People Explain Which Lessons Aren't Taught In History Class But Should Be
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It's highly believed that it is important to learn history as a means to improve our future.

What is often overlooked is that what is taught in history class is going to be very different depending on where you went to school.

And this isn't just internationally, even different regions of the United states will likely have very different lessons on American history.

This frequently results in our learning fascinating, heartbreaking and horrifying historical facts which our middle or high school history teachers neglected to teach us.

Redditor Acherontia_atropos91 was curious to learn things people either wished they had learned, or believe they should have learned, in their school history class, leading them to ask:

What isn’t taught in history class but should be?

The Irish Troubles

"The troubles."

"Too many people in America do not understand why a wall straight through Ireland would be a BAD idea."

"I’m referring to the Brexit referendum and possible outcomes."

"If people were wondering why we were talking about walls through Ireland in the first place."- CLCVS.

Forgotten elements of World War II

"What the Japanese did to the Chinese during WW2."

"Unit 731."- CaptainMcBoogerJew.

"Japan gets off easy for their war crimes in WW2."

"They killed an estimated 16mil Chinese civilians and another 8mil soldiers"

"Also, Pol Pot."

"Didn't know who he was until I was like 25."

"Worst dictator all time (in terms of percentage of population he decimated)".

The truth about the American Revolution

"That the American Revolution was part of a wider cold war type of conflict with France."

"The American Revolution was basically the UK's equivalent of the US version of Vietnam."- vinsant7.

The Dark side of Swedish history.

"As a Swede, I'd like to know more of all the horrible sh*t my country has done throughout history."

"It's a damn shame we're trying to hide our history."

"For example, Swedes killed a metric sh*t ton of all Polish people when we were at our strongest."

"That's the kinda sh*t we don't get to learn."- mogwandayy.


"Basically what Belgium did to the Congo."

"A lot of people are telling me that they are taught about this actually."

"I'm glad to hear it because I wasn't taught about this in the USA during my public school days (1995-2008)."- EconArch.

The truth about "heroes".

"While teaching about historical Heroes they should also tell students about the unspeakable things some of them did."

"Many famous figures throughout history who are pillars of morality actually did many terrible things." - User Deleted

Intolerance for Mental Illness

"The dark history of mental illness treatments."

"I think it's worth learning about."- 7dayexcerpt.

Slavic Mythology

"Slavic mythology in Slavic countries."

"Don't get me wrong, I love both Greek & Roman mythology and as a person from the Balkans both of those cultures are part of my country's history and had great influence over not only my region but the entirety of the continent & the western world but I wouldn't mind knowing more about Slavic mythology as well."- ShorsShezzarine.

The truth about the CIA

"How the CIA was made and all the shady things they did over the years."- ALargeChip.

There is a lot about the history of our world, not to mention our own country which shouldn't be ignored.

And it's from learning from our mistakes that we really improve our future.

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