For the teenagers deep in the throes of a high school romance, the rest of the world fades away.

Stocked with those underdeveloped adolescent brains, teenagers in love are certain that their love will last forever. No parents, no geographies, no accidents, no external circumstances could possibly interrupt a love so powerful.

Of course, that isn't always the truth. In fact, it rarely is.

Usually high school romances, in the grand scheme of things, are remembered as simply that: a first love that didn't work out.

But there is no doubt that the relationship, as preliminary as it was, held a deep impact on both people. The experiences of that time set the tone for future intimacy. The memories linger.

Which is why so many Redditors had no difficulty giving informed responses to a post asking about the status of high school sweethearts. For a years-old love, it certainly appears top of mind when you read through these.

GavinThePenguin asked, "What happened to your highschool sweetheart?"


"She is married to what looks to be a pretty great guy, and she is working at her dream job, so presumably she is pretty happy."

"And I'm happy for her."

-- nrdxp

Early Tragedy 

"She was living in a group home when we dated freshman year. She aged out at 18, and fell right off the radar."

"Turned out she went to live at a homeless encampment and didn't survive the winter."

-- Washjockey

Consistent Displays of Character

"Mine contacted me when he heard I was getting married. Turns out he was married at the time with 3 kids but he would leave his wife for me now that I was 'ready to be married'..."

"...hmmmm so marriage is just a process of interchangeable parts?"

"He reached out again some 30 years later. I connected to see if he had grown up. Nope, still a di**, on his 3rd wife but willing to have sex with me if I was open to it!"

"No thanks!"

-- honorthecrones

No Love Lost

"He cheated on me with my cousin on Christmas eve in our house. Broke up with him. Few months later he started to date my step mom."

"Last I heard he works at a cook at a bar and is a deadbeat dad that hasn't seen his kid in 7 years."

-- Zombie_Queen_51

Beating the Odds

"She recently got engaged to some loser that she's too good for. We're also buying a house together!" -- AlliRmbrIsDrtSkyDrt

"Such a sweet twist. Congratulations 🎈" -- pttrusha

Not All First Loves Don't Last

"She's in the other room watching Jurassic Park with our daughter." -- A-Grey-World

"That is life goals. You should be watching JP too!!!!" -- Kevrack_Invades


A Mature Outlook

"She dropped off my radar for 15 years. Then we happened to cross paths when I decided to attend a community gathering and walk for Pokemon Go of all things."

"We exchanged hello's and caught up for a few minutes, but she didn't have time to talk. Turns out she was beyond busy, because she was the one who organized the event."

"I don't think I'm a proud point in her life, and she didn't seem that excited to see me, so I just let her do her thing and stay out of her way."

"Our time together is supposed to be in the past, and that's where I'll keep it. I had a good time at the event, though, so I'm glad she put it together."

-- QuarantineTitans

Full Circle 

"He broke up with me amicably after 8 months when we were 16. We went to different universities, 5 years and 2 degrees each later, I traveled through his city for a job interview."

"I went for a drink or three with him after the interview - it was as if we'd seen each other yesterday. He walked me to the train, just in time - but I hopped off to kiss him before hopping back on as the train departed."

"5 years later we're in the process of buying our first house and are engaged. ❤️"

-- purplegeog


"She's getting married soon to the guy she dated immediately after me. Similar to the girlfriend after her. I haven't dated all that much actually, but so far 2/3 actual relationships have found their spouses after me."

"Number 3 still has the chance. Not sure how I feel about this, but hey. Tired of being single? Break up with me. 66% chance you'll find them after."

-- TheGreatAeritus

The Past Is Always Here

"She broke up with me over a text message 2 months after highschool ended. 10 years later I was at a friends wedding rehearsal at the same venue my ex was getting married at that day."

"The world shrinks a little bit each day."

-- blast201

Convenient History

Without planning it, we ended up in the same college. He studies Med and I Biology, so we help each other sometimes."

"The advantages of having dated the top student."

-- MoonCat15

A Mature Trajectory

"She broke up with me which I don't blame her for. I was on the wrong track, selling weed and had no goals. That set off a dark period for me but eventually I moved out of town, started my own business, and haven't looked back."

"We reconnected a few weeks before the high school reunion actually two years ago. She's doing quite well! And has a great husband."

"We caught up and wished each other the best, shoot a message every now and then. I wish I knew how to be just a normal friend with women when I was a teenager LOL."

-- burrsient

Measuring Up

"She broke up with me after we graduated and is now engaged to the super wealthy dude she broke up with me for and living in Italy."

"Needless to say, she's doing better for herself than I am lol"

-- furious_platypus

Nothing But Good Thoughts

"Graduated HS in 2002, we lost touch but reconnected ( just text not in person) a couple years ago. He got his masters in ecology, moved to Alaska for a bit, now lives in the North East."

"He was the kindest guy. I wish nothing but the best for him always."

-- theWildBore

What Could Have Been

"Stayed with her 6 years. She died of breast cancer last year at 37 married with 3 kids to a different man."

"It was one of my biggest regrets in life not marrying her, but part of me is glad that I wasn't with her when she died, left alone, with three children."

"I still never had children to this day."

-- CaptainPatterson

Dodged a Bullet

"Best friend in High School. I had a massive crush on her. She was pentacostal, but never seemed too uptight. We never dated, and I was happy just hanging out with her. Caught up with her on Facebook, like, 20 years later."

".....she's full on islamaphobic, homophobic, Trump-supporting, racist, uptight Karen now. Really sad to see, because she was such a sweet and caring girl in high school. :( "

-- tygs42

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