Humankind has come very far over the last 100 years, and it's exciting to think what might be next.

Reddit user cath91 asked:

What human achievement do you want to see during your lifetime?

Here are some of the inspiring answers.

But Now I See

Eye transplants for people who are blind, or at least retinal transplants.

My boyfriend is blind due to a degenerative disease called X-linked Retinitis Pigmentosa. Being able to receive a transplant for this would, obviously, be life changing.

There isn't any treatment or cure for his blindness, so he doesn't even like going to the eye doctor just to hear "Yep, you're a little more blind today than you were yesterday and there's nothing we can do about it." FiloRen


Mastering artificial fusion - basically "unlimited" energy for everybody. blubbfix

The Reef

Reversal of dying coral reefs, I got to see beautiful reefs as a kid I hope my kids will too one day. philmtl

New Energy

With the amount of time, effort, and money spent on researching fusion power, I'd like to eventually see a sustainable (and commercially viable) fusion reactor. eceuiuc


Cure for Alzheimer's. I have a family history and it terrifies me having witnessed what it does to people.Tipperary555

Long Life

Something that extends life beyond 200 years so I can see even more cool stuff. I feel like we're on the cusp of being what we've always thought of as "futuristic", with technology advancing so quickly over the last few decades, but as things stand, it looks like I'll be checking out in the late 2070s/early 2080s. I think there will be some really awesome stuff happening during that time, but if something came along that could double my lifespan so that I'd be peacin' out around 2170. mojavespider25


Cleaning up the earth. Getting the whole world on clean energy. Lfalias


I think being able to see the liberation of North Korea during my lifetime would be incredible.


The Third Kind

Contact with an alien race. CommieRevolutionary


I want castles to become a thing again. They're obsolete because of gunpowder, TNT, nukes, et al, but if something happens where the human species dwindles and explosives are no longer a threat; castles are totally coming back. And I feel their architectural progress could advance in ways we never imagined because we never had to in order to survive. It would be fun to see newer, better castle design. Noble_Flatulence


Curing cancer. Or making cancer something easily treatable. I have three family members all diagnosed with cancer in the past year. DRW0813


Honest to goodness, no harm or cloning to occupant, low cost teleportation. Get your passport in order, see the Eiffel tower, Stonehenge, Golden Gate Bridge, New Zealand coastline, and some Japanese temples all in a few hours.Give_Me_Karmuh

Show Me Your Teeth

Fixing teeth. Like really fixing this dumb problem. We can put a man on the moon but we can't prevent some simple rot? I believe the mouth mechanics have a solution but it would jeopardize their industry. It's a crack pot theory but I bat it around in my head quite a bit. Well, 2 times a day for 2 minutes at least. T-Rekd


The death of the two party system here in the States. It's so corrupt that instilling change by the people, for the people, would be a legitimate achievement.EngelbertHerpaderp

City In The Sky

The O'Neil study proposed building a city in space for $500 billion but that was too much. A decade later they had to come up with that same amount of money to bail out the S&Ls and that was OK for some reason. My opinion is that the city in space would have paid a higher dividend than bankrolling a bunch of guys who weren't very good at playing capitalist.androgenoide



A steady reduction in CO2 emission.

It will happen, it has to.

and ending the death of bees.Nokomdet


Transfer human consciousness to another better body or android.strokesurviver52

Something Overdue

Male contraception. Not only would it be a huge breakthrough, but imagine the impacts it would have on our society.

Would birthrates plummet? Would stds spike? How would women/big condom companies react? I think it'd not only be scientifically great but also fascinating to see the effects of a widespread, affordable, male contraceptive.Shadoscuro

Spaceship Earth

So many Mars comments. With all due respect (because Mars does sound cool), I want to see us figure the Earth thing out. And a key to that is renewable energy. I hate the way politicians posit the whole argument as renewables versus fossil fuels. Why make it a battle? Let's just say we're into renewables because it's cool as shit. Plants literally turn the sunlight into sugar. It's like g-ddamned magic. Humanity should strive for the same thing. If I was president right now, I would be stumping for renewables; it's the modern race for the moon in my mind.ThePeoplesBard


Creation of true AI. Perhaps one of the last human achievements as well. FreddyFoFingers

Simple Joys

Self driving cars. I am so sick of driving for ten hours a week. jcapinc

New Space

Something akin to the Moon Landing. I was born in 2000 but everything about that era interests me, and for that to happen is an amazing human achievement. To get a person out onto a celestial body not earth? Fuck yeah science. But I didn't experience it. I never got to watch the televised event. I need something like that to be truly satiated.

So like a Mars Landing that totally doesn't fuck up the planet.darthdarkseid

Plants, But Like, Robot Plants

At some point in the near future someone is going to invent a machine that mechanically turns carbon dioxide into oxygen. Yes, I know plants exist. But because of overpopulation, industrialization and deforestation, there is too much carbon dioxide in the air. I am hoping that humanity invents some type of machine that can also do what plants do. Hence the "mechanically." -Words-Words-Words-

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