Most of us have a dream list of places or events we'd like to see. But what if we could go anywhere to any time and see anything? What would make your list then?

Reddit user janahondz asked:

If you could personally witness anything, what would it be?

Here's some of the most interesting responses. Would any of these make your list?


I would of really love to witness how they really built the pyramids, they say the time frame and how they did it was phenomenal and alot of conspiracy theorists say 'aliens' had to help them for how perfectly aligned they are and how perfectly cut the rocks were.  Niko422

Well, Birds...

Dinosaurs.  no_-to_give


To Valhalla!

A Viking funeral. The drinking and singing, the boat and the fire, the prayers. Sounds like a good time.  Anneisa

Better Than Nukes

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump in a slap fight.  NicksStick

A Fly on the Wall

A 24/7 live stream to the oval office.  Throwaway9883405

A Small Big Bang

A supernova.  QuidditchChampion

Big Money

Next weeks lotto numbers.  muffin93


A tornado. Just once, I want to witness mother natures wrath.  Raging_Taurus



It would solve a great deal of religious stress and strife if I could witness the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I guess I'd also need witnesses to prove that I saw it.  cybersaint2k


What the planet would look like if there were no humans.  snakeoil-huckster

Moonlight Sonata

One of Beethoven's symphonies. Nobody alive has ever seen one, there's no footage of them. There's no recordings of them.  I_Hate_Terry_Lee

Hardest Working Man

James Brown live at the Apollo 1962. im_coolest


Cannons' Roar

I would want to witness the Battle of Kursk. The largest gathering of tanks and artillery in history fighting over the Russian steppe. Judge_Bredd2

The Stilt

I'd like to witness Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game (in 1962). turkeyinthestrawman



In 1979, Jimmy Carter's Secretary of State Zbigniew Brzezinski, was woken at 3 in the morning with a phone call, that said Russia has launched 250 nuclear missiles at the US. Couple of a minutes later he received an update that said the Russians launched 2,000 nuclear missiles. Shortly after he received yet another phone call saying it was all just an error.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall and see what his reaction was during the first phone call, him preparing to phone Carter to tell launch a nuclear attack, and than I'd like to see his reaction when he was told that it was all a false alarm.  turkeyinthestrawman

The End

The end of humanity to see how far we go. Imagine if humanity dies in a super embarrassing way. Like a world leader shuffles to get some toilet paper, trips over their pants, and accidentally sets off nukes.  jekjektummaloo  BenjewminUnofficial

Hopefully Good

First contact with an alien race, for good or bad.  themattcrumb

Gravity Well

What it's like going into a black hole.  ILikeMapleSyrup


Lost Pictures

I have no pictures of my wife before she was in her early 20's. She lost everything in a flood years ago. I'd love to go back in time to when she was a baby or young child just to see what she looked like. It would be cool just to watch her interact with her family for a day.  HCEarwick


The building of Stonehenge or similarly impressive ancient construction (projects).  impossiblevoyage


From the Beginning

How the universe came to be, including the entire history of our planet to our present date.  Intruzo

'Twas the Season

It would be interesting to see what the Christmas truces in the first world war were like.  ImperialPupper

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