People Debate Which Of The 'Industries Millennials Are Killing' Actually Deserve It


Millennials, technically Generation Y, seem to be everyone's favorite scapegoat.

Business industry not doing well?

Oh, those horrible Millennials are to blame!

New social trend among young people? Blame the Millennials! Though most of those "young people" are actually Generation Z as Millennials were born in or before 1995, so are well over 20 by now.

Reddit user annie-are-you-okay asked:

"What is a thing millennials "are killing" that deserves to disappear?"


Fine china. My grandparents insisted on buying us a set as a wedding gift. We got married in 2013 and the box has never been opened. Fragile and hard to replace and a pain in the ass when you're moving. Pass.



chain restaurants


*BAD* chain restaurants... There is no excuse for Chili's and Applebee's.



All of them, the whole point of a free market is that failing to provide a worthwhile service results in loss of business, if milenials aren't buying your product/service that is 100% your problem.



I dunno if it's dying, but I sure hope it does. 8 hour work days for a large majority of jobs are pointless.

Ass in seat pay is stupid.
Pay the employee for the expertise, not for sitting in a chair doing nothing all day.
It's one thing to slack off at work, it's another thing to literally finish everything and pretend to work just to run out the clock.



Speaking to the manager because the 15 yr old who assembled your burger put two pickles on it instead of three.


Seriously. I worked food service for a couple years and I don't have a single memory of a millennial customer acting rude and entitled over some stupid food related issue. If I hade a rude customer, it was almost always a rich 50-60 year old with too much time on their hands.



maybe not "disappear", but "change".

Taxi companies. Yeah, want to be void of innovation for 40-50 years? See how Uber makes that work out for you. Innovate and compete already or die in the monopolistic, exploitative hole you dug for yourself.



traditional 9-5 40 hour workweek, nowadays, you could work from home, choose your hours, and millenials change jobs every couple of years.


Yep. Though I may just stay at my current job longer than usual because they let me work from home and choose my own hours.

I left a previous job that I LOVED because they wouldn't let me work from home one day per week. Now? All five days pajamas. Next up? Alternate schedule. 4-10s and working from home is the goal.



Well known pet food brands that are nothing more than garbage filler with not much, if any, real nutritional value.



Thinking that you should drive yourself into insane amount of debt by buying a house many times larger than you need for no reason and then filling the extra rooms with piles of garbage.



Diamond industry seems pretty sketch.


I'd rather have a lab diamond tbh, at least I'd know it was ethically sourced.



Cable. It never made sense to me to pay SO MUCH for something that only has what you wanna watch on it like 10% of the time. Either it's gotta go, or it's gotta be much more customizable.




The whole concept of climbing the corporate ladder.

BOOMERS: "If you don't work hard and keep a good job you'll be living in a van down by the river!!!"
MILLENNIALS: "What sort of van? And which river?"


Haha this is true to a certain extent.

I think Millennials are driven by the experiences financial success affords, while financial success itself seemed sufficient for Boomers.

Which is why the type of van and river are important. Is it a positive experience? Am I living well?

Millennials still strive to be successful, they just have different ideas of what success is.



The presumption that every couple is required to have children.


Or that it's a prerequisite to being a mature adult or a "Real" Man/Woman, or will necessarily make you into a mature adult. It doesn't work like that.



I'll give you one that isn't consumer-based: unreasonable, one-sided, and idiotic expectations of loyalty and devotion from at-will employees (particularly those who work for large companies).

Employers have shown for decades that loyalty, respect, or even common courtesy towards their employees is basically non-existent and they deserve to be treated the same way.

- Overlord1317


Unnecessary formality. I'm lucky enough to work in an office that has almost exclusively people in their 20s and 30s and the dress code is nearly non-existent. The company that I work for sees it as pretty unnecessary for employees to come in dressed up just to answer phone calls or emails (although it is a clothing company and I feel like I'm dressed like a hobo next to some of my co-workers). It's also really progressive and diverse and they do whatever it takes to keep us happy and productive, so I hope more companies follow this route because it's a really pleasant working environment.


I work in a similar environment and found it jarring at first. If execs are touring clients around you'd think they'd want us looking pristine, not walking around in graphic tees and slippers.

My boss flatly told me that if clients came in to a bunch of digital artists in suits they'd be weirded the f*ck out.



That the ultimate life goal is to get married, have kids, buy a house and live happily ever after.

Absolutely nothing wrong with doing exactly that but it's not for everyone. I don't live a miserable life because I'm unmarried and childless.

I love being unmarried and childless. And the housing market sucks.



As an urban planner, it makes me incredibly happy to see younger people see the benefit to mixed-use, transit-oriented, high density housing and are ditching the traditional model.

Giant single family home cul-de-sacs are the most inefficient use of land possible. They cause enormous strain on a cities resources, exacerbate the effects of traffic jams, force people to depend on cars (which is one of the biggest polluters of greenhouse gases), essentially have prolonged the effects of segregation, and are a huge factor in the housing crisis we have today.



Casual racism. Institutional racism sadly isn't going anywhere, but I feel like millennials are either really good at not saying/doing things that are bigoted, or just complete 4chan sh*tbags about it.



Department stores.

Always a mess and difficult to navigate. Online shopping is definitely the more convenient route.





An incredibly boring, overpriced, exclusionary experience which takes up a titanic amount of land space.

Hit the ball, get in the cart, hit the ball, get in the cart. Repeat x18, then go chill in the clubhouse with some overpriced food and drinks.

Hard pass.


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