Jetsetters Share Their Favorite Destinations That Totally Lived Up To The Hype

Jetsetters Share Their Favorite Destinations That Totally Lived Up To The Hype

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The travel and tourism business is one of the worlds largest industries with a global economic contribution of over $7.6 trillion in just 2016. Most people have a bucket list of the places they'd like to go, but some end up disappointed when they get there.

So Reddit user Ohmygodashoppinglist asked:

"Travelers of Reddit, what place DID live up to the hype?"

Here are their recommendations.


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Ireland. People were beyond friendly and it was like a jolly pub celebration complete with trad every night.


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The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.


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Did live up to the hype: The Greek islands.

Did not live up to the hype: Athens.

United States

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Yosemite National Park in California. Everything was super sized and beautiful. Hiking in a normal local park, even if it has mountains and waterfalls, just feels small now.

Czech Republic

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Prague. It was like a metropolitan medieval town.

South Korea

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Lotteworld (Seoul, South Korea) the largest indoor/outdoor amusement park.

United States

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Kauai, Hawaii.


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Edinburgh in the Christmas season. It was magical.

New Zealand

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I went there this July so in the middle of their winter and it was autumnal. I walked up to Roy's Peak and went hiking on a glacier and if it was summer I could have gone surfing in the same day.


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I felt like no matter which direction I looked it was like a picture from a postcard. I felt like no matter which direction I looked it was like a picture from a postcard.


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The Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia, Canada. It's a temperate rainforest with huge trees that are hundreds of years old.


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The coolest thing I've done on any trip.


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The Cliffs of Moher.

United States

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The $4.00 go-carts on the main drag at the Wisconsin Dells. Super cheap and you get to go for like 10 minutes.


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Arthur's seat in Edinburgh Scotland. Incredible climb for an incredible view of the country.


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The Inari Gates in Kyoto, Japan.

South Africa

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The view from the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town. It was like a vision of eternity. No photograph could possibly show how how beautiful that view is.


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Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.The most beautiful place Ive ever visited.


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Endless nature, giant pretty mountains, drinkable see-through water, so many rocks to jump on, very few people in sight.


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The Akihabara arcade district in Tokyo.


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Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada.

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