People Explain Which Industries They Think Are The Legal Versions Of Organized Crime

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Frightening as it is to consider, organized crime is still running rampant all over the world.

Helping them get away with it is the fact that these criminal organizations operate other businesses, up to and including laundromats, restaurants, casinos, and real estate, to cover up what they're really up to.

Of course, organized crime isn't always what we see in films and tv shows.

Indeed, many people believe that several businesses are, in fact, variations of organized crime.

Managing to swindle customers out of money completely legally.

Possibly even more frightening than anything we would ever see on The Sopranos.

Redditor finer_things_today was curious to hear what industries people thought were, in fact, organized crime organizations hiding in plain sight, leading them to ask:
"What industry do you consider to be legal, organized-crime?

You Can't Believe Everything You Read...


“Advertise your business with them to increase engagement and gain positive reviews, but when you stop advertising, they suppress positive reviews and promote negative reviews."- SafetyMan35

Must Have Made Them An Offer They Couldn't Refuse

"Cable TV companies that have eliminated the competition in an entire town."- Pserotina·

"ISP's/Cable providers."

"They are almost literal monopolies who try their best to pretend they are something else to get legal protections they don't deserve."- aerfgadf

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Beware The Fees...

"Lobbying, H&R Block, TurboTax, paid health insurance."- alexan45

Getting A Prescription Isn't As Easy As It Used To Be...

"Pharmacy benefit management, the root cause behind why it is impossible to get honest and transparent drug pricing."- btvaaron

There's Probably A Reason You Have To Re-Fill Them So Frequently...

"Printer inks."- Ewok2744

Ink Printing GIF by Epson EuropeGiphy

Where To Even Begin?

"US health insurance."

"United Health Care posted $5B in profits in the third quarter last year."- SurferRosa85

"As a Metlife customer service representative: insurances."- xdaysawayfromhppnss

Paid Religion Is A Definite Red Flag...

"The Church of Scientology."- SuvenPan

church building GIF by South Park Giphy

Where There's A Will...

"Civic asset forfeiture."- Philo2389

Taylor Swift Would Agree...

"TicketMaster."- SuperousMaximus

"See The Pyramids Along The Way..."

"Anything based around an MLM."- AllTheWeedz

Talking Season 3 GIF by The SimpsonsGiphy

Being In Debt Is Always A Risk...

"Pay day loans."- kopackistan

Talk About Insider Trading

"Politicians Trading Stocks."- AggravatingSample586

Big Money...

"The online gambling industry."

"The offline gambling industry too."- twinsunsspaces

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More businesses are just a facade for illegal activities than we might realize.

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