People Debate Which Historical Events Should Be Turned Into A Movie

Why is Hollywood doing so many remakes and reboots?

There are so many stories to tell and produce.

History is at our fingertips.

Wars, death, great love, betrayal, science...

I would see all of that.

Redditor lowtack wanted to know what parts of the past need to be captured in cinematic glory.

They asked:

What historical event has not, but should be, made into a movie?"

I don't know much about history. So teach me...


"The Goianas incident, dad stole a radiotherapy capsule from an abandoned hospital, didn't know what it was and opened it."


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Apollo 8

"Apollo 8. Basically the mission was originally only supposed to be a test of the lunar module in earth orbit, but rumours were circulating that the Soviet Union were going to attempt to send a man into lunar orbit (spoiler: this was not happening). As a result Apollo 8 was switched to being the first mission to the moon, not to land but to orbit."

"And this decision was made only 6 months before the scheduled launch date, so it was a race to get everything ready before the flight. It's a historic mission that is almost never talked about, compared with Apollo 11 which is much more well known."


"The Long Way Home"

"The story of the Pan Am flight that got caught in New Zealand at the start of WWII and couldn't fly back home by going east because it was too dangerous. So instead they took their flying boat and flew west on routes they had to figure out from maps pulled from borrowed encyclopedias, dodging the Japanese, and trying to find enough fuel to keep the plane going."

"The whole thing took months culminating in taking off from a river in the Congo and having to skim along through a canyon to build up speed since they were too heavy in order to even have a chance of crossing the Atlantic. The whole thing is tailor made for TV or a Film. There's a fantastic book written about the whole story called 'The Long Way Home' and was written with the Captain of the flight."


Enemy Within...

"The Niihau Incident. During the attack on Pearl Harbor, a Japanese Zero was damaged by anti-aircraft fire and crash landed on the remote Hawaiian island of Niihau. The Hawaiians, initially unaware of the attack on Pearl Harbor, treated the pilot with generosity and respect."

"After news of the attack came out, the pilot was placed under guard. With the help of some sympathetic locals, the pilot broke out and took two hostages: Ben Kanahele and his wife Ella. Later that night, Ben and Ella decided to fight their way out. Ben was shot three times, but still had enough strength to lift the pilot over his head and throw him into a brick wall."

"Ella, thinking her husband had been mortally wounded, killed the pilot by bashing his head in with a rock. Both Ben and Ella survived the incident and Ben was awarded two medals for his actions. Ella, who actually killed the enemy combatant, received no formal recognition. Oops: This was made into a movie: Enemy Within 2019."



"The Lioness of Brittany - medieval woman who led brutal attacks by land and sea against the French king in vengeance for the execution of her husband"


How have we never heard these stories?


"It's been batted around a few times in Hollywood but the history of how the ancient Hawaiian Islands were united under one man to form the Hawaiian kingdom is epic."


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"Syndrome K. In 1943, a hospital in Rome located next to a Jewish ghetto, let Jews fleeing Nazi raids hide there. The professors in charge admitted Jews under the fake diagnosis of 'Syndrome K,' described as a highly contagious and dangerous disease. This successfully kept the Nazis out of the quarantine wards and the Jews safe for the duration of the war."



"The Spanish Invasion of The Aztec Empire by Cortés. There are so many unbelievable events that led up to the fall of Tenonchtitlan and Monteczuma II reign."


"A really good one is Hernán, it has a great production value and portrays it quite accurately from many perspectives, from the Spanish, Aztec, Malinche and from the Tlaxcaltec - I highly recommend it."


Hey Girl

"Unless it's been done already, the life story of Ching Shih. She was a Chinese prostitute that was also deadliest pirate of all time. At the height of her power, she commanded over 800 large ships, 1000 smaller vessels, and over 70,000 pirate crew, comprised of both men and women."


"She was referenced in Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. She's in the cast list as Mistress Ching... it would be so cool to see this."



"The time John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were in France trying to gather support for the revolution and all the shenanigans they got up to."


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"I need a Coen brothers movie of the 1904 Olympic marathon."


"Every sentence just keeps getting more bonkers."


Go Vin

"A biopic on Hannibal would be really good. The visuals of crossing the Alps with elephants would be stunning."


"Vin Diesel has been trying to make a movie about this for years. It’s his passion project. Whether or not he could do justice to the story is another matter."


"The Battle of Cannae and its aftermath would be insane to see on screen."


Hey Smalls

"I tell my students every year when we do my Robert Smalls lesson that there needs to be a Robert Smalls movie. Born into slavery, sent to Charleston at the age of 12 to work, gets a job on a boat, when the Civil War starts he steals the boat and snuggles his family and the family of the other slaves past Fort Sumter and out to the north blockade, becomes a folk hero and meets with Lincoln and Edward Stanton to convince them to allow blacks to join the army."

"He personally recruits thousands of blacks to fight, becomes the first captain of a ship in the navy, wins numerous engagements during his service, wins a seat in the SC house and then the US house, fights against racist groups like the Red Shirts, overcomes false accusations and earns his seat back.... Dude is amazing"


12 Days

"Unless it's covered in the various movies about Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth's 12 days on the run are really damn interesting in my opinion."


"Apple is making a limited series. No kidding."


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The Massive Battle

"Battle of Jutland could use a modern movie depiction. Massive battle, day and night, high drama, tension, massive explosions. What more could you ask for?"


"I've tried to imagine the truly awesome sight it would be of seeing a cinematic rendering of the Grand Fleet crossing the T of the High Seas Fleet, there is a painting of it and references it as the single largest concentration of naval gunfire in history. Hundreds of battleship-grade guns slugging it out on the heaving North Sea."


Wild Times

"Besides the Napoleonic era, I feel 19th century France has a lot of potential for historical movies, due to how much stuff happens during that time period. If I had to pick one event in particular, it'd be between the birth of the 2nd republic to the 2nd empire."


"Even better: the Haitian Revolution. I'm particular Touusaint And it's tied directly to the various revolutionary and counter-revolutionary politics in France. Some of it wild."


The Great Student

"Xenophon. He was a student of Socrates that was commander of a Greek mercenary company under Cyrus that nearly captured Babylon then had to retreat to Greece. Philosopher, historian, and military commander. Peloponnese War would be awesome too with Alcibiades and Pericles."


"While we wait for a historically accurate movie we can watch 'The Warriors', which is based on the retreat to Greece."


Best of History

"The battle of Castle Itter. One of the final battles of WWII which involves a US tank division teaming up with Austrian resistance fighters, a German Army Major and a high ranking member of the SS to protect an free high ranking French prisoners from loyal Nazis in a medieval Austrian Castle. Seriously it sounds like a random alt history DLC from a Call of Duty game but it actually happened. I know we have like 8 million WW2 movies but how this hasn’t been made yet still boggles my mind."


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Are you listening Hollywood? There is money here.

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