Little-Known Technological Inventions That Will Have A Huge Impact On The Future
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We live in a world where we practically witness advances in technology before our very eyes.

Of course, these advancements have resulted in some life-changing inventions that have become commonplace in most households.

These include the iPhone, rumbas, or our live-in assistants Siri, Echo, and Alexa.

But these are only a handful of inventions that have made our lives all the easier and forever changed our future.

Leaving us to wonder what further inventions await us, not to mention the inventions which haven't gotten as much attention, but arguably should have.

As well as some inventions which we'd all be better off if they remained unknown.

Redditor Hachersk was curious to hear what little-known inventions people believe will have an important impact in the future, for better or worse, leading them to ask:
"What's a relatively unknown technological invention that will have a huge impact on the future?"

The End Of Back Aches As We Know It!

"I was talking with my spine surgeon and he said in 30 years they will be able to regenerate the gel in your spine, practically giving you a new back."

"I’ve herniated the same two disc in my lower back twice by the time I was 30."

"My doctor told me that by the time I’m 50 I’ll most likely need back surgery but it shouldn’t be a big deal since they can replace the gel, not sure technical name, that’s been impacted by the slip discs."- MBerg09

Infections Be Gone!

"Research into bacteriophages, bacteria targeting viruses, could cure antibiotic resistant bacterium such as MRSA."- Tlctr1999

Will We Even Need Doctors?

"Gene therapy is no longer science fiction."

"My girlfriend got 'Luxturna' surgery and the results have been amazing."

"She used to be unable to see at all at night and now she can guide herself without a cane."

"More treatments like that are going to keep coming and be standard before we realize it."- forkd1

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Don't Always Believe What You See

"Deepfake is still in its infancy and it terrifies me."

"We already live in a time when people take irrefutable video evidence and somehow find ways to rationalize away what they are seeing."

"People don't listen to science anymore, truth has become frighteningly subjective."

"Think of all the videos of police shootings/political scandals/whistleblowers/assassinations/and more."

"Now, add in a technology that has the potential to create doubt about the validity of what we are seeing."

"It's the perfect excuse, and all people will need, to kill that last little bit of logical thought deep in their brain."

"It is a perfect tool to create chaos and discord."

"Politicians will use it to create confusion and doubt."

"To sow fear, create false narrative and de-legitimize their opponents."

"Or to cast doubt on crimes and acts they have committed."

"Something that was once impossible to rationalize away will become yet another misinformation tool and and engine to sow doubt."- King_Prawn_shrimp

No More Tripping Over Plugs!

"Wireless ekg machines."- Depression_nap19

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A Newfound Energy

"Realistically, the use of carbon grids to reproduce the catalytic effects of Rhodium metal, commonly used in catalytic converters."

"Rhodium metal is currently trading at $13,000/oz after a huge spike due to worldwide emissions restrictions that took effect in 2020."

"Long story short there is only 2 places on Earth to effectively find the stuff and it is going to run out, well before fossil fuels and other important building materials do."

"Replacing Rhodium with Carbon in catalytic purposes would save global manufacturers hundreds of billions a year and make many consumer goods much more affordable."

"In theory with the affordable part."- PlentyLettuce

No More Need For Double A's...

"Lithium Sulfur batteries are in development right now that could make battery storage much cheaper than current lithium ion, and lithium polymer batteries."

"Lower cost batteries mean more people can afford to use them, and that's more internal combustion engines, replaced with electric motors."

"While I'm at it, battery recycling."

"Every element in a battery can be extracted, and recycled into new batteries, especially the lithium."

"A former founding member of Tesla has actually already opened a plant to do just that."- Fragraham

Skin And Organs At The Ready!

"Printed human skin and organs."- RandomRavenclaw87

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Make Our Garden Grow

"Low-pressure solar-powered drip irrigation systems."- SerMercutio

It can be unsettling when we see how much we can rely on technology with each passing year.

Not always for the better

However, everything has its downsides, and if technology can safely help us live longer, healthier, and hopefully happier lives, then the best thing we can do is embrace change.

Scary as it often seems.