Human beings need food, water, and shelter to survive. But to live in a society, we need way more than just that.

Some items, like soap, are things we need to satisfy the social contract: in order to be in public, you can't just be alive. People will be expecting you to be clean as well.

And then there's your own personal comfort. If your skin is so dry that it's peeling and cracked and painful, you're likely going to want some sort of relief for that. Hence, we have created lots of things that help us navigate daily life.

Redditor u/fullfrontalfluidity asked:

"What is an inexpensive item that you cannot live without?"

Here were some of those answers.

Hair Clamps

"My girlfriend uses small hair clamps to tie her hair."

"I swear, they must disappear into some sort of alternate dimension from time to time because she's always searching for one."

"Every once in a while I buy her ten more clamps and scatter them in the apartment. She likes it a lot."-kouignamann_kingdom

Giving My Lips Some Relief

"Chapstick, although, at the same time, it's one of my only ongoing purchases, so it's probably not as cheap as I think it is."-mrsradish

"I just wish they'd stop disappearing and reappearing. I've got a tube in my purse, at my work, in my nightstand, in the kitchen, and probably a few other places..."

"But half of them are missing in an alternate universe at any given time."-tahlyn

Never Smudge Again

"A very specific bic pen. I'm a lefty, and most pens smudge like crazy when I write."

"The cheap as dirt bic pens (the clear ones with the colored caps) are the one thing I have found that I write with best. So I have mountains of them."-Panama_Scoot

These are probably things you take for granted, but if you thought more about it, would make your life hell if they disappeared.

Put Ze Oil Back

"There is an oil I use in my hair. Works better than anything else I have ever tried at keeping my hair tangle free."

"I hardly ever have to use a brush, I can just finger comb through my hair. A $6 bottle will last me ~4-6 months."

"Obviously different stuff works for different hair types. I have 1C (really thick, mostly straight but waves in the bottom layers)."

"It is also really long, detangling it can be a b*tch and a half. I use OGX Argan Oil for coarse hair. This is my miracle product."-Ginger_Chick

Popsicles! All Day!

"Prescription strength sensitivity toothpaste."

"It's about $20 per tube from my dentist, but each tube lasts several months. And the lack of pain when eating or drinking something cold is priceless."-DeathSpiral321

"I WANT THIS. My dentist told me to use Sensodyne years ago and I've noticed the difference within a week if I use a different sort."

"I didn't know there were Rx strength toothpastes, but I'd be stoked to get some. I'll have to remember to ask next time I get to see one."-dialinga481

That 2007 Fashion

"I need all my band t-shirts. My wife had the nerve to ask me to thin the herd, so I told her to go throw out a few pairs of shoes and we'll be even. That ended the conversation, and I haven't been asked again."

"Edit- to those that say the shirts are expensive- Target, Wal Mart, Spencer's, and Hot Topic allllll have shirts at $15 or less. Check it out sometime y'all."-TheMightyIrishman

They are also things that have become part of your routine, so not having them would turn your brain into chaos.

Feed The Kittens, Tuppence A Bag

"Automatic cat feeders, $50 on Amazon, but knowing how much sleep husband and I haven't lost, I'd gladly pay upwards of $500 for these beauties."

"They're simple, they don't take many batteries, the cats learned them quickly, and they no longer associate me and my husband with breakfast. They've lasted 5yrs, still work great."

"Husbands cat is 'food motivated' and my husband is 'sleep dependent' (if he doesn't get a full, unbroken 8hrs, he's a jerk all day)."

"His cat learned quickly that if he makes enough noise, knocks enough stuff down, runs across the bed, claws the bed/carpet/furniture before the sun comes up, husband gives in and feeds him, sometimes multiple times in the mornings."

"When I moved in with him, this wasn't going to fly. When we got the feeders, I had to train the cats to wait for the feeder for food, and train the husband to not give in when they became terrorists (this was the hard part, lots of angry kitty mornings leading to grumpy husband days)."

"The cats are now much more well behaved and husband gets his sleep. These feeders changed our damn lives."-FlyingCatLady

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Tunes To Go

"Spotify. I cannot imagine going back to a life without immediate access to all this music right in my pocket. I listen to a lot of new releases and am always exploring and researching new bands. Spotify makes this immensely easier."-Sozly

"I love being able to check out new music that I'm vaguely interested in without spending a ton."

"I'll still buy albums I like to support the artist, but now I don't buy albums that have one great song that was put out as a single and then a bunch of filler."-rxredhead

An Essential For Everybody

"Deodorant. I walk everywhere so summer time can be A LOT. A few years ago I noticed the new Old Spice deodorants that my husband used had really nice light smells."

"Nothing overpowering or musky, nothing floral and gross, and they are super effective and go on clear so no stains on clothing, ever!"

"The ones like Fiji, WolfThorn, BearHall or whatever - they sound crazy silly but they are lovely and really effective. Better than any other lady's deodorant I've used."-dialinga481

Did anything on this list stand out to you? Anything you can't live without?

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Human society will continue to evolve to need new things.

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