Owning your own home is great!

You get the freedom to do whatever you want with your property—unless you're stuck under the tyrannical thumb of a Homeowners' Association—and no sharing walls with neighbors to keep you up at night.

Unfortunately, it also means that you have to deal with all of the problems that come up all by yourself too.

Reddit user winterwolf2010 asked:

"What is one thing about your house that is mildly infuriating?"

Hope You Like Damp

"We are the lowest house in a hilly neighborhood so guess whose yard floods?"


"What's up fellow swamp homie. How many times have you gotten your lawn mower stuck (twice) and have you gotten your truck stuck trying to pull your lawnmower out (once)."

"They wouldn't need to worry about water in the desert if they'd just pipe it straight out of our yards eh?"


Where's The Line?

"In a tightly-packed neighborhood, the property lines for my yard and my neighbors' yards aren't right down the middle between the houses; they're closer to my house than they are to the neighbors' houses."

"I used to find it infuriating when my neighbors would mow part of my lawn while mowing theirs. Then I learned where my property lines actually are. Now I'm just furious at my lawn."


Which Switch Is Which?

"No matter which switch I flip to turn on the kitchen light, it's the wrong one. It seems no matter which one I flip, I get get the dining room light or the laundry room light instead of the kitchen on the first try."


Do-si-do Your Partner

"My entry-way/foyer/whatever that area is called, is too goddamned small. There is enough room for one person to come in, close the door behind them, and take off their shoes and coat."

"Add one other person and it becomes a ballet. Add 2 people or a child and it's Twister but all the colors all the time."


Phantom Switches

"I have two switches that do nothing. I've plugged lamps into all the nearby outlets then toggled the switches, all the overhead lights are accounted for."

"Both phantom switches are on a plate with three switches. I assume the previous home owner had them running to something but when things got rewired he just didn't bother removing the switch, replacing the plate patching the hole."

"Instead there's just some capped off wiring somewhere in my walls."

"Thing is, I'm almost certainly not going to fix this minor but annoying issue either so it will be up to the next homeowner to fix it. An endless cycle of laziness and incompetence."


Just A Bit Crooked

"Absolutely nothing is squared correctly. The window's off by more than 3 degrees on both sides. Door frame...the same..."


Just A Bad Layout

"My kitchen sink is positioned on an inside corner with a cabinet below at a 45 degree angle to the dishwasher to the left. Whenever I open the dish washer, I can't open the cabinet under the sink to get the dishwasher soap."

"I've lived here for 17 years, and every damned day I open the dishwasher, try to open the cabinet and hit the dishwasher door with it. Have to close the dishwasher door, open the cabinet, get the soap, close the cabinet door, open the dishwasher door, pour the soap, close the dishwasher door, open the cabinet door and put away the soap."

"When I redo the kitchen I'm relocating some things even if it means losing some counter real estate."


Well, That's Just...Unfortunate...

"The only floor in the entire house that creaks? Yup, master bedroom right under the bed......"


It's Haunting Me

"There's this tiny TINY black dot in my bedroom ceiling that I can't unsee."


"It's fine. It can see you."


"We have a tiny spot in our bathroom that wasn't painted when they built our house. I feel your pain…"


That's A House Fire Waiting To Happen

"I have a 14' x 16' room on the back with half a dozen can lights, a ceiling fan with light, and about 10 sets of outlets."

"The entire f*cking room is on a single 15A breaker."


Sometimes it's the littlest things that can really drive you crazy over time.

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