Honest Men Reveal The Creepiest Girls They've Ever Met

People do crazy things when they think they're in love. Some take it way too far, even to the point of faking pregnancies or hurting themselves.

woodyever asked, Males of reddit.... whats your "creepy girl" story?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

High school sure has changed...

Valentine's Day of my junior year of high school, two girls asked me out. One was super cute and timid, and I liked her a lot. The other had a boyfriend. After turning the second girl down, she went to her boyfriend and told him to beat me up because I was at fault for making her want to cheat on him. Her boyfriend apologized to me and broke up with her in the same sentence. We both received death threats from that girl for multiple weeks after that.

This is def creepy, and it takes such intense dedication...

Girl stole my jacket and made a shrine to me with manga style drawings of her and I making out.

The unbreakable Neopet vow.

Teenage me talking to a girl a year below, we used to play Neopets together and one day she sent me a rose with her blood on it.

Why you so obsessed with me?

I met a girl online once and we went out a few times. I wasn't feeling it and told her as much. I was previously in the US Army for 6 years. Nothing special, was a fueler. She got it into her head that the military was forcing me to not date her, and that I had a much more clandestine job than in reality. It wasn't and I didn't. I had ETSed 3 years previous and my only contact was the VA office at the university I was attending. She would constantly text me and message with nonsensical conspiracy theories about why I couldn't see her. I blocked her and moved on.

She hired a private investigator to tail me. When I caught wind of him after a couple days I walked over to where he was sitting and introduced myself. He was flustered, but eventually, we laid it all out and I told him that he is wasting his time watching me go to class, the dining hall, and my house every day for the next few years. I never saw him again and never heard from her again. Either she hired a more stealthy PI or the dude talked some sense into her. Either way, it didn't progress beyond that. I was ready to get a TRO or something, but it never had to happen. Two months later I met my wife. 6 years married.

She must really really hate being single.

My first gf had a rough home life and when I tried to break up with her she said she would kill herself so I backpedaled. This happened multiple times until one of her friends confided in me that she bragged about it to her because she hates being single and was trying to date other people" until he was replaced before breaking up with him.

Threatening suicide over a breakup is domestic abuse.

I dated this girl one summer during high school. She seemed nice enough and we kind of hit it off at a church function. Until my summer schedule started. I went from working evenings at a local fast-food joint to working overnights and I guess she couldn't cope. She would call my house and accuse my mom of lying for me, and demand she tell her where I really was. She'd drive by all night, and would even wait for me to get home at 6 or 7 (still in my work uniform) and accuse me of cheating.

Eventually, she'd start calling me every hour or so at work, which as you can imagine my managers just loved. She did not take the breakup well. She threatened to kill me, and she threatened to kill my dog. When I started dating a co-worker towards the end of the summer she threatened her too.

When she creates her own reality...

Lied about being married and wore a ring on her ring finger as 'proof' of being married as a means of showing interest and trying to provoke me to cuckold a man that doesn't exist.

She also sent a text to someone else right in front of me where I could easily see and clearly about me. It was about how 'he can't court a woman' in another attempt to provoke me to somehow be interested in her. Never mind the fact that she already made herself out to be a bullsh_tter and someone to avoid.

Dedication? Or obsession? Either way, creepy.

Blocked her number because she would text me every day when I refused to reply anymore after telling her I didn't want to talk. 2 years later I unblocked it out of curiosity and SHE IS STILL TEXTING ME DAILY. I sure hope I never run into her in person again

Edit: Just woke up to see this blew up. Guess it's time to unblock her number to see if she sends a text today


This is why I don't date.

Went out once after being matched online. Didn't work out. She kept calling during dates with other guys and asking them to tell me I was an idiot to pass her up.

After no calls for a few months, she called crying and asking me to tell her current BF that we didn't have sex. She put him on the phone and he asked me directly. Of course, the answer was "No, we didn't" but he responded with "Then why she always hitting you up?"

I just hung up. She called 37 more times, but I didn't answer.

EDIT: I'm not even a catch. I didn't get another date for like a year after.

Def creepy and def the right decision to nope out.

So, here is a creepy picked up by a girl story.

I was in a bar, having a beer and this girl starts talking to me. She seems OK, but the bar is dark. Hard to tell. She asks me if I want to go out to her truck and smoke. I say "yes."

When we wander out of the bar, the bright lights outside illuminate her face in a disturbing way. I ignore what I am seeing. She says, "so where is your car?"

I say, "I thought we were going to your truck?" She says, "No, we are going to your car."

OK. I can deal with this.

We get to my car, and she says "Where is the joint?" I say, "I thought you had a joint." She says, "No. Take me home."

OK. I can deal with this.

So, I start driving her home. As I am driving, she starts rambling, "you can screw me. you can do anything you want to me."

OK. Maybe I can deal with this.

As we approach her apartment she says "I sure hope my boyfriend isn't home."

Can I deal with this?

She points to a convenience store and says "Pull in there. And go buy me a 12 pack of beer." I say, "I'm not buying you a 12 pack." So, she gets out of the car to buy beer.

I definitely cannot deal with this, slam the car into reverse, and race off into the night.

I didn't go back to that bar for a year.

Creepy girl.

You gotta have SOME tact when asking for a threesome...

She broke into my dorm room without me knowing and stood over me while I slept when I woke up she invited me to a threesome.

Saving a used condom? Yeah, that's crazy.

TIL the woman that saved our condom from our first time together is not actually the craziest woman on the planet. Thanks, guys, and always remember to bring your own rubber.

Don't bring up marriage on a first date, it's crazy.

Oh, my first blind date, set up by friends. I was 22 (I can't remember if I had just graduated or was about to - so either late 21 or just turned 22).

I pick her up because she doesn't drive. Find out she's a sophomore in college, my alma mater, cool - I was surprised I'd never seen her before because it wasn't a large uni and she was cute a hell.

Fast forward maybe two or three hours, we just wrapped up dinner and a stroll in a park downtown, everything went well and we're walking to a comedy club. She is saying things really weird now, like how happy she is that she met someone like me, about the places she wants to honeymoon at, how many kids we'd have and how beautiful they'd be if we were married.

Now, she was a looker, and really fun to hang out with, but who talks about these kinds of things after knowing a person for several hours? Red flags.

Cut later into the evening and we're walking to the house I shared with a few roommates - our place was maybe a block from the comedy club (college neighborhood). She stops me and we make out for a bit. She is for real acting and talking like we have been long time lovers now. I make the decision to suggest I take her home, it's getting late, but she insists on coming home with me. I pocket dial my friend. "Oh, I'm getting a call". I play it like he needs me for something.

Now it turned for the worse in a big way. She get's angry, accusing me of being gay and how she should never have come on this date, etc. So she storms off. Whew.

15 minutes later I am in my house laughing and chatting with my roommates about my date and the back door opens. Guess who walks in. "I knew it!" she screams. Queue me trying to calm down this crazy girl while my friends are laughing and taking pictures.

Eventually her friend comes and gets her. Alisha, if you're out there, I hope you found love.

Imagine what it would have been like after a year...

I had a month long relationship with someone who was a "tad" unstable. Every other day during the relationship, she would be incredibly sad. Girl had some intense mood swings. She would be lovey dovey one day and the next loud and argumentative. I probably let it last too long, looking back on it now.

Anyways, I broke it off and the next day she showed up at my job and said to my boss she was my wife and that something happened with "our daughter." Well when she walked up to me, she pulled out a knife and tried to stab me. Luckily we have decent security at my job and someone tackled her and restrained her until police showed. She ended up getting charged and now has some jail time.

The security guy and I are good friends now, we play cards on the weekends lol.

Crazy is when a simple crush turns into a spiritual obsession.

A girl that was younger than me would take photos of me on stage and photoshop me next to her and would set it as her profile pic. She also took a ton of the photos off my FB and posted them on her wall with poems about me. One day after a set she came up to me and asked for a photo and used that as our "couples" photo for her social media and basically said we were in a relationship. Had to have a serious convo with her about all of it and request it all be taken off.

Faking a double pregnancy? CRAZY.

At a friend's funeral, his sister started coming onto me. I ended up with her shortly after and slept with her twice.

Then one day she sends me a pic of a positive pregnancy test. I freak out inside but take it all in over the next few days.

Then she tells me she's extremely sick and in the hospital apparently puking. She proceeds to tell me she had a miscarriage. THEN she throws a twist..there were actually twins and only one got aborted.

And it's been a couple of years, she never had a baby. She just constantly sought reactions and sympathy.

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