People Explain What They Have Absolutely Zero Interest In on Unsplash

Life is full of boring things.

Life is full of uninteresting things.

So... if life full?

That's a question for another time.

Let's focus on the things that leave us bored to tears.

Or numb with no feeling at all.

You ever wonder how people get so super involved and jazzed about some stuff and you look at it and all you can do is yawn?

That's our topic.

Redditorroscatorossowanted to hear about what things we all can live without.

They asked:

"What's something you have ZERO interest in?"

I have a long list of having zero interest in things. Give me a few more points.

Auto Issues

"Extending my car’s warranty."


"We have messaged you about your car's extended warranty."


Chopping Video Game GIFGiphy




"All pyramid schemes should get stuffed."


"At one point my boss was hocking Herbalife and young living essential oils on the side of the business, it was a blast trying to take a sick day because she had the cure for everything."


Never Again

"Commercial advertisements interrupting what I’m doing."


"Let's talk about commercial ads in cinemas. I stopped going to a certain cinema (The Space chain, in Italy) for this reason. Tickets are more expensive than the family owned cinema, and before the movie starts you have at least 30 minutes of ads."

"Unless you book online, they don't allow you in if the 'movie' has started. Online bookers can go in until 30 minutes after the booked time. For some reason, my friends love it. I deeply hate it. People usually run out of popcorn before the movie starts. The last time I went there, I paid 12.50€ for a movie that had to start at 22:30, and it started at 23:20. Never again."



"Raid shadow legends."


"I did actually download it. Played it for like 5 minutes, there was very little in the way of strategy or anything and it kept giving me new 'tasks.' Eventually I discovered a 'Auto fight' button that would literally play the game for you requiring 0 input from you. I uninstalled it."



"Shows about d**chebags dating on some island."


Heart Andre GIF by LoveIslandUSAGiphy

I still can't believe people get invested in those shows.

Blah Blah

"Literally whatever my neighbor wants to talk about, everyday."


Spongebob Squarepants Reaction GIF by NickelodeonGiphy

Who Cares?

"Gender reveal parties. We're gonna find out soon enough."


"Somebody I worked with had a cringy one of these at our team meeting, after talking shop about very serious issues in suits and ties etc. At the end my manager was like 'ok so now we have a special moment where Nadine is going to reveal to us the gender of her baby.' She got up excitedly in front revealing a big box covered in glitter and s**t, slowly cut a ribbon and balloon popped out with 'it's a boy' on it. We just all sat there and awkwardly clapped like we cared."


They're Nobody

"Praising and defending corrupt politicians like a freaking God."


"Corrupt politicians, more like ANY politician. I find it so strange seeing people idolise and put their political leaders on these untouchable pedestals while they crap on them, none of them care about anything other than their agenda and their wallets."



"I've recently been seeing a clickbait on my social media that says, 'Did Anne Frank have white privilege? The internet is up in arms...' or something like that. I cannot even describe the feeling of shut the heeeeellll up, and total exhaustion that that question gives me."


Not a Thing

"Celebrities/ Influencer Culture."


"I really hate the term 'influencer.' It just sounds so pompous and is mostly only used by people who want to feel more relevant than they actually are."


Social Media Reaction GIF by Acorn TVGiphy

I have less than zero interest in all of this.

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