People Share The Items Every Junk Drawer Needs To Be Considered A Junk Drawer
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Let's be honest - everyone has a junk drawer at home, at the office, or in your car (looking at you, little gappy space in the center console.)

Junk drawer connoisseurs know there are certain must-haves in order to be considered high-quality junk, so let's talk about it.

Reddit user Rascal-Fiats asked:

"What is something every 'junk drawer' must have in order to be considered a proper 'junk drawer'?"

My junk drawer is filled with mail and a handful of sort-of-burned-but-still-very-usable birthday candles. My family lives generationally - the back half of the year has a birthday literally every week!

The junk-drawer candles are household heros.

This Pinnacle Of Truth

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"The thing that prevents you from closing the drawer."

- Setthescene

"Or gets stuck so you can only open the drawer part way."

- bagpipercat

" 'We keep a funnel and a potato masher in this drawer because we think it's fun to sometimes not be able to open this drawer.' "

- knock-off-pale

"In my parents case it’s the sharpening stone we thought disappeared in 1998."

- Camp_Express

Too Important

"A screw that looks too important to throw out but you have no idea where it came from."

- ArminTanz

"Throwing that in the junk drawer is amateur hour. I have a box with a bunch of little drawers filled with those random 'too important' screws."

"Every so often I need a weird sized screw and find the perfect one, and my hoarding is vindicated."

"I also keep every Allen key that ever came with anything I had to build myself for the same reasons."

- DMala

"Mom finally got rid of the screws. Said she got tired of looking at them."

"Couple weeks later, found out it went to one of our kitchen chairs. To this day, I still haven't let her forget."

- Cool-Experience7357

"I had this screw. Finally threw it out."

"A week later found a hole on the microwave that was missing its screw. And it was the exact one I threw away."

- AxeellYoung

The Graveyard

"Assortment of single batteries."

- KyleClarkeFilms

"Dead batteries."

"You must try each one and put back when you realize they are dead."

- spytez

"Extra points if no two are the same brand."

- dpdxguy

"Must include at least one battery type you no longer use, like photo battery or round cells for your high school pocket calculator."

- Blausternchen

Keys And Karma

Keys New Home GIF by Jackée HarryGiphy

"Keys for unknown locks."

- Back2Bach

"And locks without keys or missing combinations."

- Vtfla

"When we broke up, my ex gave me back a box of my stuff. What she didn't realize is she also threw in the ring of keys for different padlocked boxes in her studio (she frequently had people over and wanted to protect her supplies)."

"I was going to return them, but then I was informed that she had been sleeping with our mutual friend (she told me she "needed time to herself"), so I kept them and then liked the post she made about having to buy bolt cutters and replace like 10 different padlocks."

"Still have the keys. F*ck you, Diana."

- [Reddit]

Instructions Unclear

"Instructions for a product that either doesn’t need instructions (like a fan) or that you don’t even own anymore."

- Alive-Singer-3432

"Along with small plastic spare parts for the product that definitely aren't gathered into any identifying or organized sense."

- RissaMeh

"I have instruction for a chair in my drawer. Just a chair."

"It came premade, didn’t have to build it. No features, just a wooden chair."

"Why did it have instructions?"

- Chared_Assassin

"I still have instructions for Atari 2600 games. I haven't owned an Atari for 30 years or more."

- tearsonurcheek

A Matter Of Need

"Random chargers."

"What's that to? No one knows but we save it just in case we might need it again."

- Black_Tears524

"I guarantee if you throw it away, someone's gonna know in the next 3 days."

- Uppgreyedd

"I 'cleaned' my junk drawer."

"Four hours later I was digging through the garbage can looking for that dirty white apple cord to a first-gen iPad. I forgot a relative gave it to my kid."

"My kid definitely did not forget."

- somewhenimpossible

"When we recently moved, I found a mystery charger that we couldn't identify."

"Every electronic that needed a charger had one so we decided to toss it."

"Fast forward 2 months and my friend asks if I still have the charger for his 3ds that I had borrowed. Oops."

- Maybe_Not_The_Pope

On Chicken Wings And Cheating

"Rubber bands that are sticky or crusty/cracked from being so old."

- Nondenomnoms

"Stray rubber bands."

"I dated a girl who suspected I was cheating on her because she kept finding stray rubber bands around my apartment and thought some other woman must have used them to tie her hair and left it there."

"The problem was, I couldn't explain them either."

"Every time she would bring these things up I would have this sheepish look on my face while telling her I couldn't explain why these things kept ending up in my apartment."

"It wasn't until after we broke up and I ordered chicken one day that I went to open the box and realized the thing was held closed by a rubber band."

"Every time I would order fried chicken I would take the rubber band off and end up leaving it somewhere for her to find."

- yellow_fig_tree

"On one hand, you may have been entering 'too much fried chicken' territory."

"On the other, who ties their hair with rubber bands? Sh*t would HURT."

- ChrdeMcDnnis

This Christmas

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Dance GIFGiphy

"That random Christmas decoration that was found way too late to be packed with the rest."

- [Reddit]

"5 years ago...."

- Trinerella

"And you know this year you’ll remember to put it out for Xmas and then it can be packed away when you take everything down again, but you never see it until 3 days after you put everything away."

- bk1285

"I ended up hanging mine on the fridge because I found out it had a magnet. That was at least six years ago, even moved it onto the new fridge."

- gggggfskkk

"You are committed to the “I’ll put it away next year” lie."

- Camp_Express

Plus Or Minus?

"Flat head screwdriver."

- SuperDan523

"And I always need a Phillips head!"

- Proof-Operation-9783

"I call them plus screwdrivers, and minus screwdrivers."

"My father-in-law is a carpenter, and it drives him nuts."

- Fat_Bearded_Tax_Man

"It's always whatever screw driver you don't need at the moment."

- OdeeSS

"Long live the junk drawer screwdriver!"

"When I got married and we moved in together, one of the things I bought the weekend after (when we made our trip to get the stuff we realized we needed but didn't cross our minds before we moved in) was a junk drawer screwdriver."

"I hated leaving my toolbox in the 'main house', but I also didn't want to keep having to go into the separate, non-heated part of the house where I keep my tools."

"I very intentionally went to Sears, when they were having their shutdown sale, to get a clear handled non-combination Craftsman screwdriver. Craftsman for sentimental reasons more than anything else, as that's what my dad and both grandfathers always had."

"Sometimes you need a skinny one, and the combos are always so much fatter, so they're basically useless for things like tightening doorknob screws."

"Also the shaft -plus-handle design is about as simple and strong as a screwdriver can be made these days, but if it were to get damaged or lost or anything, it only cost me five bucks, and I've definitely got my money's worth."

"For some reason I find myself reaching for that driver more than my fancy combo drivers with much more comfortable handles."

- Alphapanc02

Now you know all my dirty junk drawer secrets, and what Reddit has to say about theirs - so it's your turn at the mic.

What junk you got floating around your junk drawer?

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