People Share The Best Ways To Elevate Mac and Cheese
April Walker on Unsplash

Macaroni and cheese was a staple of many American and Canadian childhoods, and continues to be part of many of our adult dinner menus.

Eating the exact same recipe over and over again can get a little boring though, so it can be good to spice things up once in a while.

Redditor Mbarakaja asked:

"What do you like to put in your mac 'n cheese?"


"Bacon bits, bacon pieces, or bacon slices."

- WrathsEntropy

"Bacon and topped with breadcrumbs + parmesan before being baked in the oven."

- Half_Smashed_Face

"Bacon dust. Cook some bacon extra crispy, then grind it up in a blender till it's like a crumb, then sprinkle over your mac 'n cheese."


"Crispy bacon and then diced jalapeno that's been fried in the bacon fat."

- TheClayroo

"Bacon and add smoked paprika."

- Mobile_Prune_3207

bacon GIFGiphy

Hot Sauce

"Hot sauce"

- ReelCharlieTheTuna69

"I do this too, I rly like tabasco in mine"

- clover_delirium

"Yes, cholula"

- DeousPascitCorvos



- glitterpumps

"Ooo, I love scallions but it never occurred to me to try this..."

- LitPeasant

Pulled pork

"Pulled pork"

- goodtimegamingYtube

"This person gets it. BBQ pulled pork is the way to go"

- Foolyz

"Absolutely. Personally, it makes me hate myself a slight bit less for having a giant plate of carbs and cheese because I get some protein with it. Plus depending on how you prepared the pulled pork, you can get some lovely flavors from the hickory, maple, smoke or whatever you did to prepare it."

- goodtimegamingYtube

Hot Dogs

"Cut up hot dogs really takes me back to childhood..."

- inevitably_me

"I still do this too"

- Mbarakaja

"I happen to love mac and cheese in so many ways but this one is my go to classic. Just so simple and the best..."

- inevitably_me

Cream Cheese

"Cream cheese... It's so freaking good"

- Mona_Moans

"How is this not higher up! Remove some butter and replace it with some Philadelphia cream cheese. Especially on Mac n cheese bakes A+"

- InyourfaceGorgak

Taco Beef

"Taco beef, salsa and sour cream in mac and cheese tastes divine."

- HappyChaosOfTheNorth

"Oh yeah that's the stuff. Left over meat from taco night and Kraft Mac and cheese is so good."

- batt3ryac1d1

Basil Pesto

"basil pesto, also good on grilled cheese."


"You are a genius. I usually put mustard on a grilled cheese but I’m gonna go buy a jar of pesto now and try it!"

- ShutterBug1988


"Diced, fried Spam or hotdogs, chopped chicken, corn and/or peas."

- ChrisNEPhilly

monty python spam GIFGiphy


"Ground mustard and paprika"

- AppearanceLogical752

"If you like the tang and heat of mustard, I would recommend trying a dollop of horseradish."

- panda388

Mac and cheese is pretty much a blank canvas. If you're getting bored with your plain old Kraft Dinner, or just feeling a bit adventurous, try adding something to it. You might discover a new favorite meal.

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