People Break Down What Instantly Made Them Lose All Interest In A Crush
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Have you ever been so intensely into another person you can't think straight?

Everything about them sends you into a flop sweat.

Then one day, you're out and about and they breathe wrong so you're disgusted and it's over.

A good crush can be obliterated in a matter of seconds.

But why? How can it be that fast?

Redditor6FeetDownUnderwanted to know about the times infatuation died immediately. They asked:

"What made you immediately lose interest in a crush?"

This actually a gift of mine, or a curse, depending on how you look at it. I can lose interest in the snap of a finger.

Oh Hell No!

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"She not only didn't like my dog but was rude and smacked my dog."



"Hot and cold behavior."


"SO MUCH THIS! Why do people do that? I’m a guy going through that right now with a woman that I fell for… and it sucks."


"Man... I just broke up with a girl who accused me of this too many times. The first time was shortly after our first date and I was like 'WTF?'"

"'We've talked every day including this morning and have another date set later this week.' The last time she said I was icing her out, but I had already told her I was stressing about some unrelated issues that I had already talked to her about a few times."



"That she cheated on everyone she had ever been with."


"I had cheated on everyone I was with before I got sober. I have never cheated since (15 years) - I completely changed my entire lifestyle."

"I would never cheat again, I was a different person then, young, dumb, and loaded all the time making horrible decisions. Since getting sober, I’ve had 3 long term relationships that all ended for other things I have issues with. Haha. But not cheating! But I agree - most situations - would not be like this."


It was weird...

"When I realized she had to take her bestie literally everywhere. It was weird. We would hang out and she would come. We'd go on a date and she'd come. We'd go to a movie and she would either come or be texting her the entire time. Every night she would just come over and watch TV with us. It really got old."

"We are still friends on Facebook. My old crush is married now and I see all these pictures of her and her husband in Greece, Paris, Safaris in Africa, and you guessed it, the 3rd wheel is in all the pictures."


Just Cuz

Seth Meyers Lol GIF by Late Night with Seth MeyersGiphy

“'I dump people to feel something' nah no way."


"Recently was seeing a girl that had a family emergency in her life. She decided to end things with us because she felt destructive and wanted to feel in control."


Some people really need deeper therapy sessions before they get into relationships.


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"Asked her on a date, said yes. Ghosted me."


6 Months In...

"Guy still flirted with other girls after expressing interest in me and let them sit on his lap. I ended it before it even really began. A year later he asked if I wanted to fool around. I said no. About a month after that I saw he had a girlfriend when she tagged him in a FB post saying 'happy 6 month anniversary.'"


The Way We See It

"Mutual codependency. I had a friend that I genuinely didn't notice a problem until I was pregnant and my daughter's father mentioned that she wouldn't be in the room for the birth. That never occurred to me. And then I was thinking of my life and how she was there for like everything. Had to set up some boundaries. She didn't like that and eventually cut herself from my life. She doesn't see it that way."



"She cheated on her bf on an international trip. He was a cool dude, felt bad for him on that one. I haven't spoken to her in years."


"Similar thing happened to me too, I liked a guy who had a girlfriend at the time (I realise this sounds bad, I couldn’t help having a crush on him but I never would’ve acted on it). Anyways he was on an international school trip with us and he was cheating on his girlfriend the whole week. Instantly couldn’t even stand the sight of him."



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"'I'm not allowed to work with children' instant red flag."


Follow the clues. Read the signs. Never be afraid to run.

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