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Siblings can be problematic to say the least. And as much as we love our family, they can be the most aggravating people any of us know.

The history of the bond and twisted relationships between sibs is long, complicated and chuck full of family fun.

I know by brother and I alone could fill an anthology. Imagine if we all put our stories together?

That's all anybody would talk about.

Redditor u/lew939 wanted all the siblings out there to share a tale or two by asking:

Siblings of Reddit, What does your sibling do that irritates you the most?

My brother and I have an entire decade between us. There is not much that we can relate to when it comes to our daily lives. What we can agree on are the things that drive one another most crazy. I mainly can't stand his music, his clothes, and his hair. And I know best, because I'm perfect.

Shut Up!


"He's always loud, and whenever something doesn't go his way he screams bloody murder."

- RegrettingRed12

Sounds like Pop

"One-upmanship. No matter the topic, she knows better and needs to make sure I feel like an idiot."

- mkatwh

"That is exactly my father. So frustrating. Makes it impossible to have a non-surface level conversation, and then he gets annoyed that we don't talk that much. When I veer the conversation into topics where I definitively know more than him, he either tries to one up me again or just stops talking entirely."

- BaldEagle012

Special Names

"When my wife and I were expecting twins my sister was jealous of the attention. She doctor shopped until she found someone who would prescribe a specific fertility drug that increased the likelihood of twins."

"We lost our twins about halfway through the pregnancy. But my sister took the names we had intended to name ours, and used that name for her twins."

- RoboNinjaPirate


"You know that slightly embarrassing thing that happened 30+ years ago? Let's bring that up Every. Single. Time. Family. Gets. Together... for 30+years. We're all in our 40s and the annoying sibling thing never really ends. lol I still see my Mom and her siblings squabble from time to time."

"Edited to add: I feel like I should make it very clear that I dearly love my siblings. Every one has annoying siblings. I'm sure I annoy them as well. Lol."

- WW76kh

Bad Mom

a bad moms christmas GIF by Bad Moms Giphy

"Screams at her kids because they dared to breathe in her presence."

- Bluellan

See these people get it. Sometimes you have to let family know when they are too much. Siblings can be the most self centered and obnoxious. And why do they have to be so loud? Ever heard of an inside voice? Damn...

The Bond

siblings fighting GIF by sam maurer Giphy

"Care. If she didn't I'd most likely not be alive right now. It annoys me but she the only reason I feel too bad to go back to my old life style, even when things get bad."

- TizzleDirt

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"I have a younger sibling (around 10 years old) and all they do, all day, is zoom or play mine craft with friends, now this would be fine if they didn't constantly yell at each other."



"YOU BLEW UP MY HOUSE insert no proof other than that kid eating a donut at 3pm or soothing idk "

"I'm so done."

- Imagine-if-

She's a Problem...

"She has absolutely no regard for other people."

"Example: I'm moving to Nashville at the end of the month. After she and my cousin volunteered to help me move, she immediately jumped into planning a "girls' trip". We'd stop in Santa Rosa to visit some famous swimming hole, stop in Cadillac Ranch, spend an entire day in Memphis, etc."

"When I told her I didn't want to do those things, especially because I have a cat and can't just leave her in a hotel room by herself, her response was that I'm "the one who wanted to do this trip". False, sister - it was you from the get-go. When my cousin agreed with me, my sister bailed because it wasn't going to be any "fun."

"Then, she decided she was going to drive up to Nashville from Orlando instead. Then she wasn't and would maybe come visit in July. I told her July wouldn't be a great time because I'll be out of town for a little while and training for teachers usually starts in mid-July. Then she was. Then wasn't. Then it was a maybe as of last week, but she wouldn't know until "like the weekend before."

"I texted her the next day wanting to know if she'd do me a favor if she came up on moving day and she replies that she isn't after all, but is coming up in July with her friend. And when I reminded her about why coming up in July wasn't good, she got mad at me."

- EllieD0113

Anger Issues

"My older sister gets angry and cannot control it, leading her to say some pretty messed up stuff to me or family members. I wish she'd be more self aware and change."

- Sleepyvalentine24

"I struggled with this for a long time. I'd get super angry for no reason and say horrible things. I hated it so much. Turns out I'm hypoglycemic and that's how I act when my blood sugar gets too low. Still not great, but it means I have a way to fix it when it starts to happen."

