Hopeful People Share What They'd Do If They Won Powerball


People love dreaming about winning the lottery even though the odds are astronomically stacked against any one person. But the historically high jackpots lately have even the most ardent doubters buying tickets - so it's only fair to ask what winners would do with their money.

Kearshi asked hopeful people of Reddit: Let's say you won the $800+ Million dollar powerball, what would you do with the staggering amount of cash?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Pay it forward.

I would probably set up an annuity for close family members and organizations that I want to support so they get a set amount of money every month. Probably not enough to be independently wealthy but enough to take the edge off and make things easier.


Move somewhere new. Why not?

I don't see why you can't move away for a year or two, disappear. My plan, go to Tokyo (been a few times) or some other major city and just buy a house, eat nice food and play games, watch movies. I have no plan on staying in my "home", move away where no one knows you, except maybe a few friends, bring them with you, or don't if you are okay with being by yourself. IDK, seems simple enough. I do agree if you stay where you are known, you are likely to be targeted. So move.


This is what you do to celebrate.

Get 800 million $1 bills and try and jump head first into them from the top of a ladder.



Write a really spammy sounding email to all my friends, family and everyone I've ever been in contact with saying I won the lottery and wanted to split it. All they had to do was send me $19.95 in the next 30 days for lawyer fees and I would share it with them.

They would assume I was hacked and think nothing more of it. When they find out I actually won I would tell them I was really hoping to give it all away but nobody sent me the admin fees. I mean, $19.95 is such a small price to pay for a chunk of millions. Who wouldn't take that deal?!?

Then I would laugh and laugh and laugh.


Way ahead of you.

Live the rest of my life as a paranoid recluse.


How about this?

Pay off as much of my student loan as I can.


What are you going to do with the $12.87 you have left?


Buy some Powerball tickets.


Same. No offense to Knowable.

Quit my "contribute absolutely nothing to society" job and become a philanthropist. I'd put away $100 million to take care of my family for future generations and then spend the rest of my life trying to make a real difference in the world.

Would deffo partake in cocaine and hookers as well. I'm not an idiot.


This is only legal in some states, but can be really helpful.

They forgot: create a Trust that accepts the money on your behalf, keeping your identity private.




Assert your new role.

Go to the finest steak house in the country. Order the most expensive steak they sell. Look the waiter dead in the eyes and ask - nay - DEMAND they cook it extra well done. When it arrives, pull out my own bottle of no-name brand ketchup, slather it all over my charred steak, and eat my monstrosity just to establish dominance.


Take care of mom.

I'd give the ticket to my mom on the condition that she leaves everything to my sister and myself in her will. She's pretty much me, except without my more reckless, impulsive, dumbass tendencies. She's what I imagine when I think of "my best self," except without a c*ck.

I'm sh*t with money. All the financial advisors in the world wouldn't stop me from going full out with hundreds of millions of dollars. My mom, on the other hand, would almost certainly do well with the money. This woman went from straight up trailer trash to wanting for nothing through pure will and the power of those iron nuts she drags around. Got a master's degree as a single mom of 2 without a whole lot of help, and still managed to provide for us and be an amazing mom. She deserves the money infinitely more than I do, and I know she'd be generous with it while preventing me from going money crazy.


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