Employers Reveal Most Outrageous Firing Stories


Any job in which you are dealing directly with other humans tends to be....unpredictable. Yet you can only be so prepared for what you cannot prepare for. Get ready folks, this one is going to be a bumpy ride.

u/CBRE1027 asked:

Nsfw...Human resource people of reddit.... whats the most screwed up story of an ex employee that caused their termination? And how awkward was the conversation?

Here were some of the answers.

50. Currency


I'm a supervisor at a landscaping company. I hired a woman in her early 40s because she seemed like a good hire.(Experience and what not)

A month went by without any issues. That was until a good employee of mine up and quit without any reason. When I met him to give him his last check he showed me text message after text message of that woman sending dirty text messages without him responding.

This created problems for that employee and his wife so she gave him an ultimatum, her or the job so he quit.

After doing a little digging, I found out he was not the only one. She would send text/Facebook messages to half the company. Also I found out she ended up making a deal with another employee that if traded adult favors he would mow the yard by himself.

I read off EVERY text message that I saw via print off transcripts and asked if she actually sent those. She admitted to everything. Both employees were obviously fired.


49. He Went Too Hard

I worked at everyone's favorite mall goth emporium for a couple of years. I once had to send an employee home because rather than stretch his ears slowly, he got them pierced with some ridiculously large gauge and came in to work actively bleeding down his neck and shirt. Like, a lot. We let him go shortly thereafter - he regularly creeped on customers as well as staff, and the bleeding was the last straw. Congrats, dude. You were too weird for Hot Topic.


48. Make 'The Town' Jealous

The police once arrived at our office and told us one of our drivers was robbing banks and using our truck as his getaway vehicle. It was apparently really effective because he'd cover his company shirt, rob the bank, then uncover it and jump in the truck. Nobody looks twice at truck drivers in uniform. He got away with like 10 heists before he got caught.


47. Roller Coaster

I hired a guy who would take his paycheck on Fridays, disappear for lunch and then not show up again until like Tuesday. I got to the point where I'd hang on to his check (everyone's checks) until Friday afternoon if I needed him to do stuff. He was blowing his whole check on booze and drugs. When he was there and straight and sober, he was the best guy I had. I'd been to this managers' workshop by HR and they straight up specifically said you can't fire someone just for being an addict. If they wreck a company vehicle or something while under the influence, then sure. This guy wouldn't drink or use on site, he'd just disappear so I couldn't fire him. (And I didn't really want to.)

One day, he didn't show up, no phone call. He'd been dating this woman who also worked for the same company and she turned up in my office and told me he wasn't going to be there for 30 days. I asked if he could call me because I needed to hear directly from him or it was job abandonment. Nope, he can't call you. Well, can I call him? Nope. I looked at her a second and said, "GF, 30 days out of pocket means one of two things to me. Either he's in jail, in which case he's fired. Or he's in rehab, in which case I can hold his job open because of FMLA. I really need to know what's up with him.

Well he was in rehab. Spent Christmas in rehab. And when he got out, he stayed clean and sober, married that woman and was a model employee.

And later, long after I left the company, he was fired harassment. He passed away a couple years later from pancreatic cancer.


46. Exploiting A Nightmare


We had a 20 something kid lie about his 3 year old son dying a week or so after we hired him. Supposedly the kid fell down some stairs and hit his head and a week later dead. He missed work for doctors appointments and then the funeral etc. He cried and full on balled his eyes out several times, understandably, after his son died.

Our office manager didn't buy it though. Through a lot of digging she could find no death record, no obituary, no funeral home in the area to send flowers to. She found the boys doctor though and they called the mom and confirmed the boy was just fine. We confronted him and he said he was an addict and was detoxing. Really shook up the whole shop because most of us have kids and he was living every parents nightmare.


45. This Isn't College

At the head office of one of the UK's big retailers a few years back. Temp receptionist, first day, starts off putting out call announcements and such sounding a little nervous and stumbling. As the day goes on the announcements are getting worse, stumbling over words, sounding confused. People laughed politely to themselves at the poor girl struggling with her first day.

