... Some Of The Time...

"I'm a marine biologist."

"I spent the last week measuring defrosted fish heads."- smileedude

Might Not Surprise Everyone...

"Well I’m a scientist."

"I don’t know if people usually think of that career as fun, but I think people think it’s a lot more 'Eureka!' and a lot less 'this data’s has to be manually processed for 600 hours before I can analyze it'."- JeremyTheRhino

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Travel Isn't For Everyone

"Not a specific job but traveling for work."

"I’m in tech and a lot of people starting out talk about wanting to go to customer sites and get 'out in the field'."

"I love to travel for fun but it’s hard to fit in the fun stuff when you have presentations and stuff to worry about and a lot of times your customers aren’t in the fun cities anyway."

"I also think I prefer the stability in day-to-day schedule of traveling less frequently."- bazerkas_bodyguard

It's very easy to dream about working another job after watching a movie or reading about it in the newspaper.

But those cases are far more often the exception, rather than the rule, and after working one day in a job you imagined was fun, or even witnessing someone working it, you might find the illusion instantly shattered.

Making one think it's probably more fun to imagine ourselves working these jobs than to actually work them.

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