People Reveal How They Met Their BFFs


How did you meet your best friend? Every friendship has a story, and each one tells you so much about what drew those two people to each other in the first place.

"We've been best friends for 15 years now."

Because of our last names being so close to each other we ended up sitting next to each other in a couple of classes in high school. We started talking a bit and realized that we were both learning guitar. Eventually we ended up forming a band together and we've been best friends for 15 years now.


"[I] could never replace him."

Kindergarten, sat down looked at him and said we're friends now and we've been best friends ever since. Love him just like a brother, could never replace him.


"It was another mom who was new to town and had no friends."

Well you're all gonna laugh at me, but I met my best friend on Craigslist. 5 years ago I was a single mom and all alone. Most of my friends had abandoned me since I was the first to have kids. I use to kill time browsing all the weird post on Craigslist when I saw a post on strictly platonic. It was another mom who was new to town and had no friends. I thought about emailing her but decided not to. Well after seeing the post again I got a gut feeling that I needed to reach out to her. So I sent her an email. We got together with our kids and hit it off. She's my best friend. We go on momcations (vacations with no kids), helped raise each other's kids, she was my maid of honor when I got married and was there the night my second baby was born.


"Cue present time, we're still as tight as ever..."

About 10 years ago, I started dating a girl who had a sister. 3 months in, her sister started dating this scrawny looking guy and we ended up doing couples stuff between the four of us and we eventually bonded with the scrawny guy, who turned out to be a pretty cool fella. Cue present time, we're still as tight as ever, despite the two sisters that brought us together having dumped our asses years ago.


"Neither one of us remembers exactly one moment."

Neither one of us remembers exactly one moment. We know it was 27 years ago on the 1st day of 4th grade because that was the first year that we went to the same school. Joined the Army together. We used to be part of a larger group of "best friends" in high school. We graduated, joined the Army together and went thru 7 years and 3 combat deployments together from 2000-2007. His wife and my girlfriend are also best friends since middle school, one year younger than us.


"So damn long ago..."


So damn long ago don't even remember life without him or how we met. Parents said we met in kindergarden. I'm 36 now.




We were on a sub mutually bitching about our jobs, started to chat over on discord, and then found out I live a half hour from her parents, which is weird because she on the other hand lived halfway across the country.

So she comes out this way to visit her family and we catch a movie together and damn it this woman is my platonic life partner. We write books together, run a podcast together, work in the same industry, and do breakfast all the time.


"I moved into the dorms..."

I moved into the dorms in the spring semester of 2017. Met this girl on the elevator that I thought was into me. Hung out with her a couple of times with some of her friends. She ended up standing me up a couple of times, so I dropped her. Lamented to my roommate about no longer having anyone to hang out with. He invited me to hang out with him and a couple of friends in the lounge area.

Well, me and this one girl had a similar weird sense of humor, so we hit it off. And then, she introduced me to her roommate who was a bit of a recluse. And that's how I met my best friend.

Never realized until now how things had to line up for that to happen


"I asked him what colour a marker was..."

I'm colourblind and legally blind. Grade 6, he was the new kid that year. I asked him what colour a marker was and he says:"what, are you f**king blind?" Been friends since.


"Hit him in the face with an Elmo puzzle piece..."

Kindergarten. Hit him in the face with an Elmo puzzle piece so our teacher made us hang out for the rest of the day. 20+ years later we have supported each other through deaths in our families, SO heartbreak and all the other dark periods in our lives. However, we were also the first one there for each other's victories and accomplishments. We went from kindergarten all the way to working in our profession 30 feet apart. He will alway be my brother.


"One night I'm coming back from class..."

Roommate lottery system in college. My old roomie transferred so I had the place to myself; they told me to expect a new arrival any day.

One night I'm coming back from class and about to open my door when I notice the carpet around the edge of the door is wet. I open it to find a small, panicked Japanese woman frantically trying to fix the small pond that had formed in our entryway with a ton of paper towels and a hairdryer. Only her first day there and she'd half-flooded the dorm because she somehow thought the bathtub faucet was on a timer.

It really set the tone for our friendship.


"Hated her at first."


Hated her at first. I think every good and supportive friendship starts that way. We had a mutual friend who was a conniving and trifling individual. Eventually, we bonded over how much we disliked the mutual and became best friends. We are all positive vibes now but I'll never forget the funny things we said. Love my bestie.


"Bonded over a mutual dislike for a boy..."

Bonded over a mutual dislike for a boy, stopped being friends, both ended up dating him, re-bonded over our mutual hate for him. Best friends forever.


"I'm old."

I was at a mutual friend's house when she burst in sobbing and wailing about how another mutual friend thought she was a terrible person. She saw me, suddenly became coherent, and said "You must be [name]! I've heard so much about you!" I replied "[Name]! Same! I've been wanting to meet you!" That was 25 years ago. F**k I'm old.


"You like heavy metal??"

Met my best friend at another friend's wedding. He was our other close friend's date. The wedding was a DIY wedding at a garden. The bride took a quick scan of the room and noticed she was short a couple of candles for the guests table. " Chefkoli, run to the store and grab 2 hunter green candles. Take him. She points to my future best friend" I shrug and invite him along. I listen to death metal and when I turned the ignition, it blares out very loud.

" You like heavy metal??"

"Not really".


I turn it louder and run my errand. We had little in common as he was a gay computer geek who liked gaming and I was a straight, odd person who still played an original Nintendo in 2002. Nonetheless we hit off and been friends since.


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