Everything is expensive! This has always been true. There are ways to save a little money here and there, however.

You can buy things only if they are on sale. You can clip coupons or try and find certain items at different stores for less.

Another thing you can do to save money is to buy things second hand. Certain items, such as outerwear, home decor, exercise equipment, toys, books, and games among others can be purchased after being lightly used by others.

However, there are some items you should NEVER purchase secondhand, and Reddit is here to help us discover what those items are.

To get us started, Redditor ReverseFlash_94 asked:

"What should you never buy second hand?"


"Anything that most likely to have human fluids on it. Such as sweat. 2nd headsets and earphones.. you might see earwax in them. It’s gross."

– Fiesteh

Not Very Protective

"Well, if you actually want a serious answer, I'd say protective equipment, such as motorcycle helmets. You never know what stress they've already been through and your safety is worth proper new equipment."

– anonymousmetoo

"This is a good answer. Most helmets are really only rated for one serious impact and then they're "dead" and won't properly protect from a second serious impact. Any kind of harness is also a gamble because nylon straps really only have a shelf life of 5 years before they start losing strength."

– Devinitelyy

What Ever Happened to Hygiene?

"I saw a used toothbrush at a garage sale once that looked like it had been used for a year at the very least. I still wonder to this day who would buy that."

– Transparent-Paint

"Underwear, I don’t care if the tag is on or not I cannot get underwear second hand it’s the same for lingerie. Bras are a hard pass too. They may be clean but just nope nope. If you want cheap undies go buy fruit of the loom at Walmart"

– AngelNHorns

"Definitely not mattress/box springs. Even if they look new. The chance there is a bedbug hibernating in there somewhere is NOT worth it."

– Head_Razzmatazz7174

Medical Equipment...Sort Of

"Colostomy bags"

– ButtholeQuiver

"That would be a sh*tty situation"

– PBandGym


– SantaDog81

"I want to say no one has probably never done that but you know.. humans exist so."

– ReverseFlash_94

"CPAP machine"


– Setthegodofchaos

Protect Your Kids

"Car seats"

– michjames1926

"Child shoes. Second hand shoes really can do serious harm to a child's feet."

– Business-Raise2683

"Anything Safety Related, Children come to mind."

– zombietampons

Typically Don't Think About This

"To go against the grain here; used electronics, especially televisions, desktop computers, and laptops. Want bed bugs? Buy used electronics."

– hockey_stick

Already Broken

"Any outdoor power equipment such as: weed eaters, chainsaws, leaf blowers, etc."

"They most likely already have an issue you don’t know about and pinpointing that exact issue is a pain in the rear. Plus you have to spend time fixing it."

– NewYearSameM3

"Power Equipment like Circular saws, jigsaws, drills, hammer-drills, sanders, grinders, routers etc.."

"Never buy any second hand power equipment because you will never know when they will break down any minute and you have to buy parts to replace the old parts which is waste of money."

– Goatmanthealien

Very, Very True


"That should always come first hand."

– Pistachiwoes

"But where can I buy experience in the first place?"

– unimaginablywise

Even As A Joke, This Is Gross

"Most original comment here: condoms"

– johnmojr2005

"Can’t have to many second hand condoms."

– ReverseFlash_94

How Do You Even GET These Second Hand?

"Coffins. You’ll get stiffed on the deal every time."

– lilsparky82

"A used coffin is the last thing I need."

– Azuras_Star8

"Well- how would you even find a used coffin would you like dig it up out of the graveyard. Or was somebody just sleeping in it no but they weren't dead they were just using it as a God damn bed."

– 1shines4u

Okay, so some of these are not serious considerations. However, there is some good advice here.

Saving money is important, but don't risk your health or safety just to get a good deal.

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