People Explain Which Job They Quit The Fastest
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When it comes to working a job, one of the most important things is stability. We are told that it is important to stay at a job for an extended period of time, to never quit one job until we have another lined up, and to try our hardest to make things work at our current company.

All those things are important. That doesn't mean you compromise your comfort or values. If you hate a job or are being mistreated, it is okay to choose yourself and quit. That's what these Redditors did.

Curious about what jobs Redditors just had to quit, Redditor CandyCane147 asked:

"Which job did you quit fastest?"

The Customer Is Always Right...No Matter What

"Dunkin Donuts. A customer threw their donuts and Hot Coffee at me. I dodged. My manager apologized to Them and gave them a discount. Couldn't leave that job fast enough."

– llamallama92

Sell, Sell, Sell!

"I was 18 and fresh out of high school. The interview went well, lots of promises for "Growth and earning potential". The guy offered me the job, and we had a genuinely nice conversation."

"I showed up at the agreed upon time the next morning dressed in slacks and a tie. I pull up and the guy is standing outside next to his car. I park and get out to greet him. He tells me to jump in his car. I asked where we where going. He simply said "The job site". I then realized I had no idea what the job I'd taken actually was. I refused his ride as I started getting the feeling I'd been had."

"So, I follow him, driving for about 20 min. We pull into a Best Buy. I park next to him and ask why we are here. He tells me this is where we work. Thats odd. I didnt know I'd be working at Best Buy."

"We walk in he grabs a clip board and says "Follow me". I follow him around as he corners people trying to sell them Direct TV. "Goddammit", I think to myself. He now hands me the clip board and points to a couple shopping and says "Go sell!". I asked him if it ever worked. He said "If you want it bad enough you can sell anything!""

"I told him that this was the EXACT reason I stopped shopping at Best Buy. I handed him the clip board, thanked him for wasting my time, and walked out the door. Total Time: Less than an hour."

– Lurkist

"That man is a clown"

"If they are desperate enough for people to buy something how about lowering the prices"

– Nobpointe

That's The One I Wanted

"I applied to several jobs and missed out on my dream job so took a grunt-work job. Dream job called back to offer me a position, so I quit the grunt work job after 2 days. Felt bad but I was also thrilled at the new position."

– birds-and-dogs

Shut Up And Drive

"Amazon delivery driver. Dead tired after trying to complete 71 stops with almost 200 packages. Still 5 hours before my 12-hour shift ends. They told me to go help other drivers. Then traffic occurred and I ended up doing a 14-hour shift. But they said they would only pay me for the 12 hours. I hadn't taken a lunch break the whole day, and had only gone for a few quick bio-breaks in nasty porta-potties along the way, and this is what I got? After that one day, I called in and said I'm no longer interested."

"After that, I kept hearing Amazon drivers are getting abused like how they have to deliver packages asap and aren't allowed breaks in between. I even met and talked to a driver in my local and he said it's getting worse; more packages and work but still the same pay. I have never been more grateful for the decision to quit I made that day."

– Simulator587

Say It Again

"A temp job at Wells Fargo, the worst company in the world."

"I was 3rd string Quality Assurance for their mortgage branch. So what that means is I call people, and ask them to verify their personal information for the THIRD time in order to confirm the first two people got it right."

"My day involved a lot of people yelling at me for my job being a pointless waste of time. I agreed. When my manager informed me he'd been doing it for 2 years and did the same thing as me despite being the manager, I noped out of there real fast. Went back to being a teacher's aide at a special needs school."

– Hickspy

Way Too Weird

"I interviewed for a recruitment agency a while back and one of the questions they asked me was what sort of things I would spend the bonus/commission on. I had a think and said probably saving up for a deposit on a house. They asked me to think again and later said that often having multiple goals (e.g. new car, holiday, technology etc) helped you to "put the time into scoring that next commission.""

"They ended up offering me the role but after having a think about the red flags that interview gave me, I noped out of that company (and, for that matter, the entire field of recruitment/sales) and instead moved into supply chain."

– PrimalMoose

I Love Pizza!

