People Divulge How Their High School Crush Turned Out As An Adult
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Oh our high school crushes.

Be honest. How often do they cross your mind?

There is no shame.

They are the first people to set our hearts a flutter.

And they are forever immortalized in our memory as perfect.

But then went on and lived lives.

Let's see how that went.

Redditor anonymous-46wanted to talk about the people who made us blush back in the day. They asked:

"How did your high school crush turn out as an adult?"

Mine is "happily" married with kids. So cheers to them and whatever.

Oh Snap

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"I married her best friend. No joke."


Still think about her...

"We graduated from HS in 1989 but went off to different universities. Looked her up about 10 yrs ago and unfortunately she had passed away from cancer. Still think about her!"


Surprised you could find her. Women from high school and college are very difficult to locate without links from Facebook."

"They frequently change their last names. I have a few friends from college I've not been able to locate for 20 years. All my old contact information has expired. College email no longer exists. I no longer have my old phone number. This was before Yahoo Email and Gmail existed."


15 years later...

"She went to Korea to teach English after college, met a man from London, they're married and have a kid in London, he seems nice, she's still a great photographer."


"Quite a few Girls in my HS class did this as well( not American), especially places like Vietnam, Hong Kong."

"Some of them are still there 15 years later. I don't know how though, English was taken as a second language in my school. We where duel instruction, but hell if I know how some of them got the jobs. I pity those kids who will learn a bastardised version of English."


“he’ll go far”

"I looked one of mine up years ago. One of those “he’ll go far” types, so I expected to find just that. Turns out he’d died in a motorbike collision at 21. Best I could tell someone did something stupid and hit him. Such a waste. Worse was that his dad had died when he was quite young, so I can only imagine how devastated his mom and sister were."


Swing Fast

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"She moved to France and became a fairly successful MMA fighter."


An MMA fighter? Now that could been an interesting love story.

Good for her!!

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"She started dating right out of high school and quickly got married. Has kids, successful family, seems nice. I'm on Reddit, so you know my story didn't go that well."


The End

"He moved to a different state, became a cop, and was later arrested for pocketing cocaine that was confiscated from traffic stops. He was one of a group of cops from that city that was involved in it. Not gonna lie, my crush ended shortly after reading about that."


"good enough"

"He was very successful for many years. Then he lost his job, no other offers were 'good enough' for him, he had to sell the house because he was unemployed, and he moved his family into a smaller place. He started drinking heavily, then one night shot and killed his wife in a drunken argument while the kids cowered in the next room. I didn't miss much."


So Godpseed to him...

"He got really into giant puppets that take like ten people to move, tie dye, & jam bands, & moved to Vermont, which is really the perfect place to pursue all of these interests. So Godpseed to him on living his best life, but it would be hard to imagine a guy that is more NOT what I want for myself. So glad it didn't work out."



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"He's a successful Broadway actor and as dreamy, talented, and kind as ever. He's a good person and deserves good things, so I'm genuinely happy for him. We actually keep in touch and when I'm in NYC he takes me backstage at his shows."



"She dropped out of university after a bad breakup and initially got into drugs and a dead end job. She also became insecure about her looks because of one of her boyfriends and went for plastic surgery a few times. Last i heard she moved to a whole new city to restart her life and go back to school to get a degree. Hope it works out for her."



"One is my ex-husband. He's sliding into hoarding, conspiracy theories, and general nastiness. I'm sliding the custody arrangement around so that Son is at my house way more often. Still, we keep it civil and respectful, and I've yet to say an unkind word about him to Son. One is gay, and as far as I know, is doing well. He still keeps in touch with my twin brother. One is dead. Epilepsy killed him at 34."



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"45 years later. Married 35+ years, three kids, two grandkids and next year we retire together in our version of paradise. So pretty good so far."


Too Different

"Lost touch with her in 1985. Found her again in 2009 just as I was divorcing my 1st wife. Life hadn't treated her kindly in the interim - homelessness, abuse, drugs etc whereas my life has been OK mostly. We got together... married in 2013. Getting divorced now. Her life and mine have been too different... the differences were a good thing for a long time, but now we accept we are incompatible. I think we are both relieved."


All 3

"I dated the 3 guys in high school I had crushes on. One became successful in tech — happy, married with kids now, a bit boring but very nice. One is wanted by the FBI for defrauding investors with a fake company, among other things, and was last known to be somewhere in Asia (no lie)."

"One became a puppeteer.I’m only still in touch with the first one. I could have called it on the fraudster — he was super charming but extremely shady with a cruel streak, even then, and we only lasted a few weeks. Trust your instincts, even when young!"


Don't Tell Me

"I don't know. I don't want to know. I recently made the mistake of reaching into the past and received a sharp reminder that those aren't the people you used to know. It's better to just enjoy the memories for what they are."


"That sounds like both good advice and a warning. Enjoy the memories.... OK."


Passing By

"He went to the big city after high school, for university, and I didn't know what became of him after that... I eventually went to another province too... but I did see him passing by at an airport, 20 years later, and he was as elegant and smoking hot as ever. Looked like he was happy. He smiled when he saw me. *heart aflutter*"


Moving On

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"I told her I liked her and she let me down gently, after that I realized it wasn't gonna happen and kind of moved on. She's still one of my best friends though, she got more attractive, she's got her own fitness business, she's doing well for herself and I'm very proud of her."


The Menace

"I think he's doing alright, he was a menace in high school. But now he mainly hangs out with his wife, dog, & plays video games. He's gotten more annoying as he has gotten older, but turned into a pretty great man. But, this year we will be married 8 years. :)"

"We actually have a game room with a his & hers game set up! He built both of our pcs too. :) I normally like cozy games & he plays all kinds of stuff, mainly mmos. But sometimes we find a game we both like & get sucked into it together."


Well good luck to everyone involved. Hopefully it all worked out as it was meant to.

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