People Reveal How They Became The Villain In Someone Else's Story

"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villian." - Harvey Dent.

Okay, not quite, but do you ever wonder if from other people's perspective, you're the bad guy?

Nexas asked: How were you the "bad guy" in someone else's life story?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Quite the miscalculation.


One time when I was about 7 or 8 this girl was having a funeral for a bird that she had accidentally stepped on and she was giving a speech before the burial, at recess. I liked her and thought for some reason that if I ran and punted the dead bird over the school fence she would like me too. It didn't.


I love the logic of an eight-year-old.


"I thought it would be nice if he got once last chance to fly."


Tattling and lying? Rude.

When I was eight years old I fell into a swamp and I claimed this other kid pushed me in and his parents got really mad at him. I strongly regret it even to this day.


Weird, I fell into a frozen pond and did the exact same thing when i was 9. Lol


Well at least I have someone with the same story as me.



I met this kid on my hall freshman year and we hit it off. He introduced me to a lot of his friends he knew from high school. They ended up liking me more than they liked him and a few of them invited me to get an apartment when them the following year, excluding the other guy. I probably should have declined, but I didn't have anyone else to live with so I signed a lease with them. My friend wasn't too happy about it and I probably am a dick for doing it. But to be fair, this dude was disgustingly dirty, and a drunk who vomited and sh*t everywhere. It would have been a nightmare to be his roommate.


I like to think of myself as a pretty easygoing dude but I too would draw the line at sh*tting everywhere.


If he sh*t in two or three places, fine. But four or more? Gross.


Hey, not your problem.

I had a one night stand with a girl. She had a boyfriend but they had just shifted to an open relationship because she was going abroad for a while. She'd been away for about a week I think. He was pretty hurt that it had happened so quickly, and they broke up not long after. Pretty sure I wasn't his favourite.


He was probably angrier at her than he was at you. With a nice amount of anger at himself.

Not really your fault. But hopefully you won't get involved in a similar situation in the future.


Yeah I didn't really blame myself. I just felt kinda bad for the guy, and I knew I was just some rando who fucked his girlfriend. They obviously weren't really ready for an open relationship.


Just let it out.

My husband can't have a real relationship with his brother anymore because I don't like him. Nothing to do with the fact that he treats everyone like garbage and has a history of stealing the identities and ruined my hubby's credit. And nothing to do with him being an emotionally and mentally exhausting person to be around.

I mean what's not there to like from a guy who while he was living with us, not only stole H's identity but would also leave food in the bathroom and bottles of pee on the kitchen floor.


So this is why people don't vote.

While attending a Catholic middle school, my two friends both ran for class president. There was a tie and I was chosen by the teacher (a nun) to randomly cast a tie-breaking vote. I didn't want to. But I chose friend A over friend B.

Friend B freaked out, had a meltdown; their mother called my mother to complain. Said I jeopardized their child's application to Prep school, and would impact college applications. I was also disinvited to friend B's birthday party. The mother (and her son) were rude to me for the remainder of the school year.

Needless to say, after 8th grade, we fell out of touch.

Years later, when I was in my late 20s, I decided to do some Facebook stalking, and I looked Friend B up.

OMG is not a strong enough reaction.

Looking at their "about me" and looking through some pictures, I learned that Friend B did not get into their preferred prep school, wound up not going to college, no longer looks like the handsome kid they once were, occupation is "actor", and he now has an illegitimate son. I got this strong sense that my split decision vote over 15 years ago caused this persons downfall.

Well, I know that this is not true, but I have a feeling that he and his mother tell themselves that.

Elections have consequences y'all.


What happened to Friend A?


Friend A recently got married and I was in the wedding. He is doing well for himself. He was a great athlete, got to watch him play in the minor leagues. My brothers and sister sill jokingly refer to him as El Presidente. Friend A also was one of the most supportive people in my life when I came out. Truly a solid dude and I'm lucky to have him in my life.


I knew an Athena once. 

My (now-ex) best friend said she hoped my mom died (while already in the hospital on what doctors thought to be her deathbed). My only response was, "You are unbelievable. Goodbye." I never spoke to her again.

That, of course, didn't stop her from stalking me for the next 5 months, making deranged, slur-filled posts about me on every form of social media, filing false complaints against me at my work, and contacting every single person she thought I knew to say I hated them, f*cked their boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

Fortunately, none of her lies were believed, but she did everything she could to make my life a living hell, and all because I dared to spend 3 hours with another friend before he moved 1,000 miles away.

It only stopped when I threatened (and started) a peace order. To say she was an abusive control freak would be an understatement.

Cheers, Athena.


How dare you stand up for yourself?

I let my sh*tty ex-best friend / ex-room mate take advantage of me, my money, my family, and my apartment for too long. Finally kicked her out and cut all ties. But I'm the "fake friend" that ruined our friendship and ruined her life.


Cutting ties is hard and you don't just stop caring either it's just that you can't be disrespected over and over again and it can hurt alot to deal with it.


It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I know I'm in a much better place now, mentally and financially.


My brother used to put ants in his pocket and jump in the pool.

I have murdered countless individuals, destroying thier homes, causing drought, famine, and sandstorms. I have rained down balls of earth and rays of fire onto their ruins, and tore apart their insignificant bodies, one limb at a time. I have placed their heads on a line outside their home, so that anyone who comes out will see their brethrens' mutilated corpses baking in the sun.

Long story short, I killed a lot of ants in elementary school.


Awww you were a mini psychopath, so cute!


The audacity of moving on.


My ex. I dated and lived with a guy for several years. One day he informed me that he had gotten a place of his own and was moving out. No conversation, no argument and the only exception he offered to me is, "because I feel like it."

Now, I admit that I was not the smartest in this situation as I allowed him to bounce in and out of my life for a few more years. Eventually, I realized that it wasn't healthy for me and I stopped giving him my time. We stayed civil as we lived in a small town and had many friends in common.


How am I the bad guy? Five years after he moved out, I got engaged to my now husband. The day that I told him, as a courtesy only, he lost it. He started hyperventilating and crying, he told me that he still loved me and was planning on proposing that weekend. Now, in reality he just wanted to think that he always had a back up plan. Somewhere along the way he convinced mutual friends that I had known all along how he felt and that we were trying to get back together. He was telling anyone who would listen how I had wronged him.

tldr: I had the audacity to get engaged five years after my ex broke up with me instead of waiting around to be his back up plan.


Similar story here. Slightly shorter timeline but not by much. I met and started dating my husband about a year after the break up with my ex and we got engaged about a year and a half after that. To this day (17 years after the break up with the ex) He is convinced that we would have eventually found our way back together if I hadn't met my husband. Even though my ex has also been married (and divorced) since then.

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