Imaginative People Predict What's In The Darkest Depths Of The Ocean

What Lurks Below?

Oceans cover 71% of the Earth's surface. That means oceans contain 99% of the living space on the entire planet. So far, humans have only explored about 20% of that vast realm. Who knows what lurks in the other 80%?

Reddit user Barazway asked people to imagine the answer to that exact question.

Here are the creative responses.

What Escapes Us

You know when someone is standing nearby you can sense their presence bc of a change in pressure? Well imagine you're living in a super high pressure environment where anything is hardly around and a submarine is coming in the distance. Doesn't it make sense that anything with a lateral line that notices a change in pressure would swim away? Imagine the stuff that's out there that we haven't seen bc they noticed we were coming from a mile away and escaped!

Not So Great White

Megalodon, I hope.

Washer Blackhole

Hopefully most of my missing socks, it's the only logical explanation.


Horrible horrible creatures that would make me squeal like a 4 year old girl.

Amazing Things

I really hope there are lots more amazing things down there.

We already found creatures that light up like a disco, creatures that are actually an entire colony of smaller creatures, swimming unicorns and immortal beings.

I don't think we can even dream of what else might be.


Jason Momoa

Lion Hunters

Tuna that have learned to hunt lions via a breathing apparatus made from kelp.


Creatures we thought were extinct. We have already found some fish we thought died off swimming around at normal depths in the Indian Ocean. There's probably a few sea creatures we think are dead but are not.

Eight Legged Freaks

A society of highly-intelligent octopuses. Octopi? OCTOPODES?


Mermaids. But they don't look like how we think.

Maybe Jason Momoa is There


Like Gojira?

Super Behemoths capable of eating whole ships and surviving nuclear blasts.

What Really Happened to Leon Trotsky

Sea communists.

I Choose You!

The Gyarados James got rid of.

Get Your Jaeger

Kaiju, obviously.

Little Green Men

Man it would be sick if there was a crashed ancient spaceship down there.

Not the One From The Monkees

Oh, just a few lost nuclear weapons, plenty of cargo containers, Davey Jones....

Bring Your Own Butter

Lobsters apparently don't die from old age, they just get bigger. So an absolutely massive lobster.

Hello Darkness

Just this.

Great Old Ones


Just all of it - it's all Cthulhu.


A button that says 'Restore the earth's factory settings'.

And a label that says "MADE IN CHINA".

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