People Explain Which Items They Bought During The Pandemic That Are Now Collecting Dust
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The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a lot of fear and uncertainty.

Our loved ones got sick, and some even passed, yet there was no end in sight. Everyone was forced to social distance, leading to a huge loss in human contact. Small businesses closed down, people lost their jobs, and children were forced into virtual school.

However, there were some bright spots as well.

Many people began to work from home, and having no place to go after work left most of us with more free time than we originally had. People took advantage of this time by trying to learn a new skill (I used YouTube videos to learn guitar), committing to something beneficial (I went back to school to finally get a degree), or focusing on mental and physical health.

Sometimes, the use of this free time also led to some purchases. After all, how can you learn guitar without first buying a guitar?

These purchases sometimes went to waste, however. While I did end up getting my degree, it didn't take me long to stop playing the guitar. Now it sits under my bed, dusty and out of tune.

Curious about what other pandemic-related purchases went to waste, Redditor Crazed_waffle_party asked:

"What did you buy during the pandemic that is now collecting dust?"

The Perfect Picture

"A DSLR. Always been intrigued and interested in photography, but never took the plunge to explore and begin learning. Bought this camera early pandemic and after the first couple of months, have barely used it. I just keep thinking… well, I’ll get to learning eventually since I already have it"

– fallway

Working On Working Out

"Exercise equipment, specifically a neat little stationary bike unit that's designed to fit under a desk. Used it for 3 months then just never went back."

– vitaminglitch

"Two and a half months longer than most people."

– iaalaughlin

"I used to do package delivery and many people were ordering weight sets at the start of the pandemic. Most of these people were what seemed to be 50+ with no evidence of ever working out. I guarantee most of those are sitting in a pile in the garage untouched."

– jonsalas

Can't Compete On Your Own

"a chess set. i forgot for a moment i dont have any friends and dont like to play myself"

– Deleted User

Pasta Night

"My pasta maker/roller. Used it once, made a mess and now it sits proudly in the back of my pantry"

– ChefSandman

With Love In Every Stitch

"I bought yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks with the intention to make a blanket. I started and thought that was too hard so I decided to make a scarf instead. I crocheted about a 12in rectangle and never picked it up again."

– 227743

New Uses For An Old Favorite

"A treadmill. I was motivated. Was."

– StraY_WolF

"At least they double as a place to hang clothing."

– feralturtles

"Mine collects dust but I use it almost everyday. When I want to watch Naruto, I just do it while walking."

– Slim01111

The Loneliness Accentuated

"trading cards and video games no one to play with"

"Oh and my exes engagement ring my biggest L here"

– stupidanswerquestion

What's That For?

"Stripper pole"

– Dangerous_Effort3355

"For self defense,right?"

– xXMeOwOXx

Some Assembly Required

"My friend bought bagpipes, couldn't even put it together and put it back in the box. That was 2020."

– Sco_Queen

Home, Sweet (and Dusty) Home

"My apartment. I still live there, but it's exceptionally efficient at collecting dust."

– Zoefschildpad

The Downsides Of Work From Home

"A webcam."

– Ghostdr1

"I wish mine was collecting dust. Most people in my office are still working remotely, so I have to keep doing a bunch of zoom meetings. There are few things I hate more than being on camera."

– mynameisbritton

Collecting Dust In A Good Way

"I got a Roomba. Just collects dust all day. Quite pleased with it actually."

– dino0509

An Inventive Solution

"I was cleaning out my bathroom and realized I somehow acquired 3 bottles of rubbing alcohol. I asked my husband why and how we ended up with these. He reminded me during the early days of the pandemic there was no hand sanitizer because people were hoarding it so he made a batch of diy rubbing alcohol sanitizer to get us through."

– Canonconstructor

That last one is a skill I'd like to learn! It certainly would have been more useful than picking up, then quitting, the guitar.

Things are looking up. Adults are headed back to their offices, kids are going back to school, and restaurants and stores are opening up again. Social distancing is no longer required, and we're settling into a new normal.

However, that doesn't mean there's no time to learn something new! If you bought something during the pandemic that's now gathering dust, consider picking it back up again. You never know!

Today, I'm a quitter. Tomorrow, I could be playing Aerosmith!

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