- Here_I_Pondered

Bathroom Problems

toilet paper help GIF Giphy

"He refuses to use regular toilet paper to wipe his butt, instead opting to use wash cloths and then just leaving his crap rags wherever he pleases. he also takes enormous poops and then doesn't flush."

- TheDonutPug

Feeling a Grudge...

"They're all kind of selfish. I'm the exact middle of 5 kids, and they all really only care about themselves. I feel like I'm the only one to ever check in, and ask how they're doing. I've had conversations lasting hours and very rarely does anyone ever ask how I'm doing. We're all really close, but I've gone through a few major life changes and a pretty big trauma in the last two years, and not one of them called to make sure I was OK. I try not to hold a grudge or make it a fight, but I find it pretty irritating."

- nicelittlenap

Young and Immature

"He's the epitome of a 'younger sibling' mentality. I'll admit, I have a temper, but it doesn't excuse him antagonizing me half the time. I used to get punished all the time when I was younger because he'd provoke me and go crying to our mother. As we've gotten older (we're in our teens now), our family has begun to realize this, and things have gotten more fair. I still get grounded occasionally, but it beats getting punished for things I'd never even done half the time. But now when he doesn't get his way he whines to our mom about how "You NEVER take my side!."

- Captain_Cookiez

Get Out!

"My little sister will stand right outside my door (open it if closed) and when told to leave goes "but I'm not in your room" but if I walk by minding my own business she's scream "GET OUTTA MY ROOM" every. Damn. Time."

- dragons_thunder_owo

"I just moved in to my own room, and my sister did the exact same thing, I was setting up my pc, and she kept stepping in and out for 5 minutes straight, pissed the hell out of me. On top of that, later in the same day my sister told my mom" (my name) was screaming at me when I was doing nothing."

- Average-ThrowerZz

T. M. I.

"One of my sisters has no damn filter. I know way too much about her sex life. The first thing she said when I told my family my new boyfriend was in a wheelchair was "does his penis work?". Her smarta** comments have gotten her into trouble way too many freaking times. She needs to pipe the hell down."

- rlw0312

Calm Down Yo

Over It Reaction GIF by Women's History Month Giphy

"One of my siblings is always dramatic and intrusive. Always fighting or making comments. We are opposites and it kills my mellow."

- ZeusTheSeductivEagle

So Lazy

"My younger brother always asks me to do things when he is perfectly capable of doing them himself. "Can you make me a snack?" "Can you get my phone from the other room?" Usually I'm pretty good about people asking me favors, but he does it out of laziness and it really grinds my gears."

- breakthefifthwall


fx networks toilet GIF by Better Things Giphy

"Whenever there is a chore to be done that we both have to do is he is suddenly taking a 10 hour crap. So annoying."

- BetterthanU-

He's Gross...

"Leaves his hair in the shower drain, leaves his butt lint on the toilet seat when he takes a crap, leaves a mess on the kitchen counter when he cooks, leaves garbage near the pail when he misses a free throw, leaves his dishes in the sink, doesn't spray nearly enough when he takes a crap, slams the dog gate every time he walks through it."

- GiftedWraith

"He doesn't freaking respect any of my belongings, puts his dirty feet up on my desk when I repeatedly tell him not to, and recently he broke my monitor for my windows vista computer because he was watching anime and then he tried to turn it off and he slapped it really hard several times and now it doesn't stay on for more then 2 seconds every time I power it on."

"He also throws around my switch controllers, and has broken one, made the a button stop working on another, and has no sense of respect for me, like not letting me sit on his bed when I come in his room, and usually ushers me out very aggressively yet he comes into my room freely, and without permission. He is 17, about to turn 18, I am 15, about to turn 16. You would expect him to be freaking mature by now but he's not."

- ps4isgreaterthanxbox

Must You?

paper bag GIF Giphy

"She breathes.... That's not saying I hate her, I literally mean that she breathes louder than a normal person should, and I'm lowkey worried about her health."

- UltimatePickpocket

In the end I do love my sibling. But if there was a prize for burning my last nerve? He'd win all of the time. And clearly I'm not alone in this issue. You gotta love family. I suppose...

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