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It's not every day that Mother Nature shows us her best. So, when she does, it's important we take a moment to admire her handiwork.

While whale watching off Nova Scotia, Canada, a group of onlookers got the show of their life when three whales breached simultaneously. Humpback whales are known for breaching, but seeing three at a time is incredibly rare.

Edmond Giroux captured the video on August 17 while enjoying a whale cruise off the coast of Nova Scotia. The rare occurrence was caught again several days later by Stephanie Boswell off the coast of Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Though they may not have been there to experience the majestic sight, people have taken to Twitter to marvel at the incredible display.

Breaches are a goldmine while whale watching and, as one person pointed out, seeing just one is an amazing experience.

The stunning video inspired many to share their own whale sightings, including a beautiful double breach set against a dimmed sky.

Another person captured a nearby humpback putting on its own show in Iceland in August.

Not all whale encounter are great, however, as one tour came to find. Also off the Nova Scotia coast, a humpback slapped an inflatable boat with its tail.

According to Canadian regulations, vessels must maintain a distance of 330 feet from whales and dolphins.

H/T: Mother Jones, Global News, Twitter


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