People Explain Which Illogical Thing They Believed For Years


Let's face it, people believe really weird stuff. (We'll give a children a pass, though.)

After Redditor ItsMeSkylarT asked the online community, "What illogical thing did you believe for many years?" people stunned each other with their tales of mannequins coming to life and prawns living out their destinies at lobsters.

Yes, you read that correctly. Feel free to roll your eyes, but give people a break!

"Whenever I was at the mall..."

Whenever I was at the mall as a kid, I asked my older sibling why some mannequins didn't have heads. They told me it was because the mannequin heads were crawling on the ground trying to come and bite my feet. I believed it for a very long time and then became paranoid every time I was at the mall. Whenever I saw a mannequin without a head, it was time to panic.


"When I first got my license..."

When I first got my license they asked if I wanted to be an organ donor. I said no. Years later a friend of mine asked me why I wasn't a donor and I told them it was because I was afraid they would call me up one day and demand a kidney or part of my liver or something.

After laughing their @ss off my friend explained that's not how it works and now I'm an organ donor. Hopefully no one wants my brain because I'm a moron.


"When I was six..."

When I was six, I went on an airplane for the first time, and I must have fallen asleep and had a dream, without realising it was a dream.

It was a decade later when I realised I couldn't really be angry that my brother got to ride with the pilot, roll the window down and get a cup of cloud, and I didn't.


"I believed in Santa..."

I believed in Santa until I was about 7 or 8, which isn't that unusual except that I'm Jewish and I thought he was an antisemite because I never got presents on Christmas.


"That prawns..."

That prawns swam up rivers, got bigger, became crayfish, then eventually migrated back to the ocean to become lobsters. As a kid, mind you.


"Until I realised..."

I used to panic every time the store was closing when I was a kid, I thought I'd die if I got locked in a store. Until I realised it would be dope to be stuck in a mall at night.


"When I was four or so..."

When I was four or so (kindergarten), I had a choice to learn either French or Spanish. I thought taking French would give me access to more French fries. My Québécois-born parents were disappointed.

Also, I (Catholic) wanted to be Jewish as a little girl because I thought only Jewish people were allowed to have jewelery.

I was a dumb kid in a smart school district.


"That the world..."

That the world was black and white until colour came in to it. Looking at old photographs confused young me, apparently.


"I thought only men..."

I thought only men pooped and what we pooped was a "bad baby." Like, we tried to make babies but couldn't.


"It didn't dawn on me..."

I used to believe playing basketball made you grow taller. It didn't dawn on me that tall people play basketball. I also believed that everyone dies at midnight. I just assumed that if it was your day to die, you would die exactly at 12:00. Like how could anyone die in broad daylight? Surely it must be at the most evil time of the night, midnight when all the adult shows were on.


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