People Share Their Craziest 'I'm Probably Going To Die Here' Moment


The end is near... I feel it!

I'm going to name my auto biography.... "Tell my Mother I Loved Her!" Why you ask? Because it's the most vivid memory I have from the night I nearly died. Granted one of my best friends said it, well screamed it like a banshee while entangled in the throes of horror, as we careened to what we believed was going to be our death.

But she's not going to write an auto biography and the sentiment holds true. We've all survived, by miracle, through those moments. Knowing death is imminent then suddenly living to tell the tale. Lets's share. And my full story will be available in print.... eventually.

Redditor u/Lightning32298 wanted to hear who has had a few close calls that involved leaving this mortal plain by asking..... What was your "this is it, I'm probably gonna die" moment?

Stay Calm

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I was riding my bike in usual traffic, nothing out of the ordinary. Then I found myself at a crossing of two not very large streets with some rather large truck to my left which I had seen was indicating to go left so I didn't pay much attention to it since I wanted to go straight ahead. Well, cut to the stop light going green, I started to pedal away and just heard my mom behind me scream something I can't remember.

I looked to my side and saw the before mentioned truck about two inches away from me. In my head I went "Welp, I guess I'm gonna die now" but remained oddly calm - which was precisely why I didn't die. I kept my bike perfectly straight instead of pulling it left into the truck or right into more traffic. So, the truck went left, I went straight and lived.


I was 13...

This is the first time I'll speak of this out in the open. Nobody in my family or close circle of friends know about this. During the late 90s there was a civil war in Kosovo and the neighboring region. My mother's family are from a town in southern Serbia that's majority ethnic Albanians and there was a active military conflict between Serbian government forces and local Albanian fighters. I'm not going to go into much Balkan history so I'll try to keep it short. My grandfather was very sick at the time, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had very little time left.

I lived in a neighboring country and would try to visit him as much as I could even during a active military conflict. I was very close to him, he was one of my hero's as kid a man I looked up to and admire. He is the one I credit for instilling a good work ethic and be fair and hones with others. Anyway one weekend I went to visit him and it was time to take the train back home because I had school the next day, he dropped me of at the train Station and normally he would wait till I boarded the train only that day he was feeling vey week and I told him he can just go back home to get some rest.

I can wait here inside the station and buy my ticket on the train. He gave me a hug and a kiss on my forehead and left. About 20 min after he left I noticed 3 armed Serbian Police walking towards me, one of them comes and grabs my backpack and starts looking inside throwing my clothes out in the mud. The other asked for my passport and as I hand him my documents he shoves to the wall, takes his AK47 and tells me to open my mouth. He puts the gun in my mouth and pulls the slide back and I can see the bullet go in the chamber.

That's when he says something in Serbian I don't remember the exact word because I was terrified and think I'm dead. The second he said that I urinate myself and they start to laugh and let me go. Shortly after that the train arrived and was able to change into the muddy pants that were on the ground. Cried the entire 2 hour train ride back home and never told this to anyone. I was 13 years old at the time.



When I rolled my car three times. I was strangely calm, I just leaned over towards the passenger seat and held on to the bottom of the steering wheel with both hands. This was in a 1968 Ford Galaxy 500 which only had a lap belt, no shoulder belt.

I remember everything seemed to be in slow motion while I watched everything from glove box and under back seat was flying through the air.

I just thought this is going to hurt but the car ended up on it's tires and I walked away unhurt. I just rolled the door window down and crawled out since the door wouldn't open and the roof was smashed almost down to the steering wheel.


The Ex

My ex boyfriend stabbing me and punching me repeatedly. The next memory was waking up in the emergency room being asked what I remembered. He was given a signature bond and was released 2 days later. I have a permanent protection order against him. I still have serve PTSD symptoms due to him. I am in therapy twice a week. I am friendless in my city but I think it is for my own sanity and safety.


Extinguish the Light

I was flying on a military transport when the crew chief came rushing back as the plane started violently moving back and forth and told us to extinguish all light sources immediately. It was at that moment I notice the tracer fire going past the window I was next to. I thought, yep, this is it.

No damage was taken, just small arms fire, but still kinda scary.


"The heck girl?"

A large truck once blew a tire (if that's the term) next to me and hit the guide rail. I was screaming so loud the car next to me was like, "The heck girl?"


This can be so dangerous. Not the same situation, but also involves tire issues. In my town, a woman was killed a couple years ago on the highway.

A vehicle hauling a trailer lost one of the tires from the trailer. It rolled and bounced over the median straight into the woman's windshield/driver's seat area and killed her on impact.

I still think about this often. I'm glad your scenario ended well.


The Balcony

I was under a balcony of a house on a steep hill fighting a bushfire and a sudden wall of flames blew up the hill and right over the top of the house taking all the oxygen with it.

There was a strange hot deathly silence for about 10 seconds when I couldn't breathe then the flames just whooshed back down the hill again. I was only slightly burned but it scared the crap out of me.



When I was probably in third grade, I was hanging out around a ballpark where my brother had baseball practice. I was really bored so I wandered into this empty batting cage made out of a pretty tall chain link fence. I noticed there was a lot of extra fencing leaning against the side of the cage, so I touched it.

The entire metal fence began to fall, and I realized what was happening but couldn't move out of the way. It fell on top of me and knocked me out briefly.

I had multiple appliances in my mouth to correct my jaw growth and my bite, and because I fell to the side, they all became displaced and rammed into the other side of my mouth, filling my mouth with blood.

I was only out for a few seconds, but no one noticed what had happened, so when I was conscious again, I was just stuck. Parents, including my mom, were sitting on the bleachers a little ways away, and all of them were unaware. I was actually facing towards them, but I couldn't speak, and I couldn't move.

It must have been half an hour before someone walked past the batting cage and said, "Oh my god, I think there's a little girl under there." All of the adults started freaking out, and at least six grown men had to lift that thing off of me because it was so heavy.

In the end, I was fine, but it was terrifying. I mainly just remember the seconds where I realized that thing was falling on me, and I remember being stuck on the ground, bleeding out of my mouth, unable to move or talk as I stared at my mom and all of the parents in the distance who had no idea I was trapped under there and bleeding.


In the Forest....

Former wildland firefighter here. I had a scary moment on the line during the Iron Alps Complex in northern California in 2008. Our drop point was between two hills, where a road wound across the fire side of one hill, then between them and then the backside of the other hill. We were on nigh shift, working 6pm to 10am.

Around 2am, the smoke started to get a lot thicker, and we could hear the fire start to increase in intensity. Our crew boss called our DivSup for information and guidance.

Not two minutes later that same DivSup rolled up in his truck, lights and sirens, screeched to a halt and bellowed out the window "IN YOUR TRUCKS! SAFETY ZONE! NOW!"

That's not an order you question, so we quickly loaded up and headed out. I was in the last truck, and as we drove away I looked out the back window to see sheets of flame rolling up the ravine and over the road. We escaped certain death by a matter of seconds.


The Rocky Ditch

Spun out on the highway when my gf had to hard brake after a long rain fall, and started spinning into a rocky ditch, I was certain we'd hit a big rock, start to roll and die, just started protecting my head and preparing for the pain.

Luckily, the limited grass amongst all the rocks was wet and we just kept spinning round and round in the ditch. Tires were shredded and a sign we hit slowed us down a bit. By I was just grateful we had survived certain death in my opinion.



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