Irish People Admit What They Think Of How People Celebrate St. Patricks Day

Irish People Admit What They Think Of How People Celebrate St. Patricks Day

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There's a few holidays that we celebrate as children we may not consider the historical significance of at the time. Easter is all about collecting eggs? You get to knock on the door and they give you candy? Leprechauns? That last one is the subject of debate, as many so-called Irish-Americans take the streets and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a loud bit of debauchery, alcohol, and bad choices. Reddit user, r/UrNotTheBossOfMe, hoped to get to the bottom of how real Irish folks feel about how the world celebrates their holiday when they asked:

Redditors of Ireland: how do you feel about St. Patrick's day and how the rest of the world celebrates it?

Call It By Its Proper Name

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I plan to watch the Ireland vs. England rugby match and then have a few drinks later on in the evening.

Only thing i hate about others especially the americans and canadians is that they call it St. Patty's day. That annoys me an awful amount and i almost got into a fight with an american acquaintance a few years back over it.


So Long As It's In the Name Of His Holiness...

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It's like Spring Break for adults. Get drunk and have fun, in the name of a Saint.


A Little Recognition Is Nice

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We celebrate it same as everyone else, drink and look at the parades. We don't get 'into' it as much as some other people, definitely not as much as the States does.

As for how we feel about it general, its pretty nice having the rest of the world pay attention to us, being as we are a tiny island off the shores of Europe. None of the other small nations of Europe get the same attention at all.

We encourage it cos it makes us a nice bit of cash every year, and its a hell of a great advertisment for the nation.

And if you wonder if we are insulted/that sort of thing about having a holiday revolving around imbibing liqour to represent our nation to the world, then nah. We don't really care. Sometimes annoyed by tourists or people getting things wrong, but mostly we couldn't be arsed and we're just happy to have a day off.


Just Check Out Those Canadian Parades

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For most people I know it tends to just be another day. Nothing really special. Most just stay at home, although some take advantage of long weekends to see family.

The last few St. Patrick's day parades that I have been to have been very meh. The last one that I went to in Cork (Maybe four years ago?) was pretty boring. The main attraction was the Expat groups from African countries. It was a bit of a let down.

Overall, the parades that I have seen in Canada and elsewhere are much more entertaining, and the day seems to be more popular elsewhere.


It's Just Like New Year's

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I always found it weird that other countries seem to make a bigger deal out of it than we do. I teach English to foreign students here, all the students who are here this week are planning on going MAD which, y'know, why not when it's a new experience...

I feel like it's a bit like New Years, everyone plans this day that they think is going to be amazing but then it's just... Not that great.

I'm sure I'll find somewhere to watch the match and have a few drinks but I'm gonna take it easy this year...


America Stands Out

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I'm 18 so this will be my first Paddy's day that doesn't end in "get your friend home or we will bring them down to the station!". I'm looking forward to it. Going to 3 parades and then back to my friends house. Its always fun.

I'm actually rather jealous of a lot of places, especially America. Your parades look awesome! Our have really gone down in standard to be honest. We get a lot of your marching bands though. I say enjoy it! Its the one day I don't mind half the world claiming to be Irish.


We'd Rather Stay Home

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I don't really like Paddy's day. There's so much drunk people during and after the Dublin parade, the streets are crowded, the next guy standing in front of you smells like brie cheese, and the worst part is it's usually raining.

I'm staying at home and getting drunk with le brother and sister. HAH.



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Nothing like having a valid excuse for public intoxication.

And neither I nor anyone I know is offended by the fact that it's used as an excuse to drink alcohol by the rest of the world, that's all we use the day for too. Sure it wasn't even recognised as a national holiday until the late 19th century. The first Paddy's day parade was actually in America!


We Don't Need A Special Day

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Don't care I don't need a special day to tell me I can get drunk. Come visit Ireland though, I will gladly have a pint with any redditor.


Spend The Day Muttering

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Well, I'm a card-carrying Irishman (according to my passport) living in San Francisco, born on St Patrick's Day; and here's what I'm going to do:

  • Sit at home
  • Drink expertly
  • Mutter furiously about the fact that the bars, today, are full of people who are neither Irish nor drinkers, but attempting to be both, with disappointingly predictable results.


Seriously, Call It By Its Proper Name

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As long as nobody calls it Saint Patty's day, I'll be fine :)


Anyone Can March In The Parade

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I think its weird the way in some places in the USA they have a big parade with floats and sh-- when in Waterford Ireland we have random people, mostly children, in clubs and scouts etc walking in the "parade"

I never go out drinking cuz thE price of drinks sky rocket and the town do be packed. So this paddy's day I shall be watching Ireland v England rugby match and getting in the horrors with the SO

Also the word patty makes my blood boil. It's just soooo annoying


Just Don't Claim to Be Something You're Not

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Eh, if the yanks want to have their spectacular parades and wear green then that's their own business. Just don't claim to be Irish, and I don't really have a problem. As for my own celebrations, they will revolve around getting drunk and/or high in a forest somewhere, and maybe strolling down the chipper afterwards. And staying conscious, that'd be a bonus. I'm a Leaving Cert, so I deserve any break I get!


Reminds Me Of Something Else...

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I like that there's such a strong tradition of it in America, it reminds everyone of the Irish immigrants that helped build the place. I personally don't really like to go out because the pubs and clubs are packed and you can't really talk or have the craic. So I'll most likely just spend it having a few drinks in my house with close friends.


It's Just A Long Weekend

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Proud that we're able to turn the world green for a day. Plus it's a day off and a nice opportunity for kids / local businesses to get together and show off their talents / skills / services.

Personally though, it's a non event for me. Nothing more than a bank holiday / long weekend. I'll be celebrating it with a lie in :)


Scared Americans?

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I love it. Everyone celebrates by drinking, from early in the morning. Dublin is PACKED with everyone out for the parade and for the drink. Looking like the weather wont be great though...saw some scared Americans walking around in the rain today.



"Craic" Means "Fun"

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Love the day, makes you proud to be Irish. The Yanks just annoy me because so many claim to be Irish but sure the craic is always had.


Don't Mind How Others Do It

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I plan a day of all day drinking and partying. Don't mind how others celebrate it, everyone can be Irish for a day if they want - doesn't bother me :).


For The Last Time, Get Its Name Right

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Lá Fhéile Pádraig!!

It's really not about religion anymore actually. Not one bit. It's mainly showcasing talent in the parade. But there are parades all over the country. The Church has little to no power in our country these days, by the way. I hardly know anyone who goes to mass on a Sunday morning, maybe the older generation does but certainly not my generation. We tend to use paddy's day as an excuse to get sh-- faced drunk and have a laugh.

We also hate the fact that Americans call it PATTY's day. GAH!!! it's PaDDy's day.. (:


Celebrate Where You Can

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I'm Irish, living in Thailand. Plan on heading to an Irish bar, eating some overpriced Irish food and watching the game.

Oh....and wearing green of course :)

Not bothered in the slightest how others celebrate it.


Sometimes, It's All Okay

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We have parades and we drink a lot.. way too much..

Last year I was in the city, but the pubs were very busy..

There's rugby on this years one so it's going to be extra messy, I shall be staying at home...

I am glad people have fun.


And The Winner Is...Yeah...Yeah....

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[incoherently slurred drunken profanity]


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