At the end of the day she leaves, gets in to her car and weaves out of the car park like a cross eyed badger before giving a good tap to another colleague's car. Basically she had a water bottle on her desk all day filled with vodka and had been getting more and more blotto as the day went along, before deciding to get in her car and try to drive home, she appeared to have no intention of stopping when she hit the car and it was only the fact she was so unable to get the car out of the car park that enabled someone to stop her.


44. No Further Steps Necessary

Boss hired a guy to stand at the desk and do simple stuff like answer the phone and print receipts. I was training him.

Guy is immediately skeezy and starts sending me pathetic messages about how he cant stop thinking about me. "girl I Woke up thinking of your luscious body" etc.

I discuss with him that this is vastly inappropriate because I am repulsed by him and he is married with two children under age three.

THEN the next day he sent me a peen pic AT WORK.

Usually we need a lot of deliberation and evidence to fire people, but 5 minutes later he was being escorted out because he just handed us a clear cut case.


43. Always The Wrong Fit

Was forced to hire a crazy person due to a new policy. If people were on layoff lists elsewhere you had to hire them. She even failed the interview. The correct answer to "how to calm down an irate customer" is not "berate them publicly because that calms people down"

I looked like an idiot to staff because of course I had to pretend this was a great hire because a: it's not fair to prejudice people and b: in the eventual firing paperwork I can't do anything wrong.

Highlights of the person's crazy: Said, "Hmmmph, I don't have to listen to you" to employee training her on the very first day. Had both the UPS driver and copy machine repair people (lovely, kind people) in my office with red faces saying they wouldn't return if she was at the reception desk. Refused to let legitimate people into the office yet escorted people into the back cashier area after hours. She stalked my boss home on public transport. She failed a filing assignment with a 50% error rate. Every single day I had an employee in my office saying that she had said something insulting or weird to them.

Again, they thought I was crazy because I'd listen to the complaint. Then tell them that I expected everyone to behave professionally and there should be no retaliation.

Her excuse for one exchange, "She's from a different island in the Philippines." Me (inwardly rolling my eyes), "Well, here at this office we treat everyone with respect and professionalism no matter the differences in gender, race, ethnicity, country of origin, or island in the Philippines."

HR made us keep her for 4 months before agreeing to fire her.


42. Bye Bye Miss American Pie

I worked for a retail chain in their corporate offices many years ago. We had an employee that seemed great on paper and aced her interview. We were all patting ourselves on the back at how awesome of a hire this was.

Her first project with the team was a trip with me to visit some of our distribution centers in the Northeast US. We went there and did our thing. Everything seemed fine. After a few days on the road, we went back to the office. We decided that I would write up our reports for the first 3 places we visited and she would do the other three. Simple, easy distribution of labor.

A few days go by and the director of our department asked me where our work was. I said that I'd done my part and they were in the system; she was doing the other half. Another few days, another question. I asked her about it each time and got "I'm working on it, have it in tomorrow" both times. Apparently, she had never used Excel - it was a very simple and not complicated at all spreadsheet, no functions or tricks or anything - and was trying to cover it up. Every night she would tell our director that she's crap at the job and he should just fire her. He tried talking her down. After nearly two weeks of this stuff, she finally uttered the magic words that he could work with: "I should just quit."

His lightning-quick response was "I accept your resignation effective immediately" and she left. She came in the next day like nothing ever happened, and when he saw here he said "what are you doing here? You quit last night and I accepted." She tried to backtrack it, but he'd had enough. He told her to leave. She refused. Eventually, he had to call security, who handcuffed her to her office chair, rolled her into the elevator, then rolled her right out of the building. That was the last we ever heard of her.


41. Racism Never Got You Anywhere


While working HR at a hospitality establishment, an about-to-be-terminated-but-didnt-know-it-yet employee realized that their voluntary written statement was in fact not an admonishment of other "lazy" co-workers but instead a very racist rant that was going to lead to her own firing, she grabbed the paper, ran away down the hall and ate it.

