Facts That'll Make Someone Think 'How The F*ck Do You Know That?'

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The mind retains all the strangest things.

How many times have you found yourself in awe of your own or someone else's random knowledge?

Sometimes the information can be unnerving.

I feel like there are things not to know.

But, we're all sponges, so soak away.

A deleted Redditor asked:

"What is that one fact you know that always makes people respond 'And why the f**k do YOU know that?"

The things people know can freak me out.


Sloth Scratching GIFGiphy

"At a single time, the sloths body mass can be comprised of one third feces. It takes several hours for the sloth to excrete its bowels completely."


6 Feet Under

"Don't ever bury a dead body in an area without any vegetation. The high nitrogen content in our bodies helps plants to grow, and there will be a weird grassy patch at the top of the burial site, and anyone would be able to spot it."


"Also (learned this online, not from experience or necessity, I promise you) if you need to bury a dead body, bury it vertically (or in bits) and leave about 4-5 feet extra space above it. Bury a dead animal on top of it, better if it's one that could have been a pet. If anyone thinks there is foul play, they will find the animal and shrug it off."

"Or just like, don't murder people."



"Most victims in 'survivable' plane crashes died of jet fuel burning and choking them. Smoke hoods could save hundreds of lives if installed on airplanes, likely many more than flotation devices since ditching is incredibly rare. BONUS: backwards facing seats would make a plane crash much easier to survive thanks to the g forces pressing you against the seat instead."



No Way Wtf GIF by HarlemGiphy

"Back in the day, poor families would collect their urine so they could sell it to tanners. Hence, 'p**s poor.'"

"If you were poorer than that, well, you didn’t even have a pot to p**s in."


What in the world? I can't...

Bad Poop

Greetings Hello GIFGiphy

"Bears eat a ton of grass and twigs and stuff before the hibernate to constipate themselves and pretty much prevent waking up mid winter to s**t. However, when they finally do wake up in the spring, their first s**t is a mean one."


Learn a Trade

"A bear fought in the polish army in WWII, the cub was discovered by polish prisoners in the mountains of Iran. They taught him how to puff and swallow cigarettes. Even taught him how to learn how to turn on communal showers, pick up recruits, and carried empty ammunition crates on the front lines."


"Inspiration for Winnie the Pooh."


A Bad Mix

"Spinal fluid tastes like a mixture of bananas and a 9 volt battery. And I don't want to talk about it."



"If you're allergic to chocolate you're usually allergic to cockroaches."


In a bean field...

"Pythagoras from the pythagorean theorem ran a cult, and another group came to come and murder him by locking him inside his house and setting it on fire. But instead he had his followers make a human ladder to escape the fire, but then abandoned them and they all died. He was murdered later that night being chased by the group in a bean field."



pigs piglets GIF by The DodoGiphy

"If you feed a human body to pigs, they will eat just about all of it except the teeth. Several murderers in rural areas have used this fact to their advantage."


Now this is a lot of crazy info, but good to know.

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