Honest People Reveal What They Regret Doing To Their Bodies

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Your body is your only body. You don't get another one, so you gotta make this one last. That being said, you're also allowed to do whatever you want, because it IS your body... just, be cautious. You never know when you're going to make the wrong decision.

u/TwiggyTits asked Reddit:

What do you regret doing to your body?

Here's what they came back with.

Pearly Whites

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Not taking care of my teeth

Awwww YOU!

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I have a MASSIVE tattoo on my left arm that just says "YOU" in huge block letters. I thought when I was 18 it'd be funny to have "a tattoo of you" on my arm. It's too big and blocky and black to cover up and I just hate it.

Le Stretch

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Gaining a lot of weight really quickly. I've lost most of it now, but I have permanent stretch marks on my arms, thighs, stomach, and back. It sucks.

The Ringing

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Loud noise exposure. Now I have constant tinnitus.

Drinking Like A Fish

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Filtering what seems like about ten million gallons of booze through my liver and kidneys over the past ~15 years or so

My 600 lb Life

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I let myself get up to 602lbs....finally after not being able to walk longer than a block or being able to do simple functions I said enough is enough and joined myfitnesspal. 460 days later I have lost 252lbs and now weigh 349lbs.

Skin Pickin'

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I have a horrible habit of picking at my skin. Its nothing major, but I do have several tiny scars from it. They will likely be permanent, but I just can't stop! I do it without thinking. When I'm bored, or not doing anything else.

Block Dat Sun

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Many years of recklessly avoiding sunscreen. I'm only in my 30s but have already had on basal cell lesion removed. I hate to say it but I know there is more where that came from.

Body Dysmorphia

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Purging starving and abusing laxatives.

Let's Blade, Bruh

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Skateboarding just straight up destroys your body.

2009 Regrets

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Downing a can of watermelon-flavored Four Loko


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I'm working on it but being fat. I'm trying to lose like 50 pounds but it doesn't happen overnight!

Gummy Yuck

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Eating that pound of sugar free gummy bears once. That was easily one of the worst decisions of my life, and I'm a recovering drug addict. The gummy bears were just pure torture. I s*** for over 12 hours. By the end I was so raw I couldn't even use the sensitive skin wet wipes. It was so bad. Meanwhile, my boyfriend at the time (husband now) was laughing at me because I knowingly ate all those gummy bears in one sitting. I still feel sick any time I see gummy bears.

Silicone Nightmare

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Getting breast implants. They're too big for my body but surgery to get them removed is expensive.

We Knew You'd Regret This

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Gauging my ears....


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Mild to some others here, but nail biting. I'm not at the point where they don't grow back, but it's still a horrid habit that I'm ashamed of. I'm workin in it

Tooth Magic

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Not wearing my retainer every night post braces :{]


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Over-plucking my eyebrows in the 1990s.


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I sprained my ankle really bad about 2 years ago, and I started walking on it way too soon. It'll randomly start hurting now.


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Drugs, I did alot of drugs when I was younger I wish I could undo the damage.

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