She physically ate the paper, while sprinting down the hall, as if that would stop the firing or leave her eligible for unemployment.

Carbon paper. I had 2 more copies.


40. TURN ON 11!!!

Guy that was hired was liked by us and our client, they interviewed him and loved him, nice older gentleman.

One day Bill doesn't show to work, okay, it happens. Next day Bill doesn't show, hmm, seems uncharacteristic of him. Give him a call no answer. Next day a no show, now it's job abandonment. Give him a call, no dice. Day 4 a no show, we're going to have to talk if he shows back up.

That night I get a call from one of my employees. TURN IT ON 11!!!!!

Well Bill went out to a bar, picked up a girl, took her home and chained her to his bed. 3 days later she was found running naked down Conroe 105 at 3:30am. Needless to say I didn't have to discuss his job abandonment with him. JohnnyBrillcream

39. Pooped. 

Some dude was caught pooping on the side of the building. By the time he was found out, he had amassed quite a huge pile back behind the weld shop. When I asked him why he was pooping there he was like "I dunno, we do it back home."

New guy stopped showing up for work. Like 3 says later he busts in the front door, very sunburnt. Apparently him and his buddy decided to get messed up on a boat and got washed out to sea. They drifted around for a few days until a container vessel saw them in their little Jon boat. Goyteamsix

38. Bunkhouse Bandit...


I read one (thank god I didn't have to deal with it directly) of a guy who was fired for violating the bunkhouse policy - inappropriate adult activities. While sharing a room with 3 coworkers.


37. Not the Family Man....

Not HR but security at the time. Police came in and asked about an employee. He was there. An entire swat team went in after him. He managed to get away. He killed and wife and daughter 3 days before and continued coming to work like nothing happened. He got away because of the size of the building and his job which was maintenance. The building was maybe a 1/4 mile square with ~32 exits iirc, 20+ elevators, and over 70 floors. He knew everything about the building.

It was also surrounded by buildings on 3 of 4 sides with dozens of pedestrian only access and he had worked at most of those places also, so he knew the nooks and crannies there. He was caught a few days later trying to get an international flight. He also played an evil character in our Christmas party video that he fit soooooo well it was creepy but not as creepy as him hanging out with us acting completely normal for 2 days while going home to his dead family. Barstarzztrucker

36. Do it at home dude! 

Work in an electronics factory. One of the engineers noticed the toilet stalls seemed to be vibrating. He knocked on the door and got no response, so summoned a first aider, fearing someone was having a heart attack in the toilets. The first aider climbed on the neighboring toilet to look over the barrier, and looked down on an employee choking the chicken to his Ipad.

Dude got a warning. Got caught doing the same thing again later in the week, Fired. His wife still works at our company. cigarbander

35. A Fargo Sequel.

Oh man, I used to work a job that exposed me to lots of these. I could literally tell these stories all day. Even though it isn't particularly saucy or anything, this one has always been my favorite:

The employee was terminated from the job for siphoning gasoline out of his boss' car.

With an electric vacuum.

Which ignited the gas.

And burned the car to the ground.

It's like a Coen brothers movie, but real. Bukinara

34. The Dairy "Queen"


Not HR but when I was a teenager I worked at a Dairy Queen. A middle aged woman who lived on the same street as me started working with us. She was working grill and purposely making mistakes on orders with special request burgers like "ketchup only" or "no mustard" because she knew they'd ask for a new one. She was pocketing the burgers to feed to her dogs because she said she couldn't afford dog food. She only worked there for about 2 weeks before getting caught. CliffyTheRed

33. Peace out Buddy! 

Currently working as a recruiter for a staffing company. This morning, a guy we hired yesterday for an entry carpentry position at 18 dollars per hour called me to let me know he wasn't coming to work Monday unless we increased his pay to 40 dollars per hour. I wished him luck with his job search. czartreck

32. There is an SVU episode....

We had a computer operator who worked the weekend night shift. His responsibility was to submit jobs on the mainframe and break down the reports and distribute them. (though many emailed automatically)

One Sunday the head of payroll did not have the report she normally had every week after specific programs ran against the HR system. She called into the operations center and there was no answer. Repeated calls yielded the same result. So she called the operations supervisor.

