25 Employees Reveal Insider Secrets Their Company Does NOT Want You To Know.

Turns out you don't need to work for the CIA to have secrets.

This article is based on the AskReddit thread "What insider secrets does the company you work for not want its customers to find out?" Link at the end of the article.

1. If you order just a cheese pizza at my pizza establishment, it already gets extra cheese for free. This is important ladies and gents.


2. Pest exterminator is a bit dramatic. We should be called something along the lines of pest sort-of-got-rid-of-them-but-they-seem-to-come-back-every-few-months.


3. Your flight didn't get cancelled due to weather. There's an equal chance it got cancelled because of maintenance issues, staffing, or scheduling problems.

If there's a cloud in the sky at either airport they will just code it as a weather cancellation so the airline doesn't have to buy you a hotel room/meal vouchers.


4. Our Chinese manufacturers will be more than willing to supply us with a certificate assuring us and our clients that the cardboard and paper packaging for our new line of electronics is 100% recycled and eco friendly. 1000% bullsh*t.


5. I used to work for a reputable computer tech company. It was well known within the company that all projects would be significantly understaffed. This meant that the people working on those projects would work their assess off.

We were all salaried employees so we made no more money by working 80 hours per week compared to the normal 40 hours per week. The company did make more money however since most of our projects were billed as time&materials (effectively hourly).


6. I worked in child care. Your art project may not be your kids. Things get swapped, kids trade projects and we can't catch it every time.


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7. You don't have to get a GED. It's just one type of high school equivalency, but GED is synonymous with that concept so people don't know there are other options.

The company likes it that way because they can charge $120 per test, with most of that money going to them.


8. I work at a VERY large farming company that grows and packages a certain vegetable.

The store brand and the private label brand right next to it are from the same field and there is no difference between the product in it.


9. Used to work at a waterpark. Nine times out of ten when the pool is shut down for "maintenance" or "low chlorine levels", it means that someone sh*t in the pool.


10. If you're being foreclosed upon and can afford an attorney, fight it. The number of foreclosures that could have been invalidated if the borrower did something (as opposed to not showing up at all, which is what most do) is higher than one would think.


11. I work for a casino. Pro tip: Don't go.


12. I worked as a delivery driver for a few pizza places, and while they check to make sure your car has insurance, personal insurance doesn't cover use of cars for business purposes.

Essentially, unless drivers are carrying very expensive commercial insurance, they would have no coverage if in an accident. To add to this, one of the nationwide companies I worked for had a policy in place to combat this: if you're in an accident, policy was to remove your car topper and uniform and be off the clock.


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13. Anesthesiologist here.

A large part of my job is to protect you from the surgeon who doesn't care about your 5 heart attacks, unstable angina, and the fact that you ate breakfast when instructed not to.

If your case is cancelled or delayed there is almost always a good reason. The surgeon will make it seem like it is the anesthesiologist's fault but it is because they likely didn't care enough to ask about your medical history, didn't do the proper preoperative work up, or just don't care.


14. It is currently illegal to autodial a cell number from any equipment capable of autodialing (even in manual dial mode) without expressed written consent. Get name and address of dialling company and have a lawyer send a notice. You'll settle for a few grant per incident.


15. I used to work for a Tax service.

The people that they hire to do your taxes have AT MOST two weeks of training. When I was there, I knew people who didn't even have that- usually only a week. They will charge you 99$ PER FORM for your taxes by the way.


16. Scientist here. About 50% of all published results cannot be reproduced in another lab. A lot of statistics are tweaked with to get results that are 'statistically significant', which is skimming the edge of what's legal and what is not.


17. This is true of academia in general but you have no idea how much money textbook companies spend on wooing professors.

Just to give a couple examples: the last time I went to the big conference in my field, which was held in Atlanta that year, Bedford-St. Martin rented out the Atlanta Braves stadium, bused everyone at the conference there (about two thousand people), gave us a free buffet that stretched through three rooms (we were up in the box seats) with an open bar and they opened up all the games in the back hallways for us to play.


18. A USA famous pillow brand and its "official pillow of the National Sleep Foundation" means nothing since the owner created the group.


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19. Big technology companies providing really slick services, especially where you buy things online, make it look like they really have their shit together.

Most of them don't. Their back end systems are held together by virtual rubber bands and glue and their staff stumble from one fire to another because the management teams never stop trying to develop new features to allow technical debt to be repaid. They public facing end is just fancy enough to hide that all from you.


20. I worked at a famous sandwich chain so I doubt this is the same for every location you visit, BUT: When the meat is defrosted to be used, we had like 3 days to sell it. After that we'd have to throw it away. The franchise owner and area manager would often intimidate staff into keeping the meat on sale for up to 7 days to cut costs.

I reported them to corporate of course.


21. I'm an EMT. We are legally obligated to take you to any hospital, anywhere, you want. Any. Single. One.


22. I work at a big store in The Netherlands and at the end of every advertisement week we have to make sure the shelves are almost empty so it will look like almost everything sold out and the products we sell are popular.

In reality we still have a lot in the stockroom but this way people will buy it faster because 1) it's on sale 2) it's almost sold out 3) it's a popular product 4) they think the company as a whole is doing a great job.


23. I worked for a cinema once. The brand of butter used is called Real. So, when we say we use Real butter on our popcorn, it's technically true.


24. I worked for a major investment company, I won't say their name but lets just call them uh "something-ity".

Well they worked side by side with a Chinese company that was complicit in the genocide in Darfur.

And we were informed that if an investor asked about this fact, we were to tell them in corporate speak, "If you don't like it, take your money elsewhere."


25. At my [sit-down restaurant], we have five microwaves. That's pretty much what does all the cooking.



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