Introverts Share What They Wish Extroverts Would Understand About Them


Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Perhaps you're an ambivert? Really, the question is, what recharges your energy? Is it being around people constantly? Or is it being home alone and enjoying your own company? Is it both?

The second option is called introversion and it causes a lot of misunderstanding from the more prevalent extroverted types. Introverts are often perceived as standoffish or shy or an amalgam of things that aren't true. When in reality, they're just exhausted--something we can all relate to.

u/sausagesamuel asked:

Introverts of Reddit, what is something that extroverts don't understand that you wish they did about you being an introvert?

Here were some of those answers.

Enjoying My Own Company

I went to the city to stay with my soccer friends for our end of year get together. They booked 4 rooms and everyone was meant to share. In the end some girls bailed so I got a whole room to myself. Some were worried like "omg you're by yourself! Are you alright?" Heck yeah I'm alright. It was a dream come true.

Both Sides Now

Introversion is *not* social anxiety - and I think that's something I wish a lot of self-described introverts understood too.

Just because I like having alone time doesn't mean I never want to go out or socialize, I just don't like doing it as often or in the same way that other more extroverted people do.


Its not that I don't like you, or I don't like my family, but socializing is work for me, not play, it's not relaxing, it doesn't help me stop worrying, quite the opposite.

Emotional Hangover

I absolutely need my alone time to recharge.

This is insanely true, man. After I go to a party or do a lot of socializing, I'm basically a living zombie for a good 24 hours, haha.

A Mood Of Hanging Out

I can handle 2-3 people if the environment is quiet. I don't do crowds or loud places. Invite me to hang at your place, out for dinner, or to a movie (it's dark and I don't have to talk). Don't be insulted if I don't want to go bar hopping with 54 of your closest friends.

No Dislike Involved

I prefer to eat alone at lunch breaks at work. I don't want to sit with so many people together. But that doesn't mean that i don't like my colleagues. I just need that time for me and i don't like big groups. We can go in a group of two or three people. More is too much for me

No Small Talk Please

Just because I can be chatty and friendly doesn't mean I'm an extrovert. Sure I can engage with people but it's tiring and I need a lot of time on my own to recover from all that smiling and small talk.

A Quiet To Savor

There are two kinds of people.

Those who see silence as something to enjoy.

Those who see silence as an invitation to start talking.

I like quiet times.

It Ain't Actually A Contradiction

I don't mind being around people, I just like to listen and watch. Don't take my silence as a negative.

When I hit my limit with people I need to be alone to recharge.

Being an introvert or an extrovert is about what gives you energy. I can be outgoing and an introvert.

I Am The Cat

I have fun in a small group, but when everyone decides to go somewhere with a long queue or waiting time (implying that it is busy and loud wherever it is), I just go home because they literally chose to do something that makes me miserable. I'm not quiet about the kinds of things I go out to do and don't expect them to think about only me when it's a group.

But I also feel like they're ridiculous to act offended when I decide to go home when the vibe changes (e.g. "our favorite brewery is closed. LET'S GO TO THE CLUB THEN") to avoid putting myself in a stressful situation which will make me cranky (at best), and downright paranoid, tired, feeling nauseous (most likely). When they start talking about going to city centers, I'm immediately thinking about my PJs.

I mean, imagine having a cat and being like "let's go get catnip, cat!" then the catnip store is closed, and everyone is like "now let's take turns throwing each other in pools of water!" No one would judge the cat for noping out of that.

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