People Describe How The Smallest Amount Of Internet Fame Went To Someone's Head

Thanks to the internet and social media, it's never been easier to become famous.

Indeed, some people have used social media to such an effect, that they are as or more well known than any number of movie stars.

But others might have put something on the internet just for fun, unaware that they had a viral sensation on their hands ("Charlie bit my finger" anyone?).

Some people soak in this unexpected fame for a moment or two, and then let it pass as they go on with their lives.

Others, however, might enjoy being unexpectedly famous, and will relish in their unexpected celebrity for the rest of their lives.

No matter how small an audience their internet fame reached.

Redditor JesseB342 was eager to hear examples of when a tiny bit of internet fame resulted in an expanded ego, leading them to ask:

"What’s the smallest amount of internet fame / clout that you’ve seen go to someone’s head?'

Blink and you'll miss them.

"Friend was in a video at a car meet that went viral back say 2011-2012."

"He said like 8 words and couldn’t see him but you could hear him."

"He would go around telling people after he is 'famous' for being in a viral YouTube video."

"I was like 'if you have to announce you are famous, you might not be as famous as you think Broski'."- HoneyMussy4goodBoy

It made the movie!

"My dad's collection of vintage drinking glasses were used in 'The Mothman Prophecies'."

"His glasses made the movie much better.:

"Just ask him, he'll tell you."- cleonavarro

Anyone remember MySpace?

"I made a fairly successful MySpace type quiz once.'

'Over a million people took it. I put that on my resume.''- effieokay

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"Remember when I did that thing? No? Well, you should!"

"A guy from my hometown who was sort of a skeezeball helped some elderly folks escape a fire."

'The act itself was commendable and he deserved the recognition he received in local media and he went viral for a week or two."

'But uh….5 plus years after the fact he was still using that as a way to try to get out of tickets or being cut off at the local bars after refusing to pay tabs."

"My brother encountered his Instagram recently and his self-description says something like 'Unspoken hero, DM me for details."

"lmao.'- FartAttack911

Fame can't get you everything.

"I work for a company that books luxury travel, think $20,000 packages."

"A woman contacted us wanting a free trip in exchange for posting it on her blog, proudly proclaiming that she had 800 followers."

"My coworkers' dog photo account has more followers."- AnastasiaSheppard

Even if he's not wrong.

"That dude telling Keanu Reeves that he's breathtaking."

"He would later comment on other stuff whenever breathtaking was mentioned, as if he was the one that came up with the word and made it his thing."- Sir_MoonDoggy

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Big ego making up for other shortcomings?...

"The guy from TikTok dancing in that parade to 'I’m just thinking with my d*ck'.”

"He went home to Indianapolis and started doing meet and greets with people at local car dealerships lol."- jkaycola

It happens to the best of us...

"I entered a blog competition to my uni the summer before I started.'

"I won, and myself and two others were given a free laptop on the understanding we'd keep publishing blogs as 'Insiders' for the uni to use as a marketing tool."

"I put one up a week, and enjoyed it."

"They were decently entertaining and linked to on the uni website, but probably got no more than a few dozen reads."

"On my birthday a few months into the year the bouncers at a club wouldn't let me in as I appeared too drunk."

"I got into a pedantic argument with them about whether the pavement was public property or not, then shouted at them I was going to write about it in my Uni-sanctioned blog."

"I woke up hungover the next day and did not write about the incident in my uni-sanctioned blog."- Fascinatedwithfire

It's one way of putting yourself out there...

"Any amount of sound cloud rappers that get a few hundred views and a few mates gassing them up and think they've found their calling."

"Source, I have to produce them."

"Money is money tho."- EddieHxtler

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Bad sportsmanship will never pay off...

"Back in the day when I played Wow there was a guy on my server who had a tiny amount of name recognition."

"He was good at the game and spent a lot of time and energy organizing things."

"People on the server knew him and would ask for his help, or show him deference in order to get his attention on things."

"One day he put together an optional raid and at the end of the raid a particularly rare item dropped."

"Instead of an open roll - which was the standard at the time - he simply gave the item to his friend."

'When people complained, he said something like, 'I'm so and so, I'm the most important raid leader on this server, you're all lucky to even be here right now, so shut up and deal with it'."

'Well screenshots were taken and links were sent around."

"Dude ended up transferring off the server less than a week later because nobody would give him the time of day."- shaidyn

Blatant breach of contract!

"I was working on a movie set a few years ago, and we had a few hundred extras, and I saw a lot of them, taking selfies, of a room, and posting that they were in a movie."

"Again, extra's, you rarely see a face."

"But part of this and what we make them sign is a paper stating that when they are on set they can not take pictures of any kind and if they do their phone will be wiped, as we of course do not want anything getting out."

" Well we caught 2 people doing it, removed them from the set, wiped their phone so they had an old 'new' phone."

"Now that was fun."

"Read what you sign people."- VivaLasVegasGuy

We Get It!!!

"My friend's minecraft meme template was used for about a month and a half on r/minecraftmemes, and he wouldnt shut up about it."- WolfReadsMemes·

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Are there at least free doughnuts?

"The kid from my neighborhood is the Krispy Kream kid from Tosh.0."- ClenchedFart

Too famous for his own parents!

"That guy on Dr Phil who said he doesn’t speak to his own mother anymore because 'she’s not relevant' and 'won’t make him anymore famous',"

"The crowd boos him, only for him to claim 'maybe they’re irrelevant too'."

"While completely awful, it may have been slightly more understandable from someone Uber-famous."

"Thing is, nobody has ever heard of this kid."

"His identity is a complete mystery, but he claims it’s important enough that he doesn’t speak to his own mum."- joe282

Father knows best...

"My father (44 M[ale]) at the time, started a small YouTube to promote/share his hobbies with the world."

"Through making friends and connections his YouTube grew to a small following around 200 subscribers."

"He did a giveaway and all, and started to talk of meet and greets and meeting his 'fans'."

"This lasted no longer than a year."- chikenluver84

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You liked me! You really liked me!

"One guy in my high school became the most selfish, arrogant and disrespectful person after he got 1.3k likes on a video."- entomology_fr3ak

Careful the things you boast about...

"I saw a person in a Facebook group comment on someone else’s post and brag that Ben Shapiro retweeted him."

"The opposite of clout."

"The group immediately kicked him out and started making memes about the guy."- ceweston

Fame can't be bought...


"Even though following over 250 herself."

"You could instantly see 25% of them were for sure bots."

"Wanted a free 3 course meal."

" Wine and all for 3 people, at first for free."

"Said the new guest who be swarming would easily make up for it."

"Boss ended up her allowing a 3 course meal, with a very large discount, just breaking even, with her and 2 others."

"Day and time arrives, and in walks a group of 8 people, all 'Important VIP' who decided to join."

"I've never seen such stuck up kids."

"In they end, boss gave them a finger, they wanted the whole hand."

"So they got a different finger instead."

"Out of curiosity while she was bickering, I ended up talking to 2 of the attachments."

"They said 'she asked us out for dinner here, said all expense paid on anything we wanted."

"Like she had something to celebrate."

"Except for one guy, no one was following her on instagram."- NotAPotatoCube

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Bribery only gets you so far

"I knew a guy, a real jacka**, who ran the biggest professional wrestling server on Discord."

"How did he accomplish this?"

He paid someone on Fiverr 20 bucks to fill the server with hundreds of bots."

"The percentage of real people in the server was probably 20% or less."- ChonkyBeagle

We all like being recognized for an accomplishment.

But rather than let fame get to our heads, it's important to use that fame for good.

Particularly if you can reach as many as 100 followers to make a difference.