People Share The Most Fascinating Subject A Little Kid Has Ever Talked To Them About
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Kids say the darnedest things, indeed. But when you hear them talk about their latest obsession, how can anyone not sit there and engage?

As we grow into our adolescene, we sadly lose our childlike sense of wonder. We tend to forget how exciting the world is as we gradually become acquainted with it.

But thanks to a recent subReddit, many of us are living vicariously through a child's perspective and being reminded of just how awesome the things we take for granted around us really are.

Redditor JollyFeaginS2 asked:

"What is the most interesting subject a little kid has talked to you about?"

Big monsters seem to remain a big fascination for kids.

Animal Talk

"Kids usually know a LOT about animals, dinosaurs, planets, etc so it's always fun to get into a debate with a 5 year old about those topics."



"My 9 year old LOVES Godzilla and can talk at length about all the monsters - when he talks about Godzilla he always specifies the year (ex. Godzilla 2014)."


Dinos And Bugs

"My 4 year old son talks at length about dinosaurs and insects. He can name so many! He learns most of it from certain YouTube channels. Because Japanese is his first language we have to translate it into English for me and then I teach him the English name. Everyday he gives me at least one lecture. :)"


Science and anatomy are also exciting topics for young ones.

Googly Eyes

"My six year old told me if we didn't have muscles connected to our eyes, we'd all have googly eyes. I had to ponder it but I suppose he's right."


"wait wait he's not wrong. the muscles of the eyes keep the eye in place. also if you focus your eyes in one place, move your head around. the eyes will stay in the same place."


Eye Googly Eyes GIFGiphy

A Three-Year-Old's Take On Eclipses

"My 3 yo nephew explained eclipses to me. It was truly fascinating to hear him."

"I didn't expect to be told about eclipses by a 3 year old. I've seen other 3yo kids barely talking sense! He and I were playing and he starts talking to me about these books his dad bought for him. One was about anatomy and the other was about heavenly bodies. At which time he starts talking about an eclipse. How the earth comes between the earth and the sun and a shadow falls on the moon. Or the solar eclipse where the moon comes between the sun. It was quite surprising to hear a kid speak about the things I learnt in school. Another thing about him is that he has very clear enunciation. No baby talk."


Social interactions and topics about the future captivated these kids.

Love Is Love

"Me and my girlfriend were at a water park and this little girl (about 9) saw me wrap my gf in a towel and kiss her forehead and she says 'THAT'S POSSIBLE?' in the most excited little voice. she proceeded to tell us that she wants to be like us when she grows up. cutest conversation ever."

"EDIT: we are both girls."


Creativity And Enthusiasm

"Their creative work. I used to teach, I had a couple of truly brilliant and talented kids with very bright futures. It was really inspiring to talk to someone with that much creative ability who hadn't had the enthusiasm kicked out of them by life and work yet."


Future In Finance

"There's a 6-year-old boy at my church, and one time I was talking to him and the conversation turned to 'What do you want to do when you grow up?'"

"He then explained to me how he follows the stock market and plans to invest in Westpac and Commonwealth (and why he believes they are profitable securities), and how he's looking into the state University aiming to be a market analyst when he gets a diploma."

"Needless to say I was kinda amazed."


A Whimsical Lifestyle

"My then 4 year old niece talking about why it's good I left the army, because it's better to be a wizard and make a zoo."


What Happens After

"Well a heart wrenching one and kind of deep. I worked in a nursery and a 4 year old girls mother had died suddenly from a brain aneurism. Her father worked so she still had to come into nursery just a week after she'd died. Her dad worked late so we collapsed rooms so other staff could clean the place. She was in my room alone most days waiting for her dad. Now I believe in spirits so on the way home, out loud I said 'if you're there and you want your daughter to know you are then get her to ask me about life after death' low and behold she did the very next day. I thought, crap, I didn't think she would. I'm not allowed to air my beliefs onto a kid so I just said ' I believe there's life after death but you can believe what you want to honey! I've had loved ones who have passed and still feel them close' I wanted to console her n give her hope. My work colleague said afterwards 'I'm glad she asked you and not me.'"


Since you've all asked (or since I volunteered), I was obsessed with Disneyland ever since my first visit when I was two. My mom told me I drew a picture of Sleeping Beauty Castle as soon as we got home from my fateful first visit.

After what became an annual tradition of visiting the iconic SoCal attraction, I read up on everything about Walt Disney and of the beginnings of his magical empire.

(Did you know Walt's family name was derived from the French surname, d'Isigny, which later became anglicized to Disney? Isigny was a derivation of the town of Isigny-sur-Mer.)

I spoke endlessly about the Disney heritage and the history of Disneyland to my parent's friends, and they always listened to me, maybe or maybe not while feigning interest.

I haven't abandoned my enthusiasm. Whenever I've entertained my performer friends from national touring shows, we would visit Disneyland and I would become their sherpa and volunteer historical facts about the park they never knew they needed to hear.

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