Honest People Share Stories About Reacting Poorly To Being Rejected

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Love is a mighty powerful force. Sometimes the only thing that causes the stirring of emotions more than true love in unrequited love. We've all fallen victim to it, it's a right of passage in love; to have your heart rejected by the person you're SURE is the one. "If only they's see it!" You know what won't make them see it? You on the lawn at 4AM with a tire iron and their car on fire. We're all guilty, men and women alike.

Redditor u/reliant_Kryptonite asked the gents out there Men of reddit, we hear all about horror stories about how crazy men can be when rejected, but what's been your crazy experience when you rejected a woman? Sometimes it's just not meant to be ladies.


I dated a girl for a couple weeks and on our third date, we chilled at my place and talked. She told me that she thought men who watch pornography were disgusting and if they were in a relationship, it was cheating.

Ten minutes later, she out of nowhere asked to use my computer. I knew the last thing I had open was not going to impress her, so I said maybe some other time. She got WAY too angry at this and said her intention was to write me an email about how much she liked me.

When I said I thought it would be best to call it a night and drove her home, she went quiet until about halfway there, when she says "My Dad's best friend is a cop. I can say what I want." I got the gist but figured it was an attempt to make me reconsider. I dropped her off and she started crying very loudly, fell down in her parent's driveway and crawled to the front door.


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I rejected a girl once, then about 2-3 months later, I was catfished by her... she was _"only proving that I'd end up going out with her anyway" _...by pretending to be somebody completely different. A police report and a restraining order later, she's out of my life.


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Happening as we speak. Waiting for the police, second time in two days.

She wanted to live together. I said no. Cue a mental health warrant, cuffs, pysch ward, and release, all in twelve hours.

That was yesterday. Today she's started the same cycle and I'm just hoping the paperwork from last night and the 100+ texts she's sent me are enough to avoid another spell in the nuthatch.


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Went on one very low key date, that she asked me on, and let her know as gently as possible that I wasn't feelin' it. This chick just pulled all sorts of s*. Showing up at random places where I was, pretending it was a coincidence. Calls from different numbers. Making fake social media accounts to not only try to contact me, but also befriend my friends. Made up friends and relatives dying. Posting photos of me, unaware she was nearby. Made up boyfriends to try to elicit jealousy. Even a fake pregnancy scare from one of said fake boyfriends. Really didn't understand how she thought that one was going to sway my opinion.

This sort of stuff went on for a while until I moved away for unrelated reasons. This was many years ago now and I can't even remember her name. I hope she has forgotten mine as well.

Another woman pulled the "I'm pregnant" card on me after a breakup. Positive test in hand and everything. Drove her to a clinic for a professional test. She wasn't of course, but what a crappy tactic.


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To be fair, I was totally in to the girl at first, so my rejection might have stung a little more. We were FWB and she was legitimately super attractive to me. Just, as time went on I learned more and more about her that made me not want to be WITH her. Sex her, sure, but not like, build a life together.

So when she made the move for more than FWB, and I said no, she told me she was going to go sleep with a dude she knew I hated, film it, and send it to me.

They're married now, with kids. So, I mean, good on them I guess.


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As a full grown adult, I had an ex come to my parents house, while I was there. She had found out on Facebook because I was tagged in posts, and I guess wanted to talk to me after I had told her I didn't want to be with her anymore. I had blocked her number, and her Facebook after a few attempts to reach me over like three weeks. She showed up at my folks place, as I was helping my dad take out the trash. My mom saw her from the garage and starts speed walking towards her car saying "Nuh uh! Get the f**k in reverse!" She just got to her drivers side window and started yelling that she should be ashamed to show her face here, and to have some self respect. Didn't even get towards the car before my ex started backing out. Never tried to contact me again. Thanks mom, you're the best.


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She slashed my tires when I was at work. My buddies tried telling me to stay away from her cause she was nuts. I decided to form my own opinion.