He attempted to check the security camera that was in the room but the camera had been turned away facing a wall and had been software locked, so it could not be rotated. He tried the operators cell phone and did not reach him.

So he went into work and when he arrived the windows on the doors to the operation center had been papered over. He opened the door and found the operator hanging completely naked DEAD in front of a laptop.

Really not a good scene around here in the weeks/months that followed. Obviously it's still talked about every so often. aidansdad22

31. Office Scandals. 

One of the devs got hired and we found out he had a lawyer GF. He then broke up with her to be with a newish sales lady. They were caught multiple times doing it around the office. Then he decides he is done with her and gets back with the lawyer GF. Sales chick loses her mind and a big screaming match ensues in the office in the middle of the day. Throwing crap at one another. Both get fired as a result. Lawyer GF decides to sue the company because her BF got fired. Lawsuit includes all the gory details including sexts between sales lady and dude being read out as evidence. MooseManOfWar

30. The Narc....


IT employee was supposed to be sending old hard drives to a 3rd party company to be destroyed (something like that). Instead, he was selling them on Ebay. When we confronted him he admitted to it and then said, 'but if I'm going down, I'm bring this whole place with me.' He proceeded to provide me a list of names of people who were having sex in the network closet (amongst other places). osidemike

29. Use me as a reference.... 

I was a manager at an ice cream shop, so yeah, also HR:

We open at 11, and my opener is supposed to be in at 10, I get in at around 10:45 to help finish opening, count the safe, etc. This sweet gal was my regular weekday opener, and got her stuff done quickly. I was a bit shocked one day when I came in and nothing was ready, but our stereo in the back of the shop was on. I go to the back, and there's nobody in the back, and I'm very confused, so I start doing the opening duties myself.

As songs are transitioning, I hear thudding in the walk in freezer. I open the door and she and her (who I assume is her) boyfriend are going at it. I close the door, trying not to laugh, and just wait for them to eventually come out. She sheepishly saunters out with him, and just says "I Quit?" I laugh, take her keys, call someone else in, and go on with my day.

She used me as a reference for her next job, and I put in a good word. People "screw" up from time to time. bresslol

28. Services Rendered. 

Not working in HR, but my father told me about a few cases.

One day, a guy got caught on camera, screwing his co-worker in the giant desk of the secured meeting room (for sensitive talk). Not only was the guy not supposed to do that at work, but also he wasn't supposed to have any access to that area. Also, his wife was working here too. Yes they broke up, and yes he got fired.


27. Don't beat yourself up... 

Former HR assistant A mechanical engineer working night shift called the security that he had been robbed by "two black guys" while working along the perimeter of the building. I check the cameras and saw that he put his tool box in his vehicle and went the area where he was suppose to repair and punched himself. That conversation was soooo awkward. fatkidsfanclub

26. Awkward Light.

Recently the janitor (late 40's) at the shop I work at decided it was a good idea to bring in his adult toys and show other employees. Needless to say he was walked out before days end. I'm just dying to know how awkward the conversation went with the 2 young ladies in HR that had to deal with him. CBRE1027

25. The Crazy One.


At the software company I worked for 20 years ago, there was this guy who seemed normal and then completely went bananas through insane emails and phone calls to my friend who worked in HR. I can't remember the content but they were delusional, like he thought he was the reincarnation of some saint and it was his mission to save her. They finally got rid of him but she was scared he was going to come after her for a while, because he kept trying to contact her even after he left. I remember they had to beef up security and get someone to walk her to her car and back.

About six months later, we read in the paper that he murdered his girlfriend and her child. :-( wikimandia

24. The 4 Month Mess. 

Had a guy who was using downers at work.

He would fall apart over a few hours.

Borderline almost lost him a few times and once in the men's room was found almost incoherent.

