People Share Their Best 'I'm Gonna Pretend I Didn't See That' Experiences


We've all been there: We walk into a room at the most inopportune time or see someone do something so brazenly absurd in public that we immediately make a mad dash for the eye bleach.

After Redditor MoccaDocca asked the online community, "What is your 'I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that' moment?" people were more than happy to share stories of the time they saw something they really wish they hadn't.

"At recess..."

Used to live in Jamaica when I was younger. Corporal punishment was normal in school but I wasn't used to it since I wasn't from there. Was bullied by a kid because I didn't speak with a Jamaican accent. Just general name calling and mocking, typical 10 year old bs.

At recess, I told one of the teachers and she just screamed his name and told him to get his @ss in the classroom. Soon as he stepped in the room she slapped him across the face and told him to drop his shorts, then started spanking.

Turns out that teacher was his mom.

I just turned around and walked away.


"One of my students..."

Teacher here.

One of my students was being bullied regularly. Student and I both made reports, but administration wouldn't back us up, so the bullying continued.

One day, he took it too far and the student delivered one excellent punch across the jaw. The bully was just laying on the ground, and it looked like it was over. Student and I made eye contact. He looked blatantly panicked. I just put a finger over my mouth and walked away.


"I was in the bathroom..."

I was in the bathroom stall at school when I thought i heard two people enter the girls bathroom, which is weird because only two people were supposed to be in each bathroom at a time. Only one stall shut so I figured it was only one person. I hear "I love you." Momentarily, I thought they were talking to me. And then the shuffling begins. And the moans. I realized I was definitely listening to two girls have sex in the stall next to me.

As the awkward teenager I was, I panicked and did the worst thing possible. Flush my toilet, open my stall door and wash my hands. The noises stop and I ran out of the bathroom. This was during lunch which was near the bathrooms, so I waited at my table to see who the girls were. Out popped two girls who were known to be religious and definitely dating other people.

They looked at the bathroom sign in sheet, then directly at me because I'm dumb and had signed back in.

I've been pretending I never saw them there ever since.


"I discovered..."

I discovered the church sexton in the supply closet, sitting on his stool and drinking bottles of communion wine.

He was too wasted to even notice that I saw what he was doing while "on the job."


"Girl I was walking behind..."

Girl I was walking behind had her skirt blow right up and display everything. She looked around panicked and embarrassed so I just pretended to be looking at the building across the street so she'd think I didn't see. I've been there, it's embarrassing and awkward.


"Back in college..."

Back in college I had this incredibly racist roommate. One day my class ended early and walked into him going to town to interracial vids.

I just slowly backed out and never brought it up to him.


"My parents..."

My younger brother (about 14) had smeared peanut butter all over his ass cheeks and was standing on the toilet repeatedly pressing his butt up against the bathroom window.

My parents tried questioning him when they found the mess, but I'm not even sure he knew why he was doing it.


"A classmate showed me..."

A classmate showed me a series of pictures on her phone. She went one pic too far - it was her vajayjay. I just acted like I didn't see it because I didn't know how else to act.


"One of my colleagues..."

One of my colleagues stealing stuff from my workplace. She's almost like a friend, except we don't hang out a lot outside of work, but she was very panicked and was almost crying. I told her it's alright and that i steal stuff too, except i take the "to the trash" stuff we're not supposed to take for ourselves. And she had actually financial problems and needed 100 € to close her bank account balance deficit before having her account suspended, so i was like whatever, i'm not paid minimum wage for 4 years to snitch on my colleagues.


"Once in high school..."

Once in high school I walked in on our two extremely buff male teachers butt naked in one of the chem labs. I went in because I heard screaming and I left the room just as fast. I was later approached by one saying that it wasn't what it looked like and truth be told I do remember seeing broken glass and smoke rising from one of the tables. I suppose it's reasonable that they accidentally splashed chemicals on themselves and had to remove their clothes to avoid getting burned. '

I didn't care though. I slept through their classes, never took a test and still got an A. Never told anyone about what happened either....until now.


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