J. Lo Just Shared A Very Revealing Photo Of Herself In A Green Cape—And Twitter Is Floored 😵
@JLo/Twitter, @rosadona/Twitter

Jennifer Lopez is an icon. She is a celebrated singer, dancer, actor, and host. She's also drop-dead gorgeous, to boot. And now she's showing off that body-ody-ody in a Valentino cape.

She shared the photo on Twitter this past Wednesday.

The look was put together for In Style's December issue.

J. Lo slayed everyone.

Others thought about trying this look on their own.

And most couldn't get over how flawless she looked.

And Lopez even shared some life tips with us.

Jennifer Lopez is undeniably gorgeous, but she is also an entrepreneur and one of America's greatest success-through-grit-and-determination stories. Brava, J. Lo!

H/T: Twitter, Us Weekly

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