Started getting arrested and was an overall train wreck that took us 4 months to resolve. wastingtoomuchthyme

23. It's 10:02... 

Worked at trendy ad agency that worked with a lot of beverage brands. We had a table in the corner with coffee, tea, etc., as well as several bottles of hard drinks from clients normally used for Friday afternoon drinks. At 9am on a Monday, the brand new hire, who came highly recommended by the CEO, arrives for their first day of work. He is of course invited to join our traditional 10am Monday all-staff, where we discuss that week's projects, etc.

By the time he walks in the room at 10:02, he's looking a little odd. He's also drinking out of one of those massive thermoses. By 10:10, people are sending "is it just me or…?" Messages to one another. At 10:20, he stumbles out of the room (literally holding onto walls), and an employee wordlessly gets up, follows him out. We pretend not to hear him shouting at this 5'2'' employee about how he's not tipsy. He was never seen again, and I've heard that agency is much more uptight. nyyay

22. 24/5!

Trading adult favors in order to do work.

It would explain why second and third shift made twice as much scrap product as first shift as well as why they couldn't be trusted with special builds (they'd typically ruin things out of neglect). EarlGreyHikingBaker

21. Blame Canada!


I feel like this sort of fits here. I work at a privately owned 3 star hotel in Canada. We were having a really hard time finding someone to work nights and I ended up working (or at least coming in for an hour to do audit and then someone else taking over the rest of the shift) for like 21 days in a row. Eventually we found someone who wanted to do nights and they were basically hired on the spot.

Turns out, she sucked at her job. She couldn't do audit (even though she claimed to have accounting background and night audits are ridiculously easy to do), she was rude to coworkers and guests (we had multiple complaints about her), and she called in sick at least twice a week.

She was fired because she just overall sucked at her job. However she was given the option of finishing the rest of her schedule. She didn't show up to any of her shifts, which we kind of expected and planned for.

The time came when she came in to pick up her last paycheck. She freaked out on my coworker because she didn't get paid for the 3 days she never showed up to.

She then drove to my managers house (my manager is on maternity leave right now), broke in, and tried to kidnap my managers new born baby until my manager "made sure that she got paid the right amount."

She got arrested. physicslover69

20. Out with the trash!

I wasn't in HR, but I was supposed to be interviewing a guy for an IT job and was just going to the conference room to start when the HR recruiter came to my desk and said "you won't be interviewing (some guy) today."

It wasn't uncommon for people to have to cancel so I asked "are we rescheduling him for another day?" and she looked like she was going to bust if she didn't let it out, closed my office door, and said "he was hitting on me when I was going through his application paperwork!"

The guy actually hit on the HR rep at a job interview, and not just "you look very nice" but asked for her phone number, refused to take no for an answer and eventually said "I'm not leaving this room without your number" and she called security to escort him out.

She was a very attractive woman, so maybe the guy thought taking the long shot was worth losing the job over, but I suspect he was just stupid. McFeely_Smackup

19. Back to Russia....

At the time we were about to finish Primary School, one of our 18 year old classmates who looked quite old for his age, was sleeping with the school secretary, who not only happened to be foreign and over 40 - but also the freshly married wife of the principal. These two were going at it at the copy room of our school several times per week, during school hours - and the worst part of it all is that the copy room was located across the hall of the principal's office.

Anyway, these two were going at it like bunnies for a while, and all was fine and dandy until the guy ripped his frenulum while they were at it in said copy room - which is extremely painful and bleeds a ton for those unaware. The paramedics had to be called to get on top of the situation, and due to the small size of our school, most of the school was watching the entire situation unfold as the paramedics took him to the hospital, while the principal was slowly realizing the full extent of the situation and slowly but surely died on the inside. deleted username

18. Hey John!


Not my story but one of an old buddy, he was the manager of a Pizza Hut in the 90s. They had big account each day during the week for a school. They were required to have the deliver by there at a certain time before lunch and if they did not deliver they would not only call his boss but call his bosses boss and basically they would chew him out.

