People Break Down Which Highly Anticipated Products Completely Flopped
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Not everything is meant to be a hit.

But if you follow the hype, which is created to build the anticipation, then you'd think everything from a new Pop star to a soda flavor will change the world.

Sorry, not the case.

In fact, most things that are hot actually burn out quickly.

We use to buy our CD's through a Ponzi scam, think about that as you renew your Spotify.

Redditor LineOfDeath wanted to discuss the times the hype has failed is.

They asked:

"What was supposed to be 'The Next Big Thing,' but totally flopped?"

Snuggies. Did snuggies really take? I don't think so.

Salt Only

Hungry Potato Chips GIFGiphy

"Crystal Pepsi, New Coke, orange juice and toothpaste flavored Lay's potato chips. Edit for correct Pepsi variant."


Stop Pushing

"Amazon’s shopping buttons. They pushed really hard for those and I never saw the point."


"They originally announced those on April 1st. They said it wasn't an April Fools joke, but I'm still skeptical."

"I saw plenty of social media posts from people saying 'hey this is a joke, but I kind of want it.' I think Amazon saw those and took a shot at making it a real product. I bought one for toilet paper and put it in the cabinet where I keep spare rolls. You take the last roll out, you press the button. It actually kinda worked."


Be Bigger

"Not entirely relevant, but I liked the trend where everybody wanted the smallest cell phone possible. For 20 years cell phones got smaller and smaller. Often being the main selling point of the phone. Then all of sudden you could watch videos on your phone, and almost overnight the trend reversed to 'larger is better.'"


Oh 2012

"KONY 2012."


"The Kony 2012 video got so much exposure it was unreal. It was plastered across every web page you looked. In hindsight, I have a feeling it had the same powerhouse that brought you the Trump 2016 Campaign, and some of the revolts in second world countries that were chiefly orchestrated via the internet."


"I still remember when people were sending out pictures of Carl Weathers in Predator instead of Kony as a joke."


Face Back

ninja turtles GIFGiphy

"Man I remember as a kid seeing the Ninja Turtles and Dick Tracy use video coms and thinking it was so cool and wanting one for myself and now if someone facetimes me I have a panic attack."


How can you go wrong with Ninja Turtles and Dick Tracy?

Oh Costco

Costco GIF by hero0fwarGiphy

"Not sure if this one has totally flopped yet, but I noticed while in Costco the other day that there are no longer any curved TVs. If Costco is no longer carrying them then I think we can assume they're going the way of the dodo."


New Life

"My friend who studies Medicine had to install Second Life about two years ago for a class meeting. I don't get why they couldn't have used Skype but ok."


"As a CS student I wondered wtf second life was doing on all the lab PCs. I thought it was some kind of joke until people with PHDs started talking about how great of a collaboration tool it was. It wasn't."


"Believe it or not, second life actually still has a decent following. My brother makes a decent living making custom clothing, accessories, and weapon models and skins for sale at in-game marketplaces."


Time Constraints

"McDonald's pizza."


"The issue here was time. The pizzas were actually a huge hit. The issue was how long it took them to cook relative to everything else. One person in a family orders a pizza and everyone else is done eating before the pizza is done. Former slave to the golden arches."


"I remember not caring about the time they took. They were absolutely heavenly. I think they really cranked up the sugar and salt compared to most pizzas out there but it made such a difference."



"Soap Shoes. These were like normal shoes, but you could grind on rails with them via an indent in the sole. If you heard of these things from somewhere that wasn't Sonic Adventure 2, please tell me where? And please tell me where I can buy a pair?"


"I had a pair of these and they were deadly around stairs. The indented arch was a slippery smooth hard plastic, and I never realized how much I place the arch of my foot on the edge of each stair when descending them. Without fail, my first step on any stairs would result in my foot shooting out from under me."


That Click

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"Tbh, I miss mini discs. They were great."


"And the satisfying mechanical click you'd hear whenever you shut the lid. Man I miss my minidisc! I gave it away to one of my high school buddies."


Wow. That's a lot of failure and nostalgia.