People Break Down Which Items Are Absolutely Worth The Price Tag
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When we set a goal to put some money aside to allocate for luxury items, vacations, or just for an emergency, we do our best not to waver.

Consumers will typically wait for an item to go on sale, but sometimes, they make exceptions and spend the extra money on something that is worth the quality.

So, just what are these items or experiences that customers don't mind shelling out their hard-earned cash for?

Curious to hear from strangers online, Redditor Icky_the_Eskimo asked:

"What things are 100% worth the money?"

These are conveniences that are worth the money and can make life so much easier.

Helpful Household Tool

"A good vacuum cleaner. You don’t need to buy a Dyson, but get something better than the $89.99 basic model."

"Edit: I recently bought a Shark. I wasn’t about to spend twice what I paid for that on Dyson. I’m very happy with it. The amount of dirt it pulled out of my carpets was significant."

– DrProfessorSatan

It Holds

"Good brand Duct tape."

– Full-Worldliness-820

Kitchen Companion

"An enameled Dutch oven. The French-made Le Creuset and Staub cookware are wonderful, but you can buy a Lodge enameled Dutch oven for a third of the price. Worth every penny."

– danappropriate

This Combo Would Be Ideal

"A bidet"

"Non-stop flights"

– TruthOf42

It's more than about keeping up with appearances.

If The Shoe Fits

"Good quality shoes."

– RifleShower

"Yeah, I had to get boots with a harder and thicker sole to wear while walking and doing normal tasks. The ground here is rough, a thin and soft sole is going to cause me issues. Plus, I don’t slip in rocks anymore and find walking uphill much easier. It all depends on what terrain you’re on though."

– [deleted]

Choosing The Fashion

"well made clothing that:"

"fits you properly"

"can be used in a variety of uses (social, professional, recreational, etc..)"

"is designed to last, or can be repaired."

– upfjords

Snug Fit

"A well fitted and well made bra."

– D33nasaur

"I second the Nordstrom tip. They have a huge selection for all sizes & styles and once you find a brand & style you love, you can order from the manufacturer if Nordstrom no longer carries your fave. Plus, they will not be undersold. Wacoal probably offers the best support but their bras are not sexy. Elomi makes a perfect t shirt bra and Glamorise makes killer racer back w/front closure bras for large breasts"

– zestyspleen

Comfy Undies

"Ex Officio, tight, not loose. Sports material that is just amazing in hot weather, feels like silk, and stops your legs rubbing together if that’s a problem. Great for humid climates and travelling. God, I love them, they changed my life ! Too much underwear-related ranting, but I recommend them to everyone."

– zenconkhi

Safe Sex

"A teenager came through my line earlier that couldn't afford condoms. I took what he had and let him take the condoms. I'll deal with my till being short later. What's important is that he's safe and there's no babies or diseases afterwards."

– twitchy_taco

Good services are well worth paying for.

Hard Labor

"Hiring a moving company."

"You do all the small packing yourself and then hire somebody to move the large pieces of furniture. It’s amazing and removes so much of the stress of moving."

– OddFeature

Customer Satisfaction

"Can’t preach this enough. We just moved Wednesday, only 25 minutes away. Cost us $3,080 but it was 100% worth it. Zero stress. All done in one day. My wife just pointed and they moved it into the correct room and reassembled."

– mattlind12

Regular House Cleaning

"Once a month maid service. Probably the best thing I’ve ever spent money on."

– crapballsfacef'k

Life experiences can create valuable memories for a lifetime.

See Some Sights

"Traveling. If you wanna go somewhere, do it. I’ve never said to myself 'man I wish I never went to that place and spent that money.' I’ve got memories and stories now. Experiences that I’ll hold onto dearly for a long time. That’s worth more than any dollar amount. (Obviously be smart about your planning… but yeah. Just travel as much as you can)."

– iamaviamarie


"Solo traveling is fantastic. I get to please myself and answer to no one but myself. If I want to spend 3 days looking at art I can. If I want a rest day, I'll have one. Best thing ever."

– aquila-audax


"A vacation away. I know so many people who say they don’t travel because it’s too expensive—and I mean friends who I know have the funds."

"It resets you. Can be the highlight memory of your year. It’s worth it to get away and indulge for a bit every once in a while. Especially if you can!"


I can't agree with the above more.

Traveling is definitely worth spending money on. Seeing the world will open up your perspective, being exposed to different cultures can be inspiring, and the friendships you make alone your journey is priceless.

There are ways to travel on a budget, so the excuse that being a tourist is too expensive is moot.

Also, much of the world have reopened their borders following the pandemic, so traveling to many destinations are now possible.

If you've always had the travel bug, what are your waiting for? Get out there and find your adventures.

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