So now knowing the premise of the story, one day he came in early for his shift and normally another guy comes in, we can call him John, he was a dough kneader. So my friend came him and yelled out his name, "Hey John" no response. So he was like he probably can't hear me so he enters the room and John is on the kneading table with his pants around his ankles. Anyways he tells and him and tells him to get the hell out. Throws all the dough away and starting making a batch as fast as he can.

He ends up getting the pizzas late to the school and his boss and bosses boss got called in and basically said wtf happened he was like come to the back room and explains everything. They were like okay we wont talk about this. My friend always tells me he wonders how long this has been going on BBerries

17. Cucumbertime.... 

Worked at a grocery store where our manager walked in on a girl in the produce freezer using a cucumber inappropriately. I'm sure that was an awkward experience for HR. Cheepyjeepy

16. No Show! 

Had an employee who killed his ex-girlfriend before he came into work. Greeting the officers at the door was weird, we didn't find out until after they walked him out what happened. Thankfully he triggered a clause in his employee agreement that stated if you're a no-show/no-call for two consecutive days it's assumed you quit, I all I needed was to send him his final paycheck. aintTrollingYou

15. Taxi Witness.....

Couple of employees were sent out for a training to corporate HQ - one male, one female. They took the same flight and took a taxi to go to the hotel from the airport. On the way the guy decided to flirt, and when that did not get him a positive response, tried to grab the female employee.

He was let go after a very short investigation with the taxi driver as the witness, for both corporate and the subsequent criminal case. IndependentSource

14. Without a Word. 

A guy I worked with turned up late every day for work, at least 15 minutes. Several warnings later and a promise from him to be on time, he turns up 10 minutes late the next day saying his child kept him up.

Boss let's him go, he leaves and goes home.

Weirdly enough the next day, he pulled up to the door of the warehouse and turned his music up unbearably loud. He sat there smoking, chucking rubbish on the floor for around half an hour and then left without saying a word to anyone. TiredMama90

13. The Car gives it Away.

A guy who had been hired before I got this little promotion was a terrible employee. We all hated working with him despite the fact that he seemed like an okay guy personally. My boss hired him and although he had plenty of reasons to fire him or terminate his trial period employment he never did. Six months into his employment my boss realized this guy's car had been in the parking lot all day and night for weeks.

He asked me to look into it and I found that this guy got a DUI and after getting his car back he had it parked in the employee parking lot, and then stole a company car which he had been using despite not having a valid license while awaiting trial. While doing this investigation I was able to look through his records and found that his application and resume were absolutely ridiculous. They looked like an elementary school kid filled them out. There's no reason for this guy to have ever been hired. Turns out I discovered my boss only hired him because he wanted to get closer to the guy's female friend. KicksButtson

12. That's MY Cube!


IT Director here. Had a nutbag programmer bring a (dud, unknown to us) hand grenade to work and used it to threaten the person we had recently moved into his old cube. He really wanted that cube back.

Never had to fire him. He left work that day, went home, tied up his elderly mom and threw her in his trunk then drove around with her back there for days. Someone reported her missing, cops caught him, mom survived after a hospital stay. faxinator

11. No Excuses....

One where the person didn't get fired (for certain reasons). I worked at stop and shop in high school. There was a kid with downs syndrome who did bagging and cart return at the store. He was very obviously disabled, but he also clearly knew he could get away with things as a result. One time he was bagging, and a woman was going through the line. He very clearly said "Penis." Directed towards the woman. The cashier manager walked him off the floor and had a talk with him. I witnessed this incident, and talked to some of my co-workers about it. Apparently he did stuff like this frequently with female customers. He would make sexual comments. I know he had a disability, but honestly I don't think he should have been in a position like that. DarthLysergis

10. A Litany of Reasons! 

I work for the government. It is SO HARD TO GET FIRED HERE, but people have still done it. Here's how:

-insider trading using info he got from his job. He probably would've gotten away from it if he wasn't trading that info FROM HIS COMPANY COMPUTER.

