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Sleep is hard. Even folks who don't consistently deal with insomnia have the occasional sleepless night. Whether it's from excitement, anxiety, or your brain just refusing to shut off, sleepless nights usually suck.

Reddit user tropicalzhu asked:

“What keeps you up at night?"


"The dread of tomorrow"


Not A Thing

"Nothing I sleep like a rock"


"That's awesome. I'm happy for you!"


"The secret is to only think about sleeping and breathing if you go off track think about sleeping and breathing again and you will fall asleep which is basically meditation I had several people tell me it don't work every single person I may do it was out within 15 minutes"


Can't Catch A Break

"Anxiety, depression, and school. Because can't never catch a break"


My Brain Is A Jerk

"My stupid brain. Can't stop overthinking."


"That's about all I have, too. I don't have any big worries in my life but my mind won't slow down. It makes no sense."


Won't Somebody Think Of The Avocados?

"It's hard to fall asleep knowing that, at some time during the night, the avocados in my kitchen will instantly turn from bright green to moldy mush and I'll have missed the opportunity to eat them."


So Many Mistakes

"Past mistakes....present mistakes...future mistakes...."


There's Just So Much Cringe

"Jokes aside, I think every single night my brain forces me to relive every single embarrassing, cringey, traumatizing, or upsetting moment in my life over again."

"Sometimes I'll literally be thinking about something that happened to me 5 years ago. Why do I do this?"


A Little Bit Of Everything

"Migraines, loneliness, dysphoria and the anxiety keeping me from saying how much I love my friends to them."


Brain Won't Turn Off

"My mind races and I can't relax. It starts to think about work, personal TODO list, problems I can do nothing about, sh*t I should've handled already…"


Darn Technology

"Most of the time it's my phone. But when no one is asleep or in bed it's just my pc that keeps me awake."


There's a pretty strong theme of anxiety here, but that's not the only thing that can keep people up. Sleepless nights aren't always a bad thing, but sleep is important.

If you're consistently not sleeping well, it might be time to talk to a doctor about it.

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