Fact: she was nuts


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Freshman year in high school girl I didn't really know came up to me and said I was cute and that I should go out with her. My initial impression was that she was pretty cute, but that I wasn't really interested in dating at the time and I didn't really know her well enough to want to date her so I politely declined. She seemed to take it well enough and we both went about our day.

Next morning I walk up to my locker where her three older brothers (Sophomore, Junior, and Senior) were all standing around my locker giving me a death glare. Not knowing who these guys were I asked if I could get to my locker and they surrounded me. They proceeded to ask me things like if I thought I was too good for their baby sister and what my problem was.

I guess they were sent by her to intimidate me into dating her or something because they said I would be given a second chance to make the right decision. I politely declined again. Such a bizarre day.


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Does after a breakup count? If so, I was graduating from my Masters, had a low self-esteem and my ex was really hinting that she wanted to get married, I didn't, was super clear on that.

She broke it off right before I went to visit my parents for about a week. I was a bit bummed out on the way home and a couple of days after, then she called and said she wanted to talk when I got back. By then, I had the feeling she would want to get back together if we got engaged or married.

...And that's exactly what happened, when I got back she acted like everything is fine and talking about us getting serious. After that we went, sat down and told her it was over; I was pissed, she was suicidal.

That's not the end of it, it had just begun. Next morning I woke up to 30 texts and 5 missed calls, I decided to ignore them. It escalated to 40 a day and 20 missed calls for about a week. Then notes in my car. Then a friend of hers started coming to my house to talk to me and say what went wrong and apologizing for her, I told her I would not get back together with her. When that didn't happen she sent 2 friends of hers to beat me up, luckily my friends were in my apartment and they backed off.

Next morning I had 2 slashed tires in my car. Almost missed a job interview. She would stalk me by staying at a cafe across the street from my place for hours, monitoring who came in and who came out and what time.

The final straw was when, after about 3 months passed, I had started dating a girl and we went to my apartment to DVD and chill. I got a call about an hour in, it was a friend of mine saying that he got a call from my ex saying that the girl with the brown hair and red blouse (exactly the description) was too ugly for me and she wanted to mess her up. I ended up making her a nice dinner and had a bottle of wine so I could make time for her to eventually leave her post at the cafe.

I ended up changing my car, apartment, cell phone, emails, and after that I haven't heard from her since.


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She tried to come over to my house and scream at me from the outside...

Little did she know that my mom don't play that mess, and went outside and yelled at her 20x worse than she ever thought lmao.


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A friend of mine stalked a boy in our high school class for over two years and would always tell people (faculty included) how she wanted to marry him, have his kids, keep him in her basement, etc. it was mostly joking, but her crush on him was real.

Anyway one of the teachers ratted her out and she got hit with a threat of a restraining order by the APs if he wanted to press charges. She was mortified, but luckily he didn't want to pursue anything with the law.


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So little bit of backstory. I was in highschool and found out this girl was cheating on me so I broke up with her.

She wanted to get back together, but I wasn't gonna fall into that again. She would text me like once a month trying to start conversation to get back together. I kept it to small talk for about 5 minutes each time before killing the conversation. Every time I rejected her she would get absolutely pissed. She would badmouth me around the school. She tried convincing my friends that I'm gay. The list goes on and on. Oh and she tried convincing me that she was pregnant. She made comments like "you're gonna be a Dad." So I went to her house on a Saturday and told her I will pay for a test, but she got really pissed and started making excuses. Luckily nobody ever believed her, and I graduated now so I don't have to deal with her. She still tries getting back together though.


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There was this girl that used to hang with most of my friends, and there were a few occasions when she got drunk and came at me with aroused fury. The worst event happened when we were all at my house drinking. At first she was just being flirtatious, but the more she drank the louder and more obnoxious her advances became. My strategy was to laugh and brush it off, hoping not to agitate whatever primal instincts were fueling that flame. Eventually, she got up from the couch, gave me this sort of determined looK then started rushing over to me when she slipped and straight face-planted on the hardwood floor. The floor itself had crawlspace underneath, so that reverberated like a bag of bricks just got dropped. While everyone was pointing and laughing I went and hid in my room, and for the next hour or so could hear her wandering around looking for me yelling and weird stuff. Eventually she left, and from what I've seen on her Facebook it looks like she quit drinking and is doing better today.