-having a threesome with two other employees from different departments, right on the security cameras. (This last one, she was twice the age of the two dudes involved, and when anyone tried to give her crap about it, she just retired and we all high-fived her on the way out)

We handle terminations quick and dirty -- you show up, and right before lunch, they tell you not to come back, you can't go back to your desk or tell anyone you're leaving or anything -- so no good stories about that. It's just... wow. Reddit

9. In Possession! 

Don't bring banned substances to school is you're a teacher. Pretty simple, right?

Username deleted

8.  Oh Well. 

Had to let someone go who spent the weekend in jail after getting caught by the cops, driving naked, with a stolen kayak on the roof of his car. Helped explained his tardiness and inattentive issues when he did show up. When he finally came back to work, he said, "So I'm fired, right?" Did not seem too broken up over it. curious_mochi

7. Up Close....

Worked at a small online food delivery company. Basically UberEats but before delivery services like that were readily available.We had work phones that the delivery drivers shared and received orders on.

One day I picked one up, turned it on, and found an unread text from an unrecognized number. It said "Hey (insert employees name), here's that picture you wanted me to send."

The picture was an up close pic of said employee's va jay jay. aboyrobert

6. Tractor Trouble....


Obligatory not HR but.... Was a student in high school when one of my teachers was fired after getting a DUI on a tractor. I imagine that was an interesting conversation between him, the principal and the police.

Gotta love the Midwest. Gunther482

5. Vegas Game Stop....

I used to work at a GameStop for a couple years as a part-time (not store) manager. Every year around fall I believe, they hold a conference where the store managers would all get flown out to a city where the conference was being held for a week. It was a good time, there were presentations, give aways, game trailers, etc.

On more than a few occasions, the conference was held in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas you probably know that adult sex workers are legal. GameStop as a company is aware of this and while they're okay with their employees drinking and gambling off the clock, they made it very well know that "While you are on conference you are a representation of our company. Therefore you are not allowed to" yadda yadda yadda. In situations like this, companies are totally allowed to terminate at their discretion so this isn't illegal or anything.

Well apparently there was this one store manager who didn't really care. I mean I'm sure there were plenty who didn't care, but this poor guy goes to bring his her up to his hotel room, and when the elevator opens, the president of company (of the time) was inside. I guess he immediately knew what was up, I assume by the clothing on each person involved, and fired him on the spot. Presumably he was still there for the rest of the conference and was able to take his normal flight home. PM_ME_UR__SECRETS

4. Creepy Co-Workers....

I work for a big factory in Mexico, some guy came on a Friday to the office to resign, he gave me creepy vibes since he was hired but thought nothing of it, he didn't gave much explanation of why he was quitting other than personal issues.

Next Monday I saw the newspaper, 1 day before quitting he saw his SO (it was a gay couple) with some woman in a shopping mall, they didn't see him, but that same afternoon, this guy summons his SO to his house, then strangles him with a belt in his bathroom... he left the body in there and the next day he goes to work like nothing happened...

I don't remember how he was caught but it was pretty shocking finding out that while he was quitting the job there was a corpse in his bathroom. PsyklonAeon16

3. The Break room....


One place I worked at a few years ago, a packaging floor manager, third shift I think, was fired after two women caught him openly pleasing himself in the break room while watching them eat. I, and quite a few of us that worked in other departments, didn't find out until it made the local news. scarne78

2. One-Two-Punch! 

I am a construction manager for a large General Contractor in TX. We are building a hospital for a high profile client and one of my sub's foreman two punched one of his guys in the face and broke his jaw for talking back to him. Had to call the police at 6:00am. He was fired and charged with felony assault. Tcherry1234

1. Side pieces...

I sat in on the meeting to witness for them. Call center work, a woman had a personal call pulled by our client and it got out of hand. They pulled the call because she didn't go into personal call mode, which would cause them to ignore it. Basically, she called her side dude and as they were on the phone talking about all sorts of screwing (including some in her car in the parking lot at work), her boyfriend showed up at the dude's house and was screaming bloody murder through the door, threatening to kill him (side piece didn't know he was side piece) and she just started freaking out and crying a bunch, both on the call and in the meeting. She declined even to get her personal effects from her desk out of embarrassment and just left very quickly. ebimbib

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