"I was 19, in college. Responded to an ad "Make $1800+ per week. Fun and exciting. No experience required. We will train." Went to 3 separate interviews in a fancy office. 3rd interview they told me to wear a suit. They told me how much they liked me and not many people make it to the 3rd interview."

"Nailed the interview and got the job. Must wear a suit. I thought this was an important job."

"Day 1. We meet in a warehouse. Everyone dressed in business attire. Suddenly they start shouting and chanting. It's their morning hype routine. They're now practicing their sales pitches. I still don't know what my job is at this point."

"We break into groups of 5 with one team leader. We're going to meet at a different location but we're told to leave our cars here. We can ride with our team leader."

"They drove us 40 miles away to a shopping center. I still don't know wtf is going on. We start walking and go right into a barber shop. The team leader busts out some Mountain Mike's pizza coupons and starts making his pitch. "Do you like pizza?" Blah Blah Blah. $20 to buy this coupon book. In it contains 20 free pizzas. Buy one pizza get one free."

"It still doesn't click. Why is our team leader trying to sell a Mountain Mike's coupon book to this barber shop owner? We continue to the next shop. Again, he repeats his pitch. The 4 of us new guys follow along until he finishes the entire strip. He sold one coupon."

"We go back to his car where he pops the trunk and hands us 5 coupons each. He brings out a map of the city and tells us which blocks we are going to go through and to knock on doors and try to sell these coupons."

"It finally hit me. We're door to door salesmen and these coupons are our product. Zero pay. Commission only. We get to keep $7 per coupon sold. We're 40 miles away from my car so I can't leave. I might as well try my luck and knocked on doors for 10 hrs. I'm exhausted and managed to sell one coupon, earning $7 for the day."

"No call no show for me. I was gone the next day and didn't answer their calls."

– neophanweb

There Are No Words

"Worked at dollar general for two days. On my last day a lady drops a jar of pickles and manager wants me to clean it up. I go find the mop. Inside the bucket is filled with what looks like vomit that must have been cleaned up weeks prior. I find no soap and no place to empty and refill the bucket. So I go ask the manager where to refill it. She gets annoyed, tells me there is nothing wrong with the water already in it. “I’ve been using it for weeks like that”. Nah I quit."

– datkidcudi

Not My Choice

"Didn't quit, nor did I get fired, but I worked at UPS as a package handler for exactly 1 shift and was never put on the schedule again. Now I can never apply for any UPS job again. I'm still confused, 8 years later."

– Pamplem0usse__

I'm Getting Second-Hand Embarrassment

"An ISP helpdesk job that I quit after 4 hours."

"My resume got passed along by another place, I got offered the job, I took it and was told to show up on Monday at 9."

"Monday at 9 rolls around, I'm standing outside the ISP, which is closed. Around 9:30 someone finally comes up, unlocks the door, and asks if I'm there to drop off a payment. I explain that I was hired by the general manager. The guy barely says a word and I just kind of blindly follow him in."

"I start doing the new hire paperwork and stuff, and he says "That'll be your desk" and points to one of two stations in the office. He then asks me a few scenario questions about users having issues. I go into in depth troubleshooting mode and he says "NO! We use these settings. If it doesn't work, it's not our problem." Y'know what... fine. I'm already tired of this."

"He says I have some more paperwork to fill out and the other tech comes in. She's already kind of snippy with me. She makes a point of saying that the guy I've been dealing with his her dad, who runs the ISP side, and her mom is the manager who runs the business side. She says "Things in this office stay in this office, and the other way around." Apparently there is a divorce in progress. I'm whelmed."

"I notice the last piece of paperwork is a 90-days non-compete clause, meaning if I leave or get fired I can't work in the computer tech industry (broadly construed) for three months. The daughter says "We all have to sign them. Even I had to sign one." I take it back to the guy, say I'm not signing it, and he doesn't give a sh*t. The daughter is pissed."

"By this time it's like 11 and I start taking some calls and the customers are all pissed off because there are things that can be done to fix their connection issues in general that go beyond 2-3 settings, and every other ISP in the area offers better support."

"At lunch, I just left and didn't come back. I e-mailed the manager and told her I was embarrassed to have been there."

– clubberin

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