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I dated this girl in high school and she was just really clingy. So I broke up with her. I come home the next day to find out that she had been calling my house every five minutes and hanging up. She wouldn't stop calling, even after I picked up and asked her not to. We had to call the police. I ran into her dad a few days later. She apologized for her behavior. Years later she moved in with a friend of mine and screwed him out of a ton of money. Apparently he was giving her money for rent and the bills. However she didn't use it for any of that. She moved out of their apartment and when my friend got home one night found out that he was being evicted and his girlfriend was gone.


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One girl pretended to be pregnant after I broke up with her in hopes of getting me to have unprotected sex with her to actually get her pregnant.


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I was relatively good looking and popular in high school and was aware that girls liked me.

One of those girls was someone I was studying for an AP exam with. She lived a couple of blocks away and would come over when I got home from baseball practice. One night we were quizzing each other and she said something to the extent of "if you get all of them right I'll let you kiss me." I did not get them all right but she told me I could kiss her anyway. I just kind of chuckled, told her "nope, I had to get them all right," and went back to studying.

Later that night she sent me an email about how she views me as more then a friend and wants to know if I felt the same way. She was a cool girl and I liked hanging out with her but I didn't want to date her so I told her how I valued our friendship, etc. I get that it was a cliche response but, rather than accepting it gracefully, she told our AP US History teacher I was harassing her. Our AP US History teacher was also my baseball coach. Now, if you watch American teen movies but didn't play sports you probably think my teacher/coach told her he would speak to me about it then we had a good laugh in the locker room. If you played sports you're probably aware that I was benched from a game and spent the next couple of practices running laps around the perimeter of the field.

I guess that's not really a horror story, per se, but it was still a s* thing to do because a guy turned you down.


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Mine is pretty tame in comparison to the others, but girl wanted me to ask her to Homecoming but I had been dating my girlfriend at the time for 2 years so I was obviously going to take her. She didn't like that because apparently I was in love with her just because I was nice to her and had conversations with her during English class.

Anyways, she asks me and I say no, that I was going to go with my girlfriend, but she was more than welcome to hang out with us and we'd even dance with her. She got pissed and stormed off. 15 minutes later I'm smacked in the side of the head with a plate of fresh French Fries covered in Ketchup.

She then proceeds to get some kid to go to the office and say that she threw them because I spit in her face. Almost got expelled because she was in tears really selling it. Thankfully the snack bar attendants saw everything and intervened before anything happened. She didn't get in trouble or anything. School just acted like it was over and done with.

She moved to Alaska or something after that.


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My sister-in-laws best friend. I couldn't stand being around her. She was obnoxious, stupid. My brother and SIL were always planning date nights for the four of us and then they would find a way to recede into the night so the two of us would be alone. I was nice at first but then her flirting went into overdrive. She was always smiling at me and caressing me and laughing at my jokes even though I wasn't trying to be funny. I had to put the brakes on everything and I became short with my answers and practically sat on my hands. I wanted to make sure I wasn't sending ANY signals out.

After several get-togethers, she finally got the hint. Unfortunately, she couldn't handle the rejection and started bad-mouthing me to anyone with a listening ear. I was confronted several times by family members and mutual friends about how mean I was to her. I was even told that she told someone I don't even know that I got drunk and started grabbing her. She couldn't handle rejection like a grown-up so she made me out to be an a**hole.


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As she is boxing up some stuff she nonchalantly tells me "oh by the way, my brother says he wants to smash your head in"

There had been a lot of yelling between me and her but never any physical violence. It scared me as to what she might have told him to warrant